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 But while the Crimson Firefox was focusing all its strength on Lin Yun, it didn't notice that the battlefield had slowly moved. The several-kilometer-wide forest had been cleanly destroyed, and ashes drifted everywhere in the sky.


Lin Yun didn't hesitate to pour out his mana, as he had been waiting for that fox that thought itself clever to destroy the dark cloud!

Seeing this scene, Enderfa's three faces were filled with worry.

"Damn, Merlin's plan didn't work? Although the Crimson Firefox's bloodline isn't that great, it's still at the Heaven Rank, and it has also awakened Bewitching Foxfire..."

In spite of his doubts, Enderfa and the patched puppet acted according to Lin Yun's instructions and started casting as the Crimson Firefox spat an Energy Sphere.

The ground on both sides of the Crimson Firefox suddenly shook, and two brown whirlpools appeared in the air, spurting endless mud in the area around the Crimson Firefox. That mud was like a powerful flood that instantly crashed against the ground. The earth shook fiercely as thick cracks appeared and rapidly spread.

The mud was directly summoned from an Earth Elemental Plane and was condensed out of earth elements. It was incomparably heavy, and every single drop weighed at least 5 kilograms. Moreover, summoning that kind of thing was very tricky.

They had to summon the earth elements present within the mud and then keep a Spatial Gate opened to allow the mud to gush out from within.

As the mud kept flowing out, the air became filled with a heavy aura, and the gravity sharply increased.

The Crimson Firefox was caught unprepared and its four feet sank into the mud, and although it wasn't injured, it was unable to adapt to the increased gravity. At that time, Lin Yun rapidly spat out a series of runes, and the Draconic Staff glowed brightly.

The mud seemed almost alive as it rapidly transformed into four huge palms that grabbed the Crimson Firefox's four limbs.

The Crimson Firefox loudly howled and emitted Bewitching Foxfire, wanting to burn down that mud, but it had very little effect. The speed at which the mud was ignited by the Bewitching Foxfire was very slow. Furthermore, the surrounding mud was rapidly hardening and condensing into one solid piece.

But as the Crimson Firefox struggled, cracks rapidly started appearing on the surface of that lump of mud. It wouldn't take long before it managed to break free as its three tails were frantically whipping the earth, causing rumbling earthquakes.

Lin Yun was coldly watching the crazy Crimson Firefox from the sky, chanting an incantation while rapidly consuming his mana.

At this time, the mage army had already formed an array. They used their Joint Chant Array to combine their mana and gather fire elements before releasing a sixty-meter-long golden red spear.

The huge spear flew with the speed of a meteor at the flank of the Crimson Firefox. The Crimson Firefox bared its teeth fiercely as it once again condensed a destructive Energy Sphere.

The two terrifying forces exploded in midair while the Crimson Firefox almost freed itself. But then, a blue light pierced through the ashes and smoke to reach the ground under the Crimson Firefox.

In an instant, boundless ice spread under the Crimson Firefox, and those hands filled with cracks, as well as the crumbling ground, were completely frozen. The ice even followed the Crimson Firefox's limbs and spread to its body.

Unfortunately, the ice barely managed to freeze half of the Crimson Firefox's body before being suppressed by the Bewitching Foxfire. The four claws slowly melted...

Reina's Frost Dragon Breath couldn't freeze the Crimson Firefox, but it was enough to freeze the four collapsing stone hands.

In five seconds, Lin Yun finished chanting his incantation and released his spell.

He used the Book of Mantras to alter the incantation and lengthen it, increasing the mana consumption by more than ten times.

He used all of his mana, as well as the mana contained within the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, to successfully cast that spell.

Small flames appeared in the sky before rapidly increasing in size. Everyone could see that it was a huge meteorite hurtling down.

As it got closer and closer, everyone could see just how big that meteorite was... It was at least several hundred meters in diameter.

The meteorite was burning as it fell down faster and faster, and the increased gravity added to that speed accelerating it even more.

