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 That plane didn't even have stable Elemental Laws, and there were only wind elements inside. Those fierce wind elements were condensing into countless sharp blades, constantly shattering the space. But after being shattered, it kept recovering under some sort of power. The plane's shape kept transforming as the plane reached the limit of collapse.

Lin Yun understood when he saw these circumstances. No wonder that Planar Path was active. It was a Demiplane left behind by a Heaven Rank powerhouse that had understood the Wind Law.

Moreover, seeing how this plane kept changing, that powerhouse must have purely understood the Wind Law, as there was nothing else moving within the plane, only Wind Blades. And the power of those Wind Blades was a lot higher than Space-Rending Blades.

It could be said that when this Heaven Rank powerhouse was still alive, just one of his Wind Blades would be able to tear through space.

But because of this, this Demiplane could no longer support that power and was already on the verge of collapse.

That array was linking the Demiplane to the Raging Flame Plane and temporarily attached it to the Raging Flame Plane. This slowed its collapse while using the Raging Flame Plane's power to slowly suppress the violent Demiplane.

If that Planar Path was closed, the Demiplane's coordinates would immediately change, and no one would be able to find it later. Eventually, the plane would thoroughly collapse and disappear into nothingness.

As he thought of Dubois, Lin Yun grinned. This had clearly been discovered by Dubois, who definitely didn't want anyone else to find it. There were as many as three auras covering that array, which shouldn't be considered a short-distance Teleportation Gate.

As he recalled the Laws that Dubois comprehended, Lin Yun was certain that Dubois had designs on that Demiplane.

Although many people felt that the Lightning Law, which branched from the Wind Law, was relatively stronger, Lin Yun knew that the simplest Wind Blade was actually the strongest.

Completely comprehending the Wind Blade was actually a Law path. At the end, space itself could be shattered and time itself could be temporarily cut. Using a Wind Blade to destroy a plane would really happen in the future.

That Demiplane was already on the brink of collapse. Its Origin Power had thoroughly burst out, and the Wind Blades were a materialization of this Demiplane's Origin Power. This was a rare opportunity.

If someone that also used the Wind Law was able to devour this Origin Power, it would equate to directly gaining some of the comprehension of this Demiplane's former owner. The Law of this Wind Blade Demiplane would materialize within their own Demiplane.

At that time, it would be too easy for Dubois to comprehend the Wind Blade Law. He could directly reach the initial stage, and the time required to comprehend it would be dozens of times faster than normal.

After devouring some of that Demiplane's Origin Power, it would also expand the Origin Power of Dubois's Demiplane, making it develop even more. He wouldn't have to worry about the growth of his Demiplane until reaching the 3rd Rank of the Heaven realm at the very least.

But these estimates would only be the case if Dubois happened to be as skillful as Lin Yun. If Dubois himself actually tried it, he would get a bit less than half of the benefits. Even so, that lesser half would still be enough to stabilize the foundation of his Law and easily promote him to the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm.

Standing in front of the Planar Path, Lin Yun sensed the berserk aura coming from within and sneered.

He opened the Book of Death and pronounced a strange character. In an instant, a rune flew out of the Book of Death and entered the Wind Blade Demiplane.

The berserk aura within the Demiplane was slowly suppressed. It happened very slowly, but not to the point of being unnoticeable.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun nodded and sent three more runes into the Wind Blade Demiplane.

Once he was done, Lin Yun made the array regain its original shape, as if it had never been touched.

This would help Dubois... He greatly slowed the Demiplane's rate of collapse and even used a rune of the Book of Death to stabilize the Planar Path.

Increasing the Planar Path's stability was equivalent to reinforcing the connection between the Wind Blade Demiplane and the Raging Flame Plane. It would also greatly speed up the suppression speed of the Demiplane. No one would be able to see anything wrong... After all, that Demiplane wasn't intact in the first place.

Once Dubois rushed in, overjoyed, intent on plundering that Origin Power, he would be met with an even bigger surprise.

Lin Yun sneered and turned around to leave the room, making it look like he had only discovered some of the wealth there but missed that Teleportation Path.

In a day, Lin Yun had excavated all the secrets hidden with that fort. All the mages trying to hide were killed, and all those wanting to counterattack or ambush him were swiftly exterminated.

Apart from the Beastmen slaves, only puppets remained within the fort, patrolling and carrying around the plundered wealth.

A large number of puppets started setting up defenses in the Thunderwind Fort. The main defenses weren't put near the city walls. Instead, Lin Yun set them up near the center of the fort, especially around that thirty-meter-tall building. He even set up three Mana Crystal Cannons controlled by puppets.

These three Mana Crystal Cannons weren't defective imitations. They had been taken from the Intrepid, and he had recently managed to manufacture puppets that could fire them.

In a day, the wealth and treasure of the Thunderwind Fort had been taken by the Beastmen slaves to the huge square in the center of the fort. There were all kinds of processed metals, magic metals, medicinal plants, boxes of mana crystals, and so on. Everything had been moved there.


At the same time, at the Grey Beastmen's fort, Dubois' offensive was still ongoing. Lightning bolt upon lightning bolt rained down, and a river of lightning kept washing over the barrier surrounding the fort.

The barrier kept fluctuating from the attacks, and the runes on the surface of the barrier had already started roaming. This showed that the barrier was losing its stability and that its supply of energy was falling. If this continued, the barrier would be breached within a day.

Dubois was shocked that he still hadn't been able to tear that barrier apart after a day, and some doubts rose in his mind. He only felt that as long as he breached the fort, Mafa Merlin would surely appear. That was why he kept attacking.

Dubois suddenly stopped and looked into the distance. Over there, a mage wearing a dilapidated robe and covered in bloodstains was swaying as he flew over.

Seeing the new arrival, Dubois' expression became ashen, and killing intent surged.

"What happened?"

Dubois cast a large Mana Hand and stopped that injured mage before pouring a bottle of Health Potion made by an Artisan into that mage's mouth.

The pale mage's unstable mana fluctuations became a bit better in an instant.

"Sir Dubois, this is no good! The Thunderwind Fort has been breached!"

The pale mage's expression was that of a bullied child crying to his parents.

"What! Sh*t, did one of the Beastmen's Heaven Rank powerhouses make a move? It's only been a day... Did they dispatch a powerful army? These damned idiots, f*ck!"

Dubois flew into a rage, lightning flickering within his eyes.

"No... Sir Dubois, it's that Mafa Merlin, he came by himself..."

Fear could be seen in that mage's eyes as he announced some shocking news.

Dubois' eyes were wide open and he held his breath. Anger and shock were bubbling up within him, and he almost felt like choking. His mana became chaotic as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Mafa Merlin!" Dubois roared before unhesitantly opening a Spatial Door.

A two-meter-tall door of light slowly appeared in front of Dubois, and once it took form, he walked in, completely ignoring the mage behind him.

A unique ability of Heaven Mages, Spatial Door. As long as it was within the same plane, wasn't too far away, had known coordinates, and didn't have any interference in the middle, they could open a Spatial Door to directly teleport themselves.

It was theorized that as long as it was within the same plane, there was actually no distance limit for the Spatial Door. From Noscent's east, one could instantly teleport to the westernmost point of Noscent.

But this was just a theory. The chances of having interference between two places would keep increasing as the distance increased, and if there was some elemental chaos like two Heaven Ranks fighting, there would be a lot of interference.

Spatial Doors had huge restrictions. They simply couldn't be used within forts with powerful defenses and strong interference. A 1st Rank Heaven Mage could open one Spatial Door a day, and if they weren't in a hurry like Dubois, they wouldn't casually use