The ancient book automatically flipped itself to a page lit with four colored radiances. Of those four radiances, the red and yellow ones flew out and transformed into a light barrier that covered Lin Yun's body.

The pages then flipped on their own until they reached a page that was flipping extremely slowly, as if it was weighing 500kg.

Lin Yun rapidly spat out an ancient rune into the Book of Death and that page completely flipped, exposing a new page.

That page was mostly blank, with three strange runes, but Lin Yun recognized them with a glance, this was the All-Encompassing Chapter.

It was only three characters, but it emitted the charm of the world, as if a world was being birthed there. The endless changes made it seemed like that world was containing anything and everything.

Under the four runes, there were two more strange runes, combined in such a way that it formed the rune for lava!

As Lin Yun spat out a few runes, the rune forming the word lava blossomed with dark red light, but it gave out the feeling of a scorching sun.

Lin Yun's Lava Incarnation fell to the ground. It was as if a comet had fallen, a wave of flames swept over a hundred meters and ignited the several-dozen-meter-tall and two-meter-thick trees in the surroundings, turning them to ashes in less than a second.

Lin Yun slowly got up, his seven-meter-tall body once again bulged up and reached eighteen meters in an instant. Lava roamed on the surface of his body as countless lava runes were emitting wisps of Law.

The earth shook within three hundred meters, as if an Earth Dragon was flipping under, and countless cobweb-like cracks appeared. And from those cracks, berserk lava flowed out.

Boundless lava and extremely thick smoke surged from the three hundred meters around Lin Yun. All those centuries old trees were cremated within one or two seconds and grey ashes spread all over the sky.

Everything within three hundred meters turned into a world of lava. Lin Yun stood in the center of that berserk lake of lava, just like a God's descendant crawling out of a world of lava.

The surging momentum blew powerful gusts of wind and distorted the air in the surroundings like a mirage, making Lin Yun's location turn somewhat illusory.

The berserk lava transformed into a large wave that rapidly dragged Lin Yun's body towards the Crimson Firefox. The lava lake followed Lin Yun's movement and turned into an extremely fierce tidal wave.

Everything the lava pond encountered ended up devoured.

Facing Lin Yun's attack, the Crimson Firefox let out an enraged howl and one of its three hundred-meter-long tails changed direction and started aiming at Lin Yun.

Blazing orange flames condensed on that tail, lengthening it and forming a thick spear that spanned across several hundred meters, before arriving in front of Lin Yun.

Lin Yun's body turned back into lava and instantly dissipated as the flaming tail pierced the lava pond and unexpectedly set the lava on fire.

The bewitching orange flames ignited the spurts of lava that separated from the lake of lava and instantly burnt them into nothingness.

As for the flames that fell into the lava pond, they were like crazy flame spirits. They ignited a meter of lava and wanted to frantically spread, but they were submerged and suppressed by the lava in a second.

Lin Yun frowned.

Bewitching Foxfire, extremely powerful flames full of bewitching that could ignite even lava. Moreover, the most troublesome thing was that these flames were extremely sticky and spread extremely fast. A bit of fire could ignite an entire mountain.

Lin Yun swung his arm and threw Syudos out. As an Upper Rank Flame Spirit, Syudos was innately able to devour all kinds of flames to strengthen himself. That amazing ability was extremely simple, he had to devour all kinds of flames as well as fuse the characteristics of those flames to make himself more powerful.

Now, Syudos was comparable to a level 35 magic beast. Lin Yun would usually make Syudos devour all the flames he encountered, and if he didn't encounter any new flames, he could only rely on quantity to slowly strengthen Syudos.

Seeing these strange flames, Lin Yun immediately sent out Syudos.

Within the sea of lava, the Bewitching Foxfire was being endlessly suppressed and its power kept wearing down. The speed at which the Bewitching Foxfire was igniting the lava couldn't compare to the speed at which the lava suppressed it. These circumstances were the most suitable for Syudos' feast.

Otherwise, these flames that could even ignite lava would instantly burn down a Flame Spirit like Syudos.

Syudos roamed within the lava, continuously devouring fragments of Bewitching Foxfire, his level rapidly increasing.

Bewitching Foxfire was something only a few fox-type Heaven Rank Magic Beast could grasp, it purely relied on luck, not on bloodline. With the Bewitching Foxfire, the fighting power of the magic beast would greatly increase. There would only be one outcome to any lifeform below the Heaven Rank being burnt by the Bewitching Foxfire, being burnt to death without leaving any ashes behind, as the ashes would be burnt into nothingness.

