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 'That damned idiot, he is still a fool after advancing to the Heaven Rank,' Butler inwardly cursed.

He then smiled at Lin Yun and said, "Merlin, compensation is indeed due... What kind of compensation do you want? Despite what he says, as long as it's reasonable, Dubois won't refuse."

Dubois continued to swallow his anger, sitting in his corner.

Lin Yun seemed to have calmed down as he sat there with an expressionless face.

"I won't be excessive, I just need compensation for my losses. The true value of the things in that base is inestimable... It was a lot more valuable than the Four Seasons Plain. But I won't be too greedy, and you wouldn't believe it anyway. Give me the Dilow Fort to the west of the Four Seasons Plain to compensate for the base."

Dubois couldn't help feeling incensed as he heard that.

Although the Dilow Fort was only a fort, it was the only gateway to the Dilow Mountain Range. The Dilow Mountain Range was in the shape of a bowl with a broken hole. It was home to lush vegetation and all kinds of magic beasts, and more importantly, it was rich in medicinal resources.

Apart from the Dilow Fort's entrance, only Heaven Rank powerhouses could enter from other directions. Not only was the space surrounding the mountain range unstable, but it was also extremely dangerous.

The Dilow Fort was close to the Four Seasons Plain, but there weren't any ore veins there, so it was natural to salivate at the rich ore veins of the Four Seasons Plain.

Having the Dilow Fort taken away would really feel like getting a piece of his flesh cut off.

Half of his income in the Raging Flame Plane came from the mountain range guarded by the Dilow Fort.

How could he hand it over?

Before Dubois even said anything, Butler was already frowning at him.

After a while, Dubois ground his teeth and said, "Fine!"

As soon as Dubois said that word, Lin Yun took out a magic beacon and had his subordinates take over the Dilow Fort.

After everything was finished, Lin Yun raised his head and looked at Dubois.

Dubois remained silent, also transmitting a message to his subordinates in the Dilow Fort, making them stand down and hand it over.

"Alright, for that, we can forget about the matter of the test base's destruction... But the losses of my alchemy team and that precious specimen still have to be compensated. Fifty True Spirit Magic Tools should be good enough to compensate for the alchemist team. As for that precious specimen, three thousand spirit mana crystals should be enough.

Dubois couldn't help shrieking, "Mafa Merlin! Don't go too far! Fifty True Spirit Magic Tools? Three thousand spirit mana crystals? You... You..."

"Do you want to fight? Come, then!"

Lin Yun stood up, lava surging from his hands.

Butler frowned and suppressed Dubois. He then turned back and slowly asked, "Merlin, this... Fifty True Spirit Magic Tools, isn't that a bit too much? It's not just that Dubois can't afford it, but the Black Tower's Holy Land might not necessarily have so many unused True Spirit Magic Tools.

"Moreover, three thousand spirit mana crystals would be a bit too much. Dubois might not be able to come up with that many... Can you go a bit lower?"

Lin Yun frowned and then reduced his standards with an unwilling expression.

"Fifty defensive Spiritual Magic Tools, and there can't be one less. As for the three thousand spirit mana crystals, I still won't accept any less than that, but if you don't have enough spirit mana crystals, you can use magic metals, precious gems, and mana crystals as a substitute, provided they are of the same value..."

Hearing that materials could be used, Butler remained silent.

Fifty defensive Spiritual Magic Tools, albeit a bit expensive, would definitely be possible for Dubois to come up with as a representative of the Holy Land. The Magic Tools of the mage armies of the Black Tower's Holy Land were definitely Spiritual Magic Tools.

On the other hand, three thousand spirit mana crystals would be too much for Dubois to procure even if he spared no efforts. Let alone three thousand, he couldn't even come up with a thousand...

But there would be no problem if he could use materials instead. There were too many raw materials that had been extracted from the Raging Flame Plane. He could gather enough materials to make up for three thousand spirit mana crystals, and although this was a huge sum, he could barely make it.

Sensing that the Demiplane's Planar Path was intact and that the array was in good condition, Dubois decided to bear with it. He opened his Demiplane to take out fifty palm-sized Black Dragonscale Shields.

Lin Yun's eyes shone and he directly accepted these fifty Magic Tools. He had originally wanted some defensive Spiritual Magic Tools for his mage army, but he hadn't expected such a pleasant surprise.

Those Black Dragonscales all came from the same Dragon, and it had been a Dragon at the peak of the Heaven Rank. It also seemed like it had fallen not long ago and its body had been excavated by the Black Tower's Holy Land.

Although they were only Spiritual Magic Tools at the moment, that was because of the skill of the alchemist. If they were remodelled and improved for some time, it wasn't impossible for them to turn into True Spirit Magic Tools.

