"You have to be really careful. You had best pray not to encounter those powerful existences that can easily take off your head, or you'll die a terrible death before ending up as magic beast feces. And that would just be one of the luckiest outcomes."

As Dylas threw back another threat, Lin Yun sneered.

"Haha! All the rats I encountered were crushed into paste. As for the stinky rats that like to move through the sewers, I like using spells to crush them to pieces the most..."

Dylas' mana fluctuations were unstable, and ripples kept appearing within his shadow as he seemed to be unable to control himself.

'Stinky rats moving through the sewers'... Whoever heard that knew that it was targeting the people of the Shadow Tower.

Just as Dylas was about to explode, a shout echoed in the distance.

"What!? The Raging Flame Beastmen already opened the Planar Path and entered the Raging Flame Battlefield?"

This shout attracted everyone's attention.

Everyone then looked towards the people working on the Planar Path.

The people of Sky City were in charge of cracking the Planar Path. They were experts in arrays, which made them the obvious choice for this kind of matter. But now, everyone could see that their pace was very slow. Who knew how long it would take before the Planar Path was cracked?

"It might take some time for Sky City's side to crack the Planar Path. Damn, how could the people of Sky City be slower than those stupid Beastmen? They actually opened the Planar Path first..." A member of the Henry Family was in disbelief. It was as if he had seen a fully-clothed pig walking on two legs...

Sky City's achievements in the field of arrays were at the peak of the Odin Kingdom. How could they be slower than Raging Flame Beastmen?

"Damnit, what are those guys from Sky City doing? Did they bring a group of idiots this time? A bunch of people that are inferior to those stupid Beastmen? Really, what is Raphael doing?

"If this continues, this Raging Flame Battlefield is going to be eaten whole by those beasts. They know far more about the Raging Flame Battlefield than we do. Who knows if they are setting up malicious traps?" The Burning Tower's leader, Dedale, had a very fiery temper and directly started criticizing the leader of Sky City.

Everyone knew how terrible the situation was. The Raging Flame Battlefield had been the pasture of the Raging Flame Beastmen since ancient times. Although the contents were changing, it wouldn't change too quickly, so the Raging Flame Beastmen had ways to deal with many things there.

The experience that the Raging Flame Beastmen had regarding dangers and the environments of the Raging Flame Battlefield far exceeded the humans.

If they got in ahead of time, not only would they find even more valuable things, but they would also set up ambushes and wait for the humans to walk into their traps.

After all, the ones who would enter the Raging Flame Battlefield were all powerhouses of the human allied armies. Apart from the Heaven Ranks, most of them were here.

If they killed more than half of these people and walked out of the Raging Flame Battlefield, it wouldn't be impossible for the Raging Flame Beastmen to have the opportunity to counterattack.

All these humans falling here would be a far greater loss than the losses of the past few months, and the morale would take a huge hit.

The relatively silent members of the Quicksand Tower also came out to check what was going on with the Sky City's members.

Ultimately, an old man wearing a luxurious robe also came out of the tent of the Odin Kingdom's royal family, frowning while looking at Raphael.

"What's going on, how could the cracking speed of the Planar Path be so slow? Even the Raging Flame Beastmen went in first."

Raphael didn't dare to refute the criticism because that old man represented the Odin Kingdom's royal family, he represented that prince. Moreover, Sky City really wasn't doing well this time. They had let the Beastmen enter the Raging Flame Battlefield first. Let alone the others, even they themselves felt that this was a huge humiliation.

"Everyone please calm down. The Raging Flame Beastmen's understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield is far superior to ours, this is something everyone is aware of. Moreover, the Planar Path used to get there is different every time. We speculated that it would be easier to open the Planar Path here. And over the years, the Raging Flame Beastmen found the pattern of even better locations to enter the Planar Path, so it is a lot easier for them.

"But rest assured, we will open the Planar Path within three hours at most. Everyone knows that if opened too hastily, the Planar Path won't be safe, causing needless losses. I believe no one wants to see this..."

