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 Raphael instantly shook his head as he understood Dylas' plan.

"This won't do, while it is possible to use the Umbral Hand to forcibly explode open the Planar Path, it would make the Planar Path very unstable. The Planar Path would keep distorting, there might be chaotic energy, Void Storms and Spatial Storms appearing. At that time, we would lose a part of our forces before even entering the Raging Flame Battlefield. If we are unlucky, we might lose as much as half of our force.

"Your Shadow Tower's people might be able to make use of that void environment and use Shadow Transformation to avoid the damage from Spatial Storms and Void Storms. Moreover, since you carry the Umbral Hand, you might also be carrying the Dark Night Cloak, allowing you to quickly pass through.

"But the others won't be able to protect themselves in that kind of environment, losing a third of our force would be a boon.

"And even if we reached the Raging Flame Battlefield, we would be at a disadvantage against the Raging Flame Beastmen.

"This isn't good, we absolutely can't forcibly open the Planar Path!"

Raphael was very firm as he rejected that solution.

Dylas wasn't angry and instead smiled and said, "Alright, I won't force the Planar Path open, it'll be better if you find another way... But do you have a way to quickly crack that Planar Path? In three hours, we will be forced into a passive state!"

Raphael didn't answer, because Dylas' words were true and he had no way to refute them.

After looking around, Dylas proudly laughed.

"That's right, our Shadow Tower's people can move safely through the unstable Planar Path. And it's true, I also carry the Dark Night Cloak, which can also protect everyone from the dangers of an unstable Planar Path. No one will be harmed if we encounter a chaotic spatial distortion or a Void Storm, everything will be fine as long as there is enough mana to support the Dark Night Cloak.

"But, you have to give me 10% of the loot you get within the Raging Flame Battlefield as a condition for cooperation."

After saying that, Dylas glanced at the four forces of the Andlusa Kingdom with disdain.

"As for the people of the Andlusa Kingdom, I assume that you won't earn much inside. If you want my protection through the Planar Path, you have to hand over 50% of your harvest as a reward, or find your own way in."

"Oh, right, I forgot, I have to be the one choosing the 10% of the loot!"

Dylas was immensely proud as he stated those conditions and everyone understood.

"Damned b*stard, no wonder you've been wanting to forcibly open the Planar Path, turns out that's what you were after! You want to make all of us serve your Shadow Tower? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

Raphael pointed at Dylas with shock, completely and utterly shocked by that greed.

'That damned b*stard, that was his plan all along. 10% doesn't sound like much, but 10% from five forces adds up to 50%.

'And each force of the Andlusa Kingdom has to come up with 50%, everything added together makes up an extra 250% earning. This meant that the Shadow Tower would be harvesting about 3.5 times their earnings!

'Even if there was a gap between the profits of every force, the earnings of the Shadow Tower would definitely be multiples times that of the other forces!

'More importantly, he wants to choose his share...

'That's the most important part...

'There would definitely be a huge harvest after going in, there would be mana crystals, there would be ores, magic gems, medicinal ingredients, and a ton of other valuable materials... The value of all these items is different.

'One valuable item might be worth 10% of the total, and although this would satisfy his condition, that would be too big of a gap.

'Ultimately, almost all the precious items would be taken by the Shadow Tower while the other nine forces would completely be serving the Shadow Tower...

'That damned b*stard is delusional!

'Is he not afraid of offending everyone?'

Raphael didn't even consider Dylas' suggestion.

As for the other four forces, they also had pretty poor expressions.

The Burning Tower's leader, Dedale, had a dark expression as he almost shot black fire towards Dylas.

'10% of the profits? That stinky rat dares to be that greedy?

'If he chooses first, the most precious thing we harvest would be selected. This Raging Flame Plane Battlefield wouldn't be as good as before...

'But it might take three hours if we keep dragging on and wait till the arrogant fools of the Sky City open the Planar Path.

'Those beasts' understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield is very deep, they know far more than us. Three hours is enough for them to find the most valuable things based on their own experience.

