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 A month ago, only the best Grey Beastman alchemists could taste the delicious fruits from Noscent occasionally.

A month later, the average family could have spare money to buy luxurious fruits from Noscent.

Every past winter, they always had to worry about not having enough food, never getting to eat until they were full. Now, even the orphans had enough food to eat.

The life of the Grey Beastman Tribe had completely reversed, and the Grey Beastmen of the alchemy team were bursting with newfound enthusiasm.

Lin Yun gave Crowits some knowledge surpassing this era, as well as a few alchemy formulas that had yet to be validated and still needed experimentation. Crowits was locking himself in his laboratory every day as if he was going crazy.

The assembly line of the Full Right-Angle Mana Reactor had already been rebuilt, and the mana reactors coming out of the assembly line were only slightly inferior to those made by alchemists. There was also only a 5% chance of failure during the assembly.

All the puppets' mana reactors were surreptitiously swapped with Full Right-Angle Mana Reactors, raising their burst power and general fighting power by a level. The old armaments of the previously produced puppets were also replaced with the new weapon systems.

The new puppets were all manufactured according to the latest design, and the machineries within the factory had undergone a complete change within half a month, twice!

Puppet technology was rapidly upgraded, and the puppet army's numbers and strength had greatly increased.

A small beast tide had occurred at the Dilow Fort, and the magic beast of the Dilow Mountain Range had appeared on the main road, but they ended up dying to the three hundred new puppets.

The people guarding the Dilow Fort didn't even have time to react. Even those that had gone to the Dilow Fort for business didn't have time to try to flee before everything was resolved, so they got to see the performance of those new puppets.

Yes, it could only be described as a performance.

Two hundred and seventy Level 30 puppets and thirty Level 35 puppets used their new weapons to fire a volley of lasers from their positions on the Dilow Fort's city walls.

Over three hundred berserk magic beasts were exterminated in an instant, while over a thousand magic beasts ended up dying from the puppet attack.

Although most of these magic beasts were about Level 20, and only a dozen of them were Level 30 or above, that kind of force would usually cause quite a bit of damage to the Dilow Fort.

They would have to spend quite a bit of power every time to greatly reduce their losses and repel these magic beasts.

This time, it only took twenty seconds...

From this, everyone could understand how frightening the puppets patrolling the fort were.

Some of the natives of the Dilow Fort had immediately chosen to surrender when the fort changed hands, and those who were a bit smarter decided to wholeheartedly support the new owners of the fort.

Those with devious hearts wouldn't even dare to have any evil thoughts.

Everything was progressing at a rapid pace, and Lin Yun also remodelled those fifty Black Dragonscale Shields. The traces of fire aura contained within the materials were roused, and the aura belonging to the Black Dragon was successfully refined. This made it so that the aura could now combine with the arrays used by the mage army.

And as they used them, the fire aura would slowly be nurtured, and these Black Dragonscale Shields would gain the opportunity to reach the True Spirit Magic Tool Rank. That might take a long time, but the opportunity was there.

Although these Black Dragonscale Shields were Spiritual Magic Tools, in the hands of Lin Yun's mage army, they wouldn't be inferior to True Spirit Magic Tools in terms of power, and they would even grow stronger.

Apart from the mage army, the strength of the others also kept rising. The transformation of Reina's Draconic Crystal was almost complete, and when it finished, advancing to the Heaven Rank would only be a matter of time.

Xiuban's strength also rapidly advanced to the 8th Rank of the Sword Saint realm, and he was napping more and more often. Sometimes he would slumber like a Dragon and not wake up for several days, and every time he woke up, his aura would be even more powerful.

As for Lin Yun, ever since the Fire Law and Earth Law fused, his strength had been rising very quickly, and he was already a Peak 7th Rank Archmage.

He had yet to break through to the 8th Rank because he had yet to gain sufficient insights regarding the Laws.

But fusing the Laws wasn't just a matter of getting more insights. No one knew exactly when he would be able to fuse the Laws.

His comprehension had reached a bottleneck, and he had no guideline for the fusion of the Laws. Because of this roadblock, Lin Yun started examining the Book of Mantras and its boundless spells. So far, Lin Yun was still looking over 1st Tier Spells.

He could no longer remember how many he had examined. These Low Tier Spells kept being painfully investigated by Lin Yun, broken down into their most basic components as he studied their foundations. He even analyzed the Elemental Laws from within.

With those things, Lin Yun started creating new spells, and he also refined the previously created Four-Element Bomb. He had already decided on a path of development for the newly refined Four-Element Bomb.

