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 'Peace talks? Forget it just like this? How could there be such a good thing? If we have peace talks just because you want them, then what about my losses?'

Lin Yun refused to acknowledge Dubois and started rapidly extracting huge pieces of ore and plundering all the gems within, leaving none behind.

The magic metal content within those ores was high, and so was the quality. They were very likely to produce some valuable raw gems. It was evident that they hadn't been taken care of before because they were left aside specifically for Dubois. Lin Yun was very clear about it.

After processing the ore, Lin Yun moved on to re-smelting the magic metals.

Any ownership brands would be thoroughly wiped clean before the resources were thrown into the Demiplane by Lin Yun.

In the sky, Dubois' eyes started flickering with lightning again. His mana fluctuations were chaotic due to the anger.

But he could only stare in frustration and clench his teeth. He wanted to curse at Lin Yun, but he had to endure. He didn't dare to make a move...

Dubois awkwardly floated in the air, not knowing what to do.

'Damnit, I'm offering to bury the hatchet and to write off everything that happened before, what more do you want?

'A Heaven Rank powerhouse's prestige, the reputation of the Black Tower, they have been completely thrown away...

'It reached this point already, but you are still not satisfied...

'B*stard, f*cking b*stard...'

Dubois was panting heavily, attentively watching Lin Yun while continuously thinking. He kept pondering how he could take the Thunderwind Fort back.

Below, Lin Yun had already piled a lot of the accumulated resources on the square.

Apart from the ores that might contain precious raw gems, the rest of the magic metals had been processed completely, so they didn't need to be smelted again to be used.

The medicinal ingredients also went through preliminary processing before being compounded into medicine that could be used directly. It was very convenient and saved a lot of trouble.

But there were too few spirit mana crystals. Although there were boxes of mana crystals, they were all under Level 30. It could be assumed that the spirit mana crystals had been put away.

Once he was done organizing the piles of resources within the public square, a large number of puppets started demolishing the buildings within the Thunderwind Fort.

That collapsed tower was dismantled by a bunch of puppets, and everything that could be used for materials had been dismantled by them.

Even the supporting wooden pillars were torn open and taken away because strengthening runes had been carved onto them.

Seeing Lin Yun seemingly ready to strip apart the entire Thunderwind Fort, Dubois stopped waiting.

If that continued, the Planar Path would be exposed sooner or later...

And it could be destroyed if something went wrong.

Dubois was enraged, but he didn't know what to do. After a few minutes of his expression continuously changing, Dubois clenched his teeth and flew to the Sunlight Fort.

This was a fort controlled by the Heaven Mage of the Cloud Tower, Butler.

Dubois' arrival surprised Butler.

After all, the relationship between the Holy Lands of the two forces wasn't very good. Neither Butler nor Dubois would take the initiative to approach the territory controlled by the other side.

Heaven Rank powerhouses were too powerful, so appearing without consideration could cause a misunderstanding.

"Dubois, what are you doing here?"

Butler's tone clearly showed that he was wary and displeased. He didn't need to think about it to know that Dubois didn't come for anything good.

Dubois had a dark expression, and lightning flickered in his eyes.

"Butler, don't tell me you still want to act clueless?"

Dubois was livid, but he resisted the urge to argue.

'It's already been over a day, how could this damned scoundrel still not know?

'A Heaven Rank powerhouse making a move would easily be sensed by another Heaven Rank powerhouse even dozens of kilometers away. The battle a day ago was so fierce, and the Grey Beastmen's fort was attacked for an entire day. I'm afraid the entire Andlusa Kingdom's forces know of the situation.

'As the Heaven Rank powerhouse of the Cloud Tower, how could Butler not know? If he doesn't know, what has he been up to?'

Dubois' expression was distorted from anger. It was very obvious that Butler was just pretending.

Dubois softly sighed as if he had given up. If he took his time, the Demiplane might be discovered and destroyed by that reckless youth.

"Butler, Mafa Merlin of the Merlin Family took advantage of the time when I was out to attack the Thunderwind Fort under my control. I need your help now," Dubois said, glossing over the details.

Butler reacted with noticeably fake surprise.

"Dubois, your Thunderwind Fort was attacked? No way! That Mafa Merlin should only be an Archmage! Can't you just rush over and take it back? Why are you asking me for help? You must be teasing me!

"Oh, right, you mentioned going out from your fort? What were you doing? That Mafa Merlin must be extremely bold to attack your Thunderwind Fort."

