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 At that time, a flash appeared in the distance, instantly appearing in front of Xiuban, the closest one to the Crimson Firefox's corpse.

Xiuban instinctively blocked with Carnage as that black light exploded.

Black smoke surged and transformed into distorted fist-sized demonic heads that crowded around a thumb-sized black arrow.

A black vortex was created at the point of impact between the black arrow and Carnage, letting out sharp whistling sounds.

Xiuban clenched his teeth as his body was continuously pushed back as he was unable to stop the arrow. After a second, the demonic skulls crowding around the black arrow rushed into its tip, and black light exploded. Xiuban's body was sent flying away, and everything within ten meters seemed to have been corroded.

At this time, everyone could see a dozen Wyverns rapidly flying over. Standing atop one of the wyverns was a red-skinned Raging Flame Beastman holding a long, pitch-black greatbow.

That group of Wyverns was extremely fast and reached everyone within two seconds. The pack of Wyverns dove down, and among them, six Raging Flame Beastmen tossed out iron claws to grab the corpse of the Crimson Firefox.

The six iron claws grabbed six different parts of the Crimson Firefox before six Wyverns rapidly flew up.

Unfortunately for them, the Crimson Firefox's four limbs had been fastened to the ground. Before removing the ice and the stone hands, no one could move the corpse of the Crimson Firefox. Even when it was still alive, the Crimson Firefox hadn't managed to break free before being hit by the meteorite.

Those Raging Flame Beastmen had appeared too suddenly, and apart from Lin Yun, everyone had consumed most of their mana. The mages from the mage army were injured by the Bewitching Foxfire, and Reina had been hit by the Crimson Firefox's tails a few times. She had also consumed a lot of mana to resist the Bewitching Foxfire, and that last Frost Breath used up most of her energy.

The patched puppet and Enderfa didn't really suffer much in the battle, but they weren't very effective against those extremely mobile Wyvern Riders.

Xiuban was the only one using pure physical strength, but he couldn't handle the enemies in the sky.

Lin Yun frowned as he wondered, 'Are these Beastmen really trying to snatch the Crimson Firefox's corpse?'

They didn't have much time to think. Syudos, who had been devouring the Bewitching Foxfire on the Crimson Firefox's body, already took the lead. Orange flames ignited the six iron ropes and burnt them down in an instant while continuously proliferating towards the sky.

Those six Wyvern Riders saw this and immediately got rid of the iron ropes before flying up and away.

Below them, Lin Yun immediately took to the sky, using Lava Incarnation and transforming into the Lava Giant. A large amount of boiling lava appeared around him and formed ten large spheres of lava.

Several dark red sharp tips started emerging from the lava spheres as several dozen Lava Spears chased those six Wyvern Riders.

Fierce snapping sounds echoed. Most of the Lava Spears were dodged, while the remaining ones were blocked by the spears of the Wyvern Riders.

Lin Yun used Flight and chased after them with an extremely cold expression, but after he chased them for a few hundred meters, the remaining Wyvern Riders swooped down towards the corpse of the Crimson Firefox.

Lin Yun frowned and gave up the pursuit to start casting at the other Raging Flame Beastmen.

But just as Lin Yun turned around, those six Raging Flame Beastmen also turned towards him and threw whistling poisoned javelins at him.

A Lava Shield covered Lin Yun from all directions and blocked those poisoned javelins, but he ended up being tied down while the remaining eight Wyvern Riders dove down towards the Crimson Firefox. The wyverns grabbed onto the Crimson Firefox's corpse with their large claws and did their best to fly upward.

This time, Enderfa and the patched puppet also started casting spells of all four elements to pressure the Wyverns in the sky.

Dense black smoke suddenly spread as an Abyssal aura radiated out. The black smoke transformed into a sinister shield that blocked the attacks of Enderfa and the puppet before proceeding to tear apart the Crimson Firefox's corpse.

But it simply couldn't pull the Crimson Firefox's corpse from the ground...

Lin Yun's gaze was ice-cold. Someone was trying to snatch the loot they had gotten after an arduous battle, and it was the corpse of an Extraordinary Magic Beast at that.

The Lava Giant slowly raised both hands, and lava runes surged from them before the ground around the Crimson Firefox's corpse started shaking.