As he devoured more and more Bewitching Foxfire, Syudos feared it less and less, and was able to devour more and more every time, making him rapidly reached level 36, and he was still rapidly leveling.

With Syudos, the threat of the Bewitching Foxfire was completely gone and only the Crimson Firefox's own terrifying power remained.

Lin Yun kept flashing through the sea of lava. He could appear anywhere within three hundred meters. The attacks from the fox's tails simply couldn't restrict him. On the contrary, Lin Yun was already three hundred meters away from the Crimson Firefox.

The lava pond was already covering the ground under the Crimson Firefox.

But the Crimson Firefox emitted Bewitching Foxfire under its paws and created a sea of fire that the lava pond couldn't burn through.

At this time, the others were already in range of attack. The Crimson Firefox roared in anger, creating visible ripples that shattered trees in the surroundings.

As a Heaven Rank lifeform, it had been unable to kill its targets after using its destructive Energy Sphere. In fact, it ended up being besieged, which thoroughly infuriated him.

The three 100m long tails seemed to have lengthened to be several-hundred-meters-long, and they now were like three huge flaming whips that frantically striked at the surrounding people.

Xiuban had a blank expression on his face as he was sent flying faster than he came back after swinging Carnage at one of the tails. He even shattered a dozen forty to fifty-meter-tall trees on the way back. After falling down, Xiuban spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion extremely red as his bones seemed to have been broken.

The Bewitching Foxfire stuck to Carnage, but couldn't burn the Ancient Poison Dragon's jawbone that made the new Carnage. That Bewitching Foxfire even aroused Carnage's intrinsic power that Xiuban was unable to display at the moment.

A stifled Dragon's roar echoed as the space surrounding Carnage shook. The Bewitching Foxfire was instantly extinguished and the fluctuations spread to Xiuban who couldn't help letting out a Dragon Roar.

In an instant, everything within the several dozen meters around Xiuban instantly transformed into the finest fragments.

A halo appeared on Carnage and enveloped it. Xiuban was excited. He didn't understand what was happening, but he knew that it was beneficial. He wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and immediately grinned before rushing out.

On another side, Reina's Frost Dragon Shape fluttered through the sky, her body already possessing a faint wisp of Extraordinary aura. After fusing with the empty Ancient Poison Dragon's mana crystal, the speed of her progress had been terrifying...

Reina rapidly fluttered through the sky, but she couldn't get within three hundred meters of the Crimson Firefox. Those rapidly moving three huge tails almost looked like an orange-colored barrier that would frantically attack anything entering that range.

Reina could only cast ice spells from a distance, but these ice spells had little destructive power against the Bewitching Foxfire.

As they approached, they would be hit by the tails covered in sticky Bewitching Foxfire and the Bewitching Foxfire would keep spreading, but wasting mana to extinguish it wasn't too effective.

Enderfa and the patched puppet gathered together and kept flashing from treetop to treetop, coiling around the Crimson Firefox and continuously casting spell waves.

The berserk spells of the four elements kept gathering to form a purely destructive elemental storm that kept colliding with the Crimson Firefox's three flaming tails.

"Damnit, metal guy, hurry up and dodge! That damned Bewitching Foxfire can burn Uncle Enderfa to death!" Enderfa shouted.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and floated to the head of the patched puppet as letting the puppet deal with the defense was for the best.

The Bewitching Foxfire could set Magic Tool Incarnations ablaze. It would be huge trouble if they were hit by a mere wisp.

Enderfa and the puppet kept dodging the attacks, but unfortunately, the distance was too far and the effects were too small. Only a very small portion of the spells could pass through the three tails' defense, and that small portion could easily be swatted away by the Crimson Firefox's paw.

In the sky, the mage army was in great trouble. They had turned into a sea of fire, but the Bewitching Foxfire was spreading. A small portion of the sea of fire had turned into Bewitching Foxfire, forcing the mage army to scatter in order to separate that portion of the elemental sea of flames.

They assembled together, but it was a waste of time as they couldn't let out any formidable attack.

On the floor, Lin Yun was continuously casting, boundless lava spells transformed into storms that exploded towards the Crimson Firefox. But with a swat of its paw, it could shatter a dozen-meter-big meteor.

Suddenly, the Crimson Firefox sneered and swatted its paw over. It claws suddenly lengthening.

It instantly crossed over three hundred meters and transformed into a several dozen-meter-long huge flaming claw that ruthlessly swatted towards Lin Yun.