As everything was rapidly progressing, Jouyi and Harren appeared in the Grey Beastmen's fort...

Since these two appeared together, Lin Yun could guess that something major had come up.

At first sight, Harren couldn't help commenting, "Sir Mafa, you can truly shock people. I thought I was back in Noscent! This place's development is truly surprising. If not for all the puppets and the completely different style of buildings, I really would have been unable to make out the difference between here and one of the most flourishing cities of Noscent..."

Jouyi sighed, especially since the puppet facilities made him gasp in amazement.

"Sir Harren is right. I heard that the Grey Beastmen were proficient in puppeteering before, but I didn't expect that they would become so fierce after being subjugated by Sir Mafa."

Lin Yun remained silent with a smile on his face, not catering to their flattery. For the development of the Grey Beastmen's fort, aside from the huge investment, Lin Yun had been using many concepts from that past life. This pushed the efficiency here to an unprecedentedly high level.

Just a simple division of labor let the Grey Beastmen display their strongest talents and made their skills reach new heights.

"Yeah, Sir Mafa has gained a considerable harvest and your strength has reached an unbelievable point. I originally thought that Sir Mafa was more or less as powerful as us, but I hadn't expected that during the time we hadn't seen each other, Sir Mafa would have already reached the stage where he could hold his own against a Heaven Mage..."

Harren had a bitter smile on his face as he sighed even more.

That clash between Lin Yun and Dubois... How could Harren not know about it as the Chairman of the Black Tower? And he knew even more than others.

The relationship between the Black Tower and the Black Tower's Holy Land wasn't inseparably close like the Merlin Family and the Melin Family's Ancestral Land.

Through the bloodline inheritance, the Ancestral Land was the Family's foundation. But the Black Tower didn't have that kind of blood connection with the Black Tower's Holy Land.

No one in the Holy Land could act as an overall representative, and there were many clashes amongst them. Even Dubois and Harren were separated this time.

Dubois had his own headquarters, and so did Harren. They weren't close at all.

Harren even gloated when Dubois was humiliated.

After all, right after the people from the Black Tower's Holy Land came, they immediately tried to take his power and turn him into obedient cannon fodder.

Jouyi looked at Lin Yun and sighed again. "Although I'm not sure about the details of the fight with Sir Dubois, I have to admit that Sir Mafa has left Sir Harren and I in the dust. It is very hard to imagine that someone in the Archmage realm could manage to fight off a Heaven Rank powerhouse...

Lin Yun subtly smiled as he flatly denied, "Sir Jouyi, Sir Harren, you are praising me too much. How could I be the match of a Heaven Rank powerhouse? I was only barely able to keep myself alive."

Lin Yun had always respected Star Sage Jouyi, who was a true scholar. In order to research a formula, he had caused severe problems to his own rank. If nor for that, the Star Sage would have already broken through to the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun didn't believe that a true mage like him who studied things to such an extent would be stuck at the last bit of insight. Advancing to the Heaven Rank might be difficult to other mages, but to the Star Sage, who had one foot into the Heaven Rank, he would only need to carefully study the Law for some time before smoothly advancing to the Heaven Rank.

Moreover, ever since Lin Yun was reborn into this era, the Cloud Tower and Jouyi had always been very good to him and helped him quite a few times. Regardless of his strength, Lin Yun was very respectful of the Star Sage.

As for Harren, although he didn't particularly dislike him, their relationship was decent at best. It was just that there were too many loathsome people in the Black Tower, especially the Black Tower's Holy Land.

"Sir Mafa is really too modest. I'm very clear about Sir Dubois' strength. The Demiplane he had established has already nurtured a living creature, and he is far more powerful than a newly advanced Heaven Mage. Being able to resist Dubois is far more impressive than me..." Harren bitterly shook his head.

Since Lin Yun didn't want to admit it, he wouldn't expose him. He had been a bit worried before... Since Lin Yun suppressed one of Dubois' disciples and killed the other one, the Heaven Mage would definitely retaliate. But he hadn't expected the final conclusion to be so startling.

Dubois personally attacked, but let alone pressuring Lin Yun, he wasn't even able to overpower him. He then personally tried to capture a fort, yet he wasn't able to break through the Grey Beastmen's fort even after a full day.

Instead, his own Thunderwind Fort had been seized by Lin Yun, and he even had to get the Heaven Rank powerhouse of the Cloud Tower to act as a mediator to firmly put this matter to rest.

That was a huge humiliation...