The other five forces of the Odin Kingdom all complained about Sky City, but Raphael was also at a loss. Regardless of the reason, they actually fell behind to a group of Raging Flame Beastmen when it came to arrays. This was incredibly humiliating.

"Sir Raphael, have you only brought over Apprentice Alchemists? Damn, are they a bunch of fools?

"I heard you say that these were your Sky City's most elite alchemists with high comprehension of Planar Paths. How come all I see is a group of fools? Or is it that your Sky City's alchemists are only at this level?

"You know how much is lost every second we waste. We already lost the decisive opportunity, and our harvest will just keep decreasing as the seconds pass, while at the same time, the dangers we'll face will actually increase.

"Three hours? You must be joking, right? After three hours we will face fully armed Raging Flame Beastmen waiting for us to fall into their traps! Are you trying to have us killed? How much did those brainless beasts bribe you with to get you to harm us all?"

Because he hadn't managed to get an advantage during his confrontation with Lin Yun, the originally angry Dylas got even angrier at this news and immediately started criticizing Raphael and the alchemists of Sky City.

Raphael was also worried, but he had no means to speed up the opening of the Planar Path.

Forcibly opening the Planar Path would result in it becoming extremely unstable. There might even be chaotic spatial fluctuations within the Planar Path. Being drawn in would be a terrifying catastrophe that even Heaven Rank powerhouses were unwilling to face. It would only result in death.

Facing Dylas' ridicule, Raphael also burst out in anger, "Damn you, Dylas, you stinky rat that only knows how to hide in a corner, what are you trying to say? You think I want to waste time?

"Sh*t, I also want to open the Planar Path as fast as possible! If I were working with those Beastmen, the first one to end up dead would have been you, you sewer-water-drinking rat! If not for your uncle, you would have already died countless times!"

When Dylas heard that, his hair stood on end, and he was bursting with mana as the shadow under his feet spread and covered him. His body became illusory, as if it was slowly disappearing within the shadows.

"Raphael, don't think our Shadow Tower is afraid of your Sky City. So what if you don't like me? I don't like you either. I'll get rid of you at once, you b*stard!"

"Dylas, you stinky-water-drinker, come, let me see what a dead sewer rat looks like!"

Just as Dylas and Raphael were about to fight, people of the Burning Tower and the Henry Family came in between to separate them.

"Alright you two, stop fighting. The most important thing right now is to open the Planar Path as quickly as possible, not quarrelling."

"Eh, fighting? Why are you fighting? We should remain friendly. But it's true that we should hurry up. I don't want to be surrounded by a group of Beastmen after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, and I don't want to fall into their traps, either. We have to think of a way..."

Raphael and Dylas were pulled apart and stopped fighting, but everyone was left in a bad mood.

The Odin Kingdom's forces quarreled and almost started fighting, while the four forces of the Andlusa Kingdom only watched the show in silence.

In such circumstances, apart from waiting, all they could do was rely on those alchemists from Sky City, which would put them a couple of hours behind the Beastmen at best.

After being dragged back, Dylas sneered at Raphael.

"I knew these guys would be unreliable! I can't wait any longer. We have to open the Planar Path now! Not to mention three hours, you should clearly understand what we will encounter after just two hours! I'll burst open the Planar Path!

"I carry our Shadow Tower's True Spirit Magic Tool, the Umbral Hand. The current circumstances are dire enough for us to use the Umbral Hand to burst the Planar Path open."

Hearing this, the others were startled. They hadn't expected Dylas to carry the Umbral Hand with him. That was a famous True Spirit Magic Tool in the Odin Kingdom. That Magic Tool had very formidable piercing power, and unlike ordinary Magic Tools, that power would then burst within an area.

The Umbral Hand could control its power to explode within a certain range. Its power could pierce mage shields and then erupt within the shields.

Now, the Planar Path was almost opened; they were just stabilizing it, which was equivalent to transforming a small crack into a gate.

The Umbral Hand could instill its power through that small crack and then burst out within, exploding that door open and using that violent method to open the Planar Path.