"Sky City's floating city is their supreme array masterpiece. Their countless floating forts and war fortresses are their outstanding weapons. Powerful arrays are needed to achieve something like that.

"Most of the mages of Sky City have some knowledge of arrays. Even when selecting apprentices to nurture, talent in the field of arrays has always been an important factor. The people recruited from outside are always alchemists that specialize in arrays. They never seek mages, as they would nurture their own.

"Twenty years ago, the Sky City found a new plane, and it was said that this was a small-scale Wind Plane with a Heaven Rank Storm Elemental Overlord. It was so powerful that Sky City greatly suffered.

"Killing that Storm Elemental was very difficult, even for a similarly ranked powerhouse. Because of this, Sky City's development of that plane had been unable to proceed, and they kept suffering losses.

"Ultimately, in a last fit of anger, they gathered a large number of alchemists specialized in arrays, and using the floating city as a foundation, they spent an entire year arranging a huge array formation to continuously extract the power of the plane to provide energy for the floating city.

"Within twenty years, the power of that plane went down several by several stages, while the Wind Elemental Overlord fell by three ranks.

"Based on that speed, that plane will thoroughly collapse within a few dozen years, and with so much energy backing the Sky City, that floating city will be able to display even more power.

"Their power in the field of arrays reached the top of the Odin Kingdom. It is very terrifying. If we meet the floating fortress in the Raging Flame Battlefield, we had best not clash with them..."

Jouyi gave some information regarding Sky City, including some of its secrets, startling Lin Yun.

To use an array to start to extract the power of a plane, they would need to spend at least a year, regardless of the number of alchemists. This showed just how troublesome this was.

Although that method couldn't compare with Bill George's, as a force that wasn't one of the top-notch forces of the Odin Kingdom, it was enough to show how formidable their mastery of alchemy was.

Jouyi and Harren knew how dangerous this trip to the Raging Flame Battlefield was. Before even considering how much they might harvest, they would have to face the Raging Flame Beastmen and the Odin Kingdom, these two formidable enemies. If they were careless, they would suffer huge losses.

But they couldn't just choose not go to the Raging Flame Battlefield. If they couldn't fight for benefits there, they would sink even further towards being defeated.

After handing over the matters of the forts, Lin Yun took his subordinates and followed after Harren and Jouyi.

The entrance of the Raging Flame Battlefield was in the most desolate Ocean of Death.

It had "ocean" in its name, but it didn't have a single drop of water. It was just like a desert with a vile environment and no natural resources.

During the day, the temperature would be extreme enough to cook an egg, even hotter than high noon in a blistering summer elsewhere.

And at night, it became even colder than in winter, and the chill wind would cut like a knife.

Even the sturdy Black Iron Beastmen could freeze to death during the night in the Ocean of Death.

Thus, no one occupied this territory, leaving it growing wild and full of dangers. If not for the entrance to the Raging Flame Battlefield being there, no one would come to such a place.

According to the legends, the barren Ocean of Death was formed because the Raging Flame Battlefield was absorbing the power of the Raging Flame Plane there, but no one could confirm this.

When Harren and Jouyi arrived with Lin Yun, the forces of the Odin Kingdom were all already there, and some powerhouses of the Black Tower and Cloud Tower had also arrived ahead of time.

The group of people was very scattered, and there was a clear distinction between the Odin Kingdom and the Andlusa Kingdom.

After coming, Haren took the initiative to introduce Lin Yun to the others.

"Our Andlusa Kingdom only has four forces. Aside from the royal family led by the Azurewave Sword Saint, there are only three forces. The six forces on the opposite side are the forces of the Odin Kingdom.

"Do you see those tents with the violet flower mark? Those are the people from the Odin Kingdom's royal family. Their strength is very difficult to estimate because they only dispatched their royal guards when attacking the Beastmen's forts. Only two 9th Rank Archmages made a move. It was also said that the person dispatched was a prince of the Odin Kingdom.

"But no one dares to look down on them. The Odin Kingdom's royal family obtained the treasures left behind by the 3rd Dynasty, so no one knows what kinds of tyrannical cards they might have left, especially the members of the royal family. They all have some powerful life-saving cards."

