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 While Xiuban lifted Carnage to block, Reina sealed herself in a coffin of ice. Enderfa and the puppet frantically cast all kinds of elemental shields, showing no intentions to stop casting.

Lin Yun's elemental shields were like fine sand in front of that seemingly calm shockwave, shattering with one touch. He kept retreating backward, continuously casting more such shields to slowly reduce the force of the impact before resisting the last bit of the impact with a stronger Elemental Shield.

Even though Xiuban was blocking with Carnage, he was sent flying and instantly travelled four hundred meters, bursting through the air like a cannonball.

Reina, still in her ice coffin, was also sent flying several hundred meters away.

Enderfa glanced at Lin Yun and started using shield spells to slowly weaken the impact of the shockwave alongside the puppet. After being forced back over a hundred meters, they finally resisted the shockwave.

Everyone barely managed to resist the surprise attack. They looked back at the mountain piercing through the clouds and watched as it fell sideways.

The earth shook as the wall-like mountain obstructed everyone's path. This also increased the frequency at which the spatial cracks atop the mountain were formed, and each one was at least ten meters long. Navigating through them was impossible, and so was flying over. They could only be circumvented.

But at this moment, there was a Heaven Rank Crimson Firefox in front of them, so they could only fight...

Lin Yun floated in the air, his expression somewhat unsightly.

Earlier, they were unaware of what was behind the mountain when they went around it because the spatial distortions were blocking their detection spells.

No one expected an ambush from a Heaven Rank Magic Beast behind that mountain. It seemed to have been waiting to sneak attack them, considering that they got hit by an Energy Sphere just as they circumvented the mountain.

This was an ability unique to Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, with their Extraordinary Power, mana, innate attributes, and so on. They mixed all their abilities together and condensed them into a composite Energy Sphere.

Using pure power, they burst out with pure destructive capability. Compared to human Heaven Mages, that way of fighting was completely devoid of skill. But that simple and rough ability could sometimes burst with more destructive power than a human Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Unless a Heaven Rank was pressured until they had no other choice, they definitely wouldn't choose to block the Energy Sphere of a Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

The broken peak was over a kilometer long, and the mountain overall was definitely two to three kilometers tall, but that Crimson Firefox' Energy Sphere had snapped it in two.

This kind of simple, yet cruel, 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell rarely had this kind of berserk power.

Moreover, Extraordinary Spells consumed too much mana. When fighting, Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldn't release too many Extraordinary Spells. Most of the time, they would use ordinary spells mixed with Extraordinary Power.

That fighting style was most suited to human mages because mana was finite, and even if they had established their own Demiplane, it would only double their mana, perhaps tripling it at best.

Human mages couldn't bear the consumption that came from purely using Extraordinary Spells.

But magic beasts were different...

Magic Beasts cast their spells purely by instinct. As long as they matured, they would be able to innately use some spells. Moreover, their mana reserves were a lot deeper than those of humans at the same rank.

And the bigger their bodies, the more outrageous their mana reserves. Although there could be some exceptions, it was like this in most cases.

Before advancing to the Heaven Rank, the Crimson Firefox was at most two to three meters tall and was considered a small-sized magic beast. But the limbs of the one before their eyes were fifty to sixty meters tall, taller than the trees of this forest.

If purely compared in terms of mana, that fox's mana was thirty to forty times that of Dubois. And this was the lowest estimate.

A Heaven Mage would need to release at least half of their mana to be able to cause such destruction. Then, he would have to borrow mana from his Demiplane.

Yet, it seemed like a casual move to that Crimson Firefox.

Although the power of that destructive Energy Sphere was formidable, it clearly took too much time and needed three to four seconds to be released. If it was released before that, its power would be greatly reduced.

The fighting style of magic beasts couldn't be compared with humans', but when it came to the Heaven Rank, a great killing ability with huge flaws like that Energy Sphere wasn't easy to handle. To a certain degree, it was far more troublesome than human Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Lin Yun still remembered that eight millennia later, there would be a 9th Rank Heaven Mage fighting with a Level 49 sea beast on the eastern coastline.

That battle sank a few hundred kilometers of the eastern mainland into the sea. All the islands within a thousand kilometers had sunk, and an archipelago several kilometers away was hit by a tsunami that submerged more than half of the islands..

Ultimately, four top-notch Heaven Rank powerhouses were able to kill that crazy sea beast.

