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 The compressed lava sphere smashed into the lava river and instantly caused waves that reached up to several dozen meters in height. One of the lava spheres crashed into a thirty-meter-tall rock, which shattered in a huge explosion.

Moreover, the Sirius' attack frequency was terrifyingly high. Its four arms kept crisscrossing, throwing seven to eight compressed lava spheres every second.

Reina was like an extremely nimble large bird in the air, easily dodging all the spheres. The ice aura she emitted became more and more powerful as she kept flying towards the Sirius.

And on the ground, Xiuban was fiercely charging forward straight through the lava. As he walked on the lava river, his monstrous strength made the lava sink four to five meters, as he just plowed through.

As for the patched puppet and Enderfa, they relied on their spellwaves to open a path, forcibly pressuring their way forward at a decent speed.

As Lin Yun summoned his mage army from his Demiplane, they instantly used Flame Elemental Incarnation and transformed into an advancing cloud of fire.

Seeing that its attack had no effect, the Sirius flew into a rage and stabbed its six arms into the lava river.

Countless magic patterns started moving around one of its scarlet eyes, and fierce mana fluctuations were roused. After three seconds, thick red radiance instantly flew toward the mage army.

At that time, fifty shields appeared in front of the cloud and started forming into a single large shield. On the front of the shield, a sinister flaming spirit skull with a large mouth bit down on the beam of light.

Shockwaves spread out from the point of impact. The lava river underneath was forcibly blasted apart by that shockwave, and the ground within a hundred meters was shattered by the impact.

After three seconds, the light beam dissipated and the mage army remained unscathed.

Seeing its most powerful flaming attack have no effect, the Sirius felt afraid. It turned and tried to flee back to the lava lake.

And at that time, Reina finally found an opportunity to dive down. An icy blue radiance appeared in her mouth before a flood of light engulfed the Sirius.



Ice surged, and in an instant, a layer of ice condensed on the body of the Sirius. The cracks that the lava had been flowing out of were completely frozen.

As the Sirius was frozen, the patched puppet released its new weapon. A huge cannon barrel extended out of its thighs, and blinding rays of light converged at the mouth of the barrel before firing. The ray went straight through the Sirius' back, piercing its body and continuing for over a kilometer without fading.

Xiuban's skin became very red, and a faint draconic roar came out of his throat as his arms as thick as Lin Yun's waist became even thicker. He turned into a shadow covered in air blasts as he swung Carnage towards the Sirius' chin.

His terrifying explosive power caused the back of the Sirius' head to explode, leaving a huge, bloody hole there.That strength really was frightening, to the point where the Sirius' body was unable to react to the impact.

That 100-meter-tall body was knocked over by Xiuban's hammer.

At that time, Enderfa's Elemental Storm appeared, and the boundless elements crashed into the Sirius' face, smashing its head into the ground.

And in the sky, a huge array appeared around the mage army as a vortex appeared under them. An enormous spear flew out of the vortex, emitting a powerful pressure and leaving a long trail of blasted air behind it. It pierced into the Sirius' neck so hard that it almost beheaded the Sirius.

The ice of the Frost Breath dissipated...

Only a scream could be heard, and in less than three seconds, the six arms fell down, lying on the lava rivers in silence.

"You could forget about killing that Sirius if it escaped into the lava lake. This lava lake is most likely linked to an underground lava river. Only Heaven Rank powerhouses or those with insights in the Law of Lava would be able to kill it underground. Merlin, give that guy's 3rd eye to me..."

Enderfa was attentively watching the Sirius' corpse and couldn't help saying those words.

Lin Yun had his subordinates break down that giant creature while he asked, "What do you want its eye for?"

That rare monster was already extinct in the God Era. No record of that era could be found, and nothing about that creature was written down in the decaying library. It was clear that this monster wasn't particularly powerful.

Enderfa awkwardly laughed as he explained, "That guy's 3rd eye is very beneficial to Magic Tool Incarnations as it can increase the growth.