The meteorite was no longer able to handle the heavy burden as it kept falling faster and kept shrinking from the friction. It wore away, shrinking more and more until it ultimately was only ten meters in size when it was about to hit the Crimson Firefox.

But that meteor seemed to have completely pressured the air on its way down, and all the magic elements were pushed with it to the ground.

A series of spatial ripples were spreading behind the meteor. Those were created by the extreme power and extreme speed.

The Crimson Firefox howled in frustration. It wanted to once again condense an Energy Sphere, but it had released too many in a row and was unable to quickly condense another one.

Ultimately, the ten-meter-wide meteor crashed down with terrifying force and violently smashed against the Crimson Firefox's body.

The three tails went up to block with Bewitching Foxfire, but they had no effect.


An oppressive sound echoed. It was like a muffled thunder that made everyone's hearts skip a beat.

The Crimson Firefox's body was directly smashed into the ground, creating a shockwave that reverberated all around, sending the patched puppet and Xiuban flying out.

That terrifying power even made the extremely heavy mud from the Earth Elemental Plane spurt out in all directions.

As the dust settled, everyone looked at the center.

The Crimson Firefox was already dead.

Its three tails had snapped, its neck was twisted at a strange angle, and its miserable white bones were piercing through its skin. Only its head still had a layer of fur remaining.

Lin Yun took a long breath. He hadn't expected that this spell from the Book of Mantras would have such a big effect.

This wasn't an ordinary Summon Meteorite spell, as that meteorite was condensed from elements.

The spell genuinely summoned a meteorite from the endless void, a true meteorite.

Lin Yun clearly understood how fast these meteorites fell. If one spent a huge amount of mana to summon a meteorite, one's target had to be fixed.

Because the meteorites were too fast, no one could alter their destination as they fell. The crash site had to be designated at the start.

Moreover, the longer the casting time, the more mana was consumed. Under the Heaven Rank, no mage had enough mana to use that spell.

Lin Yun's mana was comparable to a 1st Rank Heaven Mage in terms of quantity, and he had two extra Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, tripling his mana reserves.

Even so, that spell had consumed more than half of his total mana.

The summoned meteorite was over a thousand kilometers wide when it was first drawn over, but it burnt away as it flew down. But that terrifying speed created extreme destructive power that was comparable to an Extraordinary Spell.

If one could get around those shortcomings, which basically made that spell unusable in battle, that spell could be considered an Extraordinary Spell...

Lin Yun was very clear about this. As a genuine meteorite fell to the ground, the bigger it was, the more damage it would create.

If it was still several hundred meters wide as it hit the ground, the entire plane might have felt the fierce shaking.

After landing on the ground, Lin Yun first had Syudos absorb the remaining Bewitching Foxfire on the Crimson Firefox's body. It was very troublesome, and if not handled carefully, he wouldn't be able to process the corpse of the Crimson Firefox.

Syudos rapidly devoured the Bewitching Foxfire before the others gathered around the body. Xiuban was smiling, intending to dissect the Crimson Firefox's corpse.

Enderfa looked at the twisted neck of the Crimson Firefox with disbelief.

"Damn, a meteorite has that much power?"

The falling meteorite had almost thoroughly disintegrated, and everyone could clearly see that the essence of the meteor was common metals, Black Iron and some Gold Essence. That kind of thing would at most be used to craft low-grade sword weapons. Magic Tools of higher grades wouldn't use these kinds of materials.

Yet, these things killed a genuine Extraordinary Magic Beast.

Lin Yun didn't give them an explanation because the Extraordinary Magic Beast was too powerful. If the meteorite had directly fallen to the ground, everyone within several kilometers would have died.

He only needed to summon this large but relatively normal meteor. If he summoned a meteor containing special matter from the void, he would risk destroying this plane.

Unfortunately, the meteorite that Lin Yun could summon wasn't fast enough. The kind of meteor that could destroy this plane far surpassed the limits of what Lin Yun could summon. He would instantly exhaust his mana as he summoned it, and his vitality and soul might also be drained.

Once Syudos was done absorbing the remaining Bewitching Foxfire, everyone got ready to collect the materials of the Crimson Firefox.