More importantly, the auras of these fifty Spiritual Magic Tools were linked, so they would display at least double their power when used by the mage army.

Unfortunately, Dubois didn't care about those things and didn't know the best way to use them.

After putting away the fifty Black Dragonscale Shields, Lin Yun no longer acted so overbearing. These things would be used to prepare True Spirit Magic Tools for the mage army.

When paired with the Dragonscale Staves, their power would increase by one rank.

A large torrent of raw materials poured out of Dubois' Demiplane like a flood and quickly piled into a small mountain.

Lin Yun placed them all into his Spatial Ring. Who knew if there was a spatial positioning brand on them?

The harvest was bigger than anticipated, and a smile could also be seen on Lin Yun's face.

"Good, Sir Dubois is really straightforward. That being the case, I shall count that compensation as an apology."

Dubois remained silent, a fire burning in his lungs.

An esteemed Heaven Mage powerhouse was extorted to that extent by an Archmage. The conditions were horrible, but he had no choice but to agree.

And all this had happened in front of Butler... This was such a disgrace. It was as if his face had been trampled beyond recognition.

Dubois only wanted Mafa Merlin gone. He didn't want to see that hateful guy again.

"Alright, Merlin, since the discussion is over, let's call it here, okay? The peace talks are over, so no one can keep causing trouble over the matter in the future."

Butler, as a mediator, declared the issue resolved. But no one knew what would happen in the end.

Lin Yun stood up and turned to walk out of this half-burnt building.

"Good, I should take my leave since I've returned the Thunderwind Plane. Sir Butler, if you have time, you can come visit me. You will be very heartily welcomed."

Lin Yun walked to the outskirts of the square. There, a Teleportation Gate had been opened, and puppets were carrying the piles of resources through bit by bit. He had taken advantage of this time to have the puppets plunder the place, and all the plundered wealth was taken away.

Thus, when Lin Yun came out, almost all the puppets had gone through already, and by the time the last puppet entered the Teleportation gate, Lin Yun immediately tore apart the Teleportation Array before flying away.

In the back, Dubois had an ashen expression as he looked at the mess of the Thunderwind Fort. His mana fluctuations were in a mess, and the entire fort had been completely plundered.

Butler looked at the state of the Thunderwind Fort and chuckled before flying out, leaving Dubois seething on his own.

Lin Yun's mood was pretty good as he rushed back to the Grey Beastmen's fort.

He couldn't stay in the Thunderwind Fort forever, and as long as he left, retaking the Thunderwind Fort would be very easy for Dubois.

After that, it wouldn't be so easy to attack the Thunderwind Fort. Dubois would definitely remain inside at all times, and once he rebuilt the defenses, Dubois wouldn't have to worry about someone besieging the fort.

In any case, Lin Yun would have to go back to his own fort sooner or later, so he might as well use that opportunity to extract some benefits.

And those benefits were good enough.

Moreover, the thing he had left in the Thunderwind Fort would soon take effect. That Demiplane would stabilize at a faster rate, and it wouldn't take long before Dubois could go in.

By the time Dubois went in to plunder the Demiplane's Origin Power, there would be a big surprise waiting for him.

This matter was over, and the Grey Beastmen's fort once again recovered.

But these events had a huge impact. More and more people came to the Four Seasons Plain to do business, and the growth was exponential.

Lin Yun's fight with Dubois had destroyed an area that spanned several kilometers and ended up in a draw. That result had already been spreading widely.

A person that could force a tie with a Heaven Rank powerhouse... The safety of business transactions improved, and so did Lin Yun's reputation. This was coupled with the stable order of the fort. As long as someone showed any signs of causing trouble, they would be caught by the patrolling puppets.

Anyone daring to resist would be killed without exception.

The rules of this place had to be followed.

But even though the rules were strict, the merchants rushed here just like sharks that smelled blood. They were attracted to the resources and the various puppets.

These things were way too cheap compared to Noscent.

Obviously, the technology was even better, but it was also ten times cheaper than the equivalents in Noscent. At the same time, the things that this place urgently needed were the things Noscent lacked the least. One transaction could net several times the initial investment, even after paying a large sum in taxes.

The Four Seasons Plain was developing quickly, and the neighboring Dilow Fort being put under Lin Yun's name made the Four Seasons Plain even more prosperous.

On one side there were rich ore veins with all kinds of magic metals, while the other side was rich in plant resources. With the growth in trade, the development of both sides would keep on rising, and more and more businessmen would be attracted.

The income from daily taxes was astronomical, and now, all the Grey Beastmen chose to become Lin Yun's subordinates. Their daily lives were rapidly changing.