'They might find some good things that had been nurtured for a long time, and by the time we go in, not only would we fall in dangerous ambushes, we would suffer terrible losses.

'It would be even more difficult to get rid of those already prepared Raging Flame Beastmen, let alone plundering their things.

'More importantly, the earnings might be small this time.

'Three hours was enough for a lot of things to happen.

'Now, even if we give out 10% of the earnings, the loot would be a lot better than what we would get three hours later.

'F*ck, that Dylas is really a stinky rat.'

Dedale was soon done with his calculations, the most important thing was that the profits from entering early would lead to the greater harvest.

"Okay, Dylas, our Burning Tower can agree to your conditions. But our Burning Tower has to first select three things from the harvest, only then can you choose the 10% worth of loot. I would rather wait three hours if you don't agree to that condition!"

Dedale answered first with an unyielding counter proposal.

Dylas smiled, not really caring about it.

'These damn guys are still talking about conditions? Well, I can't offend them too much, it might cause some trouble if I take all of their most valuable things. If I offend too many of them at once, I might not be able to leave the Raging Flame Plane alive.

'Damnit, if our Heaven Rank powerhouse was here, these guys wouldn't even dare to try something like that...'

Although Dylas wanted to scam everyone, he didn't dare to offend all of them at once. He had been extremely greedy just now to give the others some leeway for haggling. Now that Dedale accepted, how could others still complain?

"Alright, Sir Dedale, we will do it like that. If there is an issue and we fail to protect one of your people, I won't be shameless enough to request the 10%."

With Dedale agreeing first, the other forces all had the same thoughts.

The harvest of the Raging Flame Battlefield was too attractive, who knows what could happen in three hours when even one more second could lead in even more loot.

10% of the loot was within acceptable range as long as the final harvest was big enough.

Soon, the Quicksand Tower, the Henry Family, and the representative of the Odin's royal family agreed to Dylas' conditions after being unable to think of other methods. But they also put forward the condition of being able to choose three things first.

Dylas also agreed.

"What's your opinion, Sir Raphael? Do you want to agree? Time is very tight, you are missing on precious loot with every wasted second."

A glittering smile could be seen on Dylas' face, and those long and narrow eyes turned into narrow slits.

Raphael had a dark expression as he flatly turned down Dylas' proposal.

"Dylas, there is no need to think about it. You are dreaming, I can't agree to your condition. As a member of the Sky City, even if our loot is reduced, I absolutely can't agree to those conditions!"

Sky City was most proficient in arrays, if they agreed to Dylas' proposition in this matter and let him blackmail them, Raphael would no longer be able to raise his head within Sky City.

Even if he ultimately got some big harvest, he would be unable to wipe that stain.

Facing Raphael's rejection, Dylas pondered before smiling once again.

"It doesn't matter, Sir Raphael, you can slowly think about it. If you don't agree, every second would result in losses, not only to your Sky City, but to everyone here!

"You will agree, it's only a matter of time." Dylas proudly said.

He wasn't worried that Raphael would refuse, because he would just use the other forces to force Raphael to agree by making them think that Raphael was stopping them from getting their loot, and that with him, they would be in more danger and gain less loot.

Sure enough, after Dylas' words, the Burning Tower, the Henry Family, the Quicksand Tower and the Odin's royal family side couldn't help looking at Raphael.

Raphael had a dark expression as he hatefully glared at Dylas.

'That damned b*stard...

'And that group of morons, they are getting blackmailed by Dylas and are still supporting that stinky rat...'

Dylas hardly cared that the situation was in a deadlock, he smiled with self-confidence as there was no problem with the Odin Kingdom's side.

He then casually glanced at the Andlusa Kingdom's four forces and saw the frowns.

Dylas grinned, disdain visible in his eyes.

'These Andlusan country bumpkins have no say in this.

'The Odin Kingdom can't come up with a better method, even the Sky City, famed for their expertise in the field of arrays, have no other method and Raphael will be forced to agree to my condition. How could the Andlusa Kingdom's people come up with a better idea?'