Lin Yun didn't mind, so he nodded.

Enderfa had suffered some injury during the first encounter with Dubois. Although he had already recovered, this had delayed his growth and slightly decreased his level of power.

Seeing that Lin Yun agreed, Enderfa flew out, burning with anxiety, and had everyone cut up that giant creature's corpse.

Soon, that Sirius had finished being cut apart. Its skin had been peeled and cut into chunks, and after being tanned, it could be made into a thin layer of flexible leather. It was an exceptionally good material for fire-attributed robes.

Not only could it spontaneously attract fire elements, but it also had very high fire resistance. Elemental Flames that tried to burn the Sirius' skin would instead basically be supplying it with power.

It still had some innate magic patterns under its skin, and these magic patterns could reinforce the power of fire spells.

Although that Sirius' body couldn't be used to make many leather robes, it was large enough to outfit the mage army with leather robes. The mage army's strength would inevitably rise once again.

Moreover, that huge Sirius had seven mana crystals: one in the head, and one in each arm. The seven mana crystals were almost all comparable to Heaven Rank mana crystals. And although they were level 39, the wisp of Extraordinary Power contained within was worth far more than a level 39 mana crystal.

Its blood was also an exceptionally good material for alchemy ink. Using this beast blood ink for some fire arrays would provide some especially good effects.

The flesh could be used to nurture warriors and raise their constitution. By devouring enough, they could obtain some of the Sirius' abilities. Just a wisp was enough to greatly raise the power of a swordsman.

Its organs could be used as raw materials for potions. That Sirius was eating lava so its internal organs were all like burning iron. They would be suitable for making Lava Potions, Magic Fire Potions, and other such potions. The effect would be better when compared to plant materials.

As for the bones, they were like red metal. This was due to the Sirius swallowing lava all year long. The metallic materials within congealed on the bones and made them a lot harder than Iron Essence. If used as raw metal, it would be equivalent to digging up a small ore vein.

And the most precious thing was naturally the Sirius' 3rd eye. The substance within could promote the growth of a Magic Tool Incarnation while also fixing any injury it suffered. If this kind of thing appeared in Noscent, everyone would want to buy it, yet no one would be willing to sell it.

The growth of a True Spirit Magic Tool Incarnation was very slow, especially for Enderfa and Shawn, who possessed very high wisdom. That kind of Incarnation was very rare. Ordinary Magic Tool Incarnations would need at least a millennium from their birth until they matured to that stage, and that was if everything went smoothly.

Things that could speed the growth of a Magic Tool Incarnation were very valuable in Noscent. In fact, such a thing had never been sold before. Even if someone wanted to auction it, the auctioneer would spare no effort to buy it and simply wouldn't sell it.

A Magic Tool Incarnation that could assist a mage in battle like Enderfa was pretty rare. He had awakened wisdom and possessed some special abilities.

Shawn also had special abilities that pertained to souls, allowing him to forcibly tear a soul apart. If not for his intelligence and that ability, Shawn wouldn't have been able to leave his name behind among the countless True Spirit Magic Tools.

While the ability of a Magic Tool Incarnation could be powerful, sometimes it could far surpass the Magic Tool itself. Thus, a Magic Tool Incarnation taking damage was a very serious matter.

Because apart from slumbering within their own Magic Tools, they could only rely on time to slowly recover from the damage. They had no other method to rapidly recover.

Last time Enderfa had been injured, the injury had been to his Origin Power. If the damage had been too severe, Enderfa might have even transformed into a Magic Tool Incarnation with only a bit of spirituality, his wisdom dissipating.

Now that there was an item that could promote the growth of Magic Tool Incarnations and cure any damage dealt, how could Enderfa not care about it?

Lin Yun inwardly sighed. Even if Enderfa hadn't said it, he could already guess why that magic beast had gone extinct, and in the God Era too.

Looking at the collected materials, the Sirius was completely made of useful raw materials from head to toe. It could be said that nothing was wasted.

Other magic beasts couldn't compare.