Lin Yun looked at those few big tents from a distance. The tents were covered in runes, and only did they have powerful defensive abilities, but they also isolated all kinds of probing spells. The biggest tent even had a trace of spatial fluctuations... It might not be as simple as it looked.

Fully armored warriors were standing around the tent with even their eyes covered by the armor, and they looked like silver statues.

Harren then pointed at a group of mages wearing red robes not far from the tent.

"You see those guys with the air distorting around them? They are from the Burning Tower. They are at the top of the scoreboard and are experts at fire magic. They possess all kinds of variant fire spells, and most of the forts they attacked ended up burning to ashes. They didn't leave many Beastmen behind.

"Their burst power far exceeds other forces. Their mages are all proficient in battle, and almost all of them are very warlike people. They are a rare violent mage force."

After saying that, he pointed at the next group of people wearing spacious gray robes that concealed their heads. Their faces were wrapped, and only pairs of deep eyes could be seen.

They didn't look imposing at all, as if they were a group of believers on a pilgrimage, yet the surrounding people stayed far from them.

Harren's voice was filled with vigilance and caution as he said, "These are the Quicksand Tower's powerhouses. Although it is rumored that their fighting style highly depends on their environment, anyone who depended on that would die a terrible death.

"The founder of the Quicksand Tower is also known as a God walking on earth, unrivalled as long as he stands on the ground. Once he started casting, his surroundings would thoroughly change and turn into a sea of sand. Even mountains would collapse and turn into endless sand.

"A place like this, a desolate desert, would increase the fighting power of the Quicksand Tower. When fighting in such a place, unless one was a Heaven Rank with the Earth Law as a foundation, killing a 9th Rank Archmage of the Quicksand tower would be impossible.

"A similarly ranked 9th Rank Archmage would only be pressured in such a place."

Harren then drew attention to the dozen floating forts in the distance. Needless to say, Lin Yun knew that these were Sky City's forces.

"They're from Sky City. They are in the middle of cracking the Planar Path. I already introduced them to you earlier. Apart from the royal family of the Odin Kingdom, these three forces are the strongest ones here. If we disregard the Heaven Ranks, the leaders of the Burning Tower, the Quicksand Tower, and Sky City are comparable to Sir Jouyi and me.

"No Extraordinary Power can appear in the Raging Flame Battlefield, so they are the biggest enemies."

After saying that, Harren pointed at another force of seemingly very wealthy mages. The robes they were wearing, the staves they were holding, their rings, necklaces, Magic Tools, and so on, everything was a high-grade good.

More importantly, nobody among them was an exception. Every mage was armed to the teeth with Magic Tools.

"This is the Henry Family. That family has a lot of industries in the Odin Kingdom and occupies no less than ten planes. They could be considered a rich and powerful Family. Their wealth can completely compare to some of the oldest forces in the Odin Kingdom.

"Furthermore, old forces have accumulated wealth over a very long period of time, while this Henry Family rose to prominence in just a millennium.

"The Henry Family's bloodline wasn't very strong, and they had far fewer people than other families, so every mage of the family would obtain a considerable allotment of resources. At the Archmage realm, every one of them could obtain precious materials to craft a tailor-made True Spirit Magic Tool.

"Caution has to be exercised when fighting them. An ordinary Archmage among them might possess several True Spirit Magic Tools with matured Incarnations!"

Lin Yun chuckled. The ancestor of that family was definitely the reincarnation of a Gold Dragon. The ability to gather wealth was on the level of a God.

A family of ordinary Archmages that could each take out several matured True Spirit Magic Tools... That was a lot of wealth.

Harren then pointed to the last force. They were all wearing dark clothes, and the light appeared to become dusky where they stood.

At noon, the scorching sun of the Ocean of Death could make a person wither in an hour, but the darkness of the night shrouded an area of several dozen meters around them.

"This is the Shadow Tower. Although their power can't compare with the Burning Tower, Quicksand Tower, and Sky City, they are the force we should be most careful of. They aren't very popular in the Odin Kingdom and are rejected by many forces. They are called the thieves within the mages, the assassins hidden in the shadows. They are very disliked."