Dubois' expression darkened. He almost wanted to turn and leave right on the spot, but looking for the person that was overtly and secretly competing with him was already his last resort.

He had been prepared to be ridiculed after coming, but he hadn't expected Butler to try to act clueless.

"Alright, Butler, you don't need to act. How could you not know what happened? The truth is, I went to teach a lesson to Mafa Merlin but I hadn't expected him to be even more powerful than before. He actually held me to a stalemate and neither of us could do anything, so I attacked his fort.

"But I hadn't expected his fort's defenses to be so powerful. It can even resist Extraordinary Spells. I attacked for a full day but wasn't able to break through that fort.

"And at that time, I got the news that Mafa Merlin had already attacked my Thunderwind Fort.

"If I try to take it back, there can only be one outcome... I won't be able to injure Mafa Merlin, and Mafa Merlin won't be able to injure me. But the Thunderwind Wind would definitely be destroyed.

"Thus, I need your help."

Hearing Dubois saying those words himself, Butler immediately burst into loud laughter.

He could be considered Dubois' rival. They had fought several times before they reached the Heaven Rank, and there was even a time where Dubois almost managed to get rid of Butler, but the latter turned around his disadvantage after advancing to the Heaven Rank. He comprehended the Law of Light, and one of its paths with high destructive power. He could now somewhat pressure Dubois.

But having Dubois lower his head and beg him for help made him feel extremely good. That felt even better than ranking up.

"Dubois, what are you saying? You are a Heaven Rank powerhouse and you can't even defeat an Archmage? You are soiling the dignity of Heaven Rank powerhouses! By all means, don't say that you know me, or I won't be able to raise my head."

A vein twitched on Dubois' forehead. He glared at Butler while gnashing his teeth, but Butler didn't mind, only maintaining a bright smile.

"Don't glare at me Dubois, there is no use. You think I don't know what you are thinking? You took a fancy to the Four Seasons Plain and wanted to take it over. Unfortunately, Mafa Merlin didn't show any respect to you, and that challenged your pride. You wanted to forcibly take it and kill Mafa Merlin to avenge yourself in the process.

"But Mafa Merlin was more powerful than you expected and you could no longer take him down with your spells. You can't even breach Mafa Merlin's fort while your own fort was ransacked by him.

"If I were you, I would definitely bring lightning down upon myself and just die. You simply lost the prestige of Heaven Rank powerhouses. From today on, don't ever think of raising your head before me.

"I'm in such a good mood, haha... Even advancing a rank wouldn't put me in such a good mood.

"What? You want to cut down my tongue with your spells? Hurry up then, don't hesitate. I'm waiting for you, I absolutely won't resist..."

Seeing Dubois' angry eyes, Butler kept a gentle smile as he presented his cheek, showing that he would let Dubois hit him.

Dubois sighed in resignation, most of his momentum instantly dissipating.

"Butler, don't tell me you plan on just watching? Don't you know what time this is? Do you plan on letting Mafa Merlin occupy the Thunderwind Fort and letting us fight each other incessantly?

"We are now facing the Odin Kingdom and our points are greatly falling behind. If Mafa Merlin and I are locked in battle, we won't have any chance of defeating the Odin Kingdom.

"Moreover, the counterattacks of the Raging Flame Beastmen are becoming more and more powerful. They're mobilizing on larger scales, and war will intensify sooner or later.

If we don't use the opportunity to expand, we might even be defeated by the Raging Flame Beastmen..."

Butler nodded. Dubois was right about this... Standing on the side and letting it happen would do no favors for the Andlusa Kingdom as a whole. He couldn't ignore the fact that Dubois came here, and no one in the entire Andlusa Kingdom was more suited to mediate this situation than Butler.

But he also couldn't just immediately agree; he first had to laugh at Dubois.

Butler was in a very good mood, his smile not disappearing from his face.

"Dubois, let me help you persuade Mafa Merlin, it shouldn't be impossible. I believe that Mafa Merlin isn't the kind of person to not care about the overall situation.

"But you have to tell me why you consider the Thunderwind Fort so important. It's only a fort, and you can always rebuild it if it's destroyed. At worst, you can use another fort as your headquarters. If you don't say, I'll act as if you never came."

Dubois' expression slightly changed, before he ultimately clenched his teeth and said, "There is a Planar Path leading to a Wind Demiplane in the fort. It was left behind by a Heaven Rank powerhouse whose foundation was built upon the Wind Law, just like me."