The damage caused by that kind of destruction was the work of the sea beast. That sea beast's body was over a kilometer long. It had been alive for countless years, and its mana reserves were almost a hundred times bigger than a Heaven Mage of the same rank.

Before the dying blow, the struggling sea beast released an extremely destructive Energy Sphere more than a kilometer in size. That Energy Sphere grievously injured the four Heaven Mages and thoroughly destroyed the archipelago off the east coast, raising a tsunami that spread over a thousand kilometers. The losses it brought simply couldn't be calculated.

No Heaven Rank Magic Beast could be found on Noscent's mainland, and not many of them appeared on the shoreline around Noscent. Most of the Heaven Rank Magic beasts were in the Endless Sea. This was also why the Endless Sea was full of dangers.

When Red Beard led the Intrepid through the Endless Sea, he had encountered too many near-shipwrecks.

Lin Yun frowned. A lot of information about Heaven Rank Magic Beasts flashed in his mind, but he was still surprised by that Crimson Firefox.

The Laws of the Raging Flame Battlefield were somewhat different from the outside world. Heaven Ranks from the outside world couldn't come in, and they couldn't even cross through a Planar Path. However, the magic beasts born there could break through the Heaven Rank without a problem.

What was strange was that Crimson Firefox before his eyes.

'How could it be a Crimson Firefox? Crimson Firefoxes are inferior magic beasts...'

In Noscent, Crimson Firefoxes were the most precious thing adventurers could find. They posed low danger with high rewards, as their fur was very valuable, especially when it was intact and without any blemishes. It was worth far more than the fur of all magic beasts at the same level.

The strongest Crimson Firefox Ruler was only level 15, yet, this one was a genuine Heaven Rank Magic Beast...

Lin Yun had never heard of a Crimson Firefox that could reach the Heaven Rank. Even if it bathed every day in God Blood, the possibility wasn't very high. That was due to bloodline limits. It wouldn't be called Crimson Firefox if it could break through those limits.

The one before him had three thick tails and the distinctive features of a Crimson Firefox. Three tails meant that it was the ruler of the Crimson Firefoxes.

"Damn, how could that thing have advanced to the Heaven Rank? And it's so powerful..."

Enderfa flew over with horrified expressions visible on his faces.

When he had encountered the Sirius before, he could still understand... It was a magic beast from a previous era with a powerful bloodline. But this... He couldn't understand it, not at all.

Just as everyone was vigilant and in doubt, that Crimson Firefox faced upward and started howling. The surface of its body was covered in a layer of orange raging flames, and those three huge tails turned into three blazing whips that made the air crack as they gently swayed.

Lin Yun furrowed his brows, but he couldn't think too much about it. No matter how weird that Crimson Firefox was, he couldn't deny the fact that it was a genuine Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

As flames roared, Lin Yun used Lava Incarnation in midair and boundless lava spurted out, covering Lin Yun in an instant and turning him into a Lava Giant.

At the same time, a huge wheel shadow appeared behind Lin Yun, and the endless runes it contained were roaming about.

From a distance, that wheel shadow seemed like a miniature starry sky with a frightening depth, and the endless runes were like the countless stars.

It looked like there was lava moving about in the center of the wheel, and when carefully examined, one would discover that it was actually composed of countless lava runes.

And now, that faint wheel shadow kept becoming bigger and clearer, as if another world existed there and was already descending onto this world.

Lin Yun held onto his Draconic Staff, and a purple light flickered as an ancient and venerable Dragon's roar echoed. A peculiar Purple Dragon's shadow had now appeared behind Lin Yun.

The Purple Dragon faintly turned its head, and its cold, crystalline eyes attentively looked at that Crimson Firefox baring its teeth, as if it was looking at a mad pet.

An ancient book appeared in Lin Yun's left hand. The Book of Death was now shackled with chains corroded from the passage of time.

It was as if the book existed outside of time itself. It was seemingly brand new, yet seemed to have gone through countless lifetimes.

This was the new shape of the Book of Death. As Lin Yun's strength increased, the appearance of the Book of Death also changed.

As more and more Augments were attached to it, the power of the Book of Death also kept increasing.

Lin Yun opened his mouth, and a strange rune came out, instantly loosening up the shackles binding the ancient book. As the ancient book slowly opened, a dazzling radiance bloomed from within.