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 Ten minutes later, Lin Yun had bypassed the Nether Iron Vein without disturbing the Bone Devil and was now standing in front of the bloodstained clothes. At this time, Lin Yun could clearly see that the bloodstains on the clothes had already dried up, only leaving some darkened areas.

Lin Yun didn't touch the bloody clothes because he was aware that in a place like the Bone Plane, which was filled with death energy, everything would decay ten times faster. The bloodstains had already dried up and it had been seriously eroded. If Lin Yun touched it, it would turn into a pile of ashes.

Lin Yun crouched and carefully inspected the dried up bloodstains. He then found out that the bloodstains were leading deeper inside the cave.

This made Lin Yun frown. Could that unknown person have fled into the cave after being injured?

If that was the case, then this cave might not be that simple.

'Looks like I really have to go in.' Lin Yun thought for a bit and cast a Light spell inside the cave. He lowered his head and entered.

This cave was very narrow and was extending downward. The precipitous slope made it hard for Lin Yun to proceed. After ten meters, Lin Yun felt some abnormal mana fluctuations. These were definitely the mana fluctuations that disturbed the Mage Eye.

The cave was under the Nether Iron Mine. As Lin Yun walked down, he could see that both sides of the wall had a lot of exposed Nether Iron, and of high quality. If an outstanding blacksmith smelted those, the ore would easily be turned into exceptional materials for Magic Armors and Magic Weapons.

Lin Yun spent no less than ten minutes walking down the sharp and narrow slope. The path became flat and wide when he reached the bottom of the cave.

But Lin Yun frowned.

There was a skeleton in front of him.

Those strange mana fluctuations were coming from the skeleton.

'Sure enough...' Lin Yun knew that his previous guess was correct the moment his eyes fell onto the skeleton. The unknown man had fled into the cave after being injured.

This certainly seemed to be the case, but after thinking about it, he felt that this wasn't what an ordinary person would do.

A regular person wounded in a place like the Bone Plane chose to rush into the depths of this cave instead of leaving to recuperate... This seemed a bit strange.

Unless there was something special in that cave...

Lin Yun secretly raised his vigilance and crouched down in front of the skeleton before gently flipping it over, which revealed the source of the abnormal mana fluctuations, a magic staff.

"No way..." With the magic staff in his hand, Lin Yun knew that things were serious. That magic staff was far more powerful than he had imagined. This was a genuine Spiritual Magic Tool, an existence that already held spiritual wisdom.

To master this kind of staff, one needed to be a High Mage at the very least, and not just any High Mage could. Only an existence at the peak of High Mages like Solomon could completely master something like this Spiritual Magic Tool.

Fortunately, and most likely due to the passage of time, the spirit of the magic staff was already slumbering, so Lin Yun only felt a faint resistance after picking up the staff. The staff didn't react after Lin Yun poured mana in to suppress the faint resistance.

Lin Yun had been examining that Spiritual Magic Tool. Once a Magic Tool reached the Spiritual level, it would take on another shape. At this point, it couldn't be compared to Excellent and Inheritance Magic Tools. Just based on the shaft made of Burning Spirit Wood, the value of the magic staff could be compared to the Abyssal Magic Diamond. Burning Spirit Wood was known as an unending source of mana. Even a small piece would provide an unending flow of mana.

But this wasn't the most important thing. The most important part of that magic staff was the precious gem inlaid at the top.

That was a fist-sized Elemental Amber.

"Holy shit..." Lin Yun was speechless as he looked at it. He had one Elemental Amber already, but it was extremely lacking compared to that one on the staff. Whether it was size or purity, they simply weren't on the same level.

The amount of mana that could be stored in that Elemental Amber was at least ten times that of Lin Yun's current Elemental Amber!

'Ten times...'

That would be the increase Lin Yun's pool of usable mana, which was already formidable.

And the most important function of Elemental Amber wasn't mana storage...

Rather, the most important function was to store spells. Lin Yun estimated that he could store five High Mage rank spells within that Elemental Amber. As long as he had those five High Mage rank spells in hand, even if he didn't wake up the spirit of the magic staff, he would still be able to fight the Bone Devil.

Naturally, getting a source of High Mage rank spells was the problem.

After all, not every High Mage was willing to pay such a huge price.

But this wasn't a problem for Lin Yun, because he now held the Sage Chapter. If he couldn't use High Mage rank spells, he could totally use Ultimate Spells instead!

For Lin Yun, who held the Sage Chapter, the importance of this magic staff was even higher than that of a Spiritual Magic Tool!

But Lin Yun's frown resurfaced when his eyes fell onto the back of the staff. It was due to the black lightning symbol engraved there.

'Fuck! The Black Tower!' Lin Yun was startled. Others might not know, but how could he not know about that symbol that was famous during the peak of the magic era?

The black lightning represented one of the strongest magic powers of the realm. It fought the Cloud tower for over ten thousand years without a victor emerging from either side!

And the person that fell there was a High Mage from the Black Tower!