Huge cracks appeared as burning hot lava spurted out from them. This lava immediately transformed into huge hands that reached towards the Wyverns grabbing the corpse.

The Beastman fiercely resisting the attacks of Enderfa and the puppet didn't have time to dodge, and his mount's head was crushed by a large Lava Hand.


A loud sound echoed. The Lava Hand dissipated, but that Wyvern's head was nowhere to be seen. The rider let out a shout as he lost the support of the Wyvern, asking the Warlock to cast Demonic Shield on him. Then, he crazily rushed towards the head of the Crimson Firefox, disregarding all the incoming attacks.

At that time, Xiuban, who was burning with rage, swung Carnage to clash with that Raging Flame Beastman.

In an instant, a deep Draconic roar echoed as Carnage seemed to shake, and the poisoned javelin in the Raging Flame Beastman warrior's hands shattered.

Carnage's immense power smashed straight into that Raging Flame Beastman's body.


That Raging Flame Beastman left an afterimage behind as he was sent flying. His Battle Aura Armor suddenly collapsed in the air as numerous cracks appeared on the surface of his body. His bones started twisting, and he ended up exploding into pieces in the sky.

After one-shotting an 8th Rank Sword Saint, Xiuban glared before charging towards the Crimson Firefox. There were still three Wyverns left behind on the corpse of the Crimson Firefox.

In the sky, Lin Yun ignored the Wyvern Riders that would only flee as he chased and then bother him as he ran back.

The weakest one among the dozen Raging Flame Beastmen was an 8th Rank Sword Saint. There were two 9th Rank Sword Saints and one 9th Rank Arch-Warlock, as well as over a dozen Wyverns at or above Level 35. That force was extremely mobile, and if the other side didn't fight directly, it would be very difficult to kill them.

Lin Yun descended, with numerous runes covering his Lava Giant's body. The surrounding ground was quickly assimilated, and an area of two hundred meters transformed into a zone of lava.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff while holding the Book of Death in his left hand as he spat out countless runes. In an instant, that Crimson Firefox's corpse was surrounded by the lava pond. Thick streams of lava rose up to form towering waves of lava that covered the corpse from both sides.

The three Wyvern Riders still on top of the corpse loudly howled and burst with Aura before sending Aura Slashes towards the waves bearing down on them. One of them slashed towards the Crimson Firefox's twisted neck. With one hit, that crimson Aura Slash cut half of the Crimson Firefox's neck.

The other Raging Flame Beastmen hovering in the sky rapidly swooped down and hurled a rain of poisoned javelins at Lin Yun.

The few 9th Rank Sword Saints used Aura to boost the power of their throws, giving their javelins terrifying speed. But Lin Yun didn't even dodge as the huge Lava Shield surrounding him rapidly rotated and blocked all the attacks.

As he let out a rune, a lava vortex appeared in the sky. The roiling lava turned into a whirlpool from which countless lava spells spurted out, suppressing the only 9th Rank Arch-Warlock, preventing him from helping the three Wyvern Riders that were being attacked by the waves of lava.

The large lava waves were cut down by those three Wyvern Riders, but the lava that they cut off would instantly condense into more Lava Hands that ruthlessly swatted at them.

A large amount of green smoke came out and a pungent burning smell appeared as the three Wyverns were swatted to death like bugs. Half of their bodies were burnt to ashes by the terrifying heat. As for the three Sword Saints, they were squeezed within three Lava Hands.

The Wyvern Rivers in the sky dove down to assist them, and the only 9th Rank Arch-Warlock brandished both arms to release a huge Flame Spear at the corpse of the Crimson Firefox.

But a strange rune appeared on the back of the three Lava Hands holding the Sword Saints. The three Lava Hands suddenly became like red-hot chunks of iron that squeezed down and made those three Sword Saints burst.

At this time, that huge Flame Spear fell, but what surprised Lin Yun was that it wasn't even attacking him, nor was it trying to save those three Sword Saints. Instead, it aimed at the neck of the Crimson Firefox.

The Crimson Firefox's neck had been snapped by the meteorite, and its bones had completely disintegrated. Only some skin and flesh remained there. Half of it had been cut earlier, and that huge Flame Spear cut off the rest.

The six diving Wyvern Riders rushed to grab the head of the Crimson Firefox instead of trying to help their comrades.

Lin Yun sneered as the lava pond flared up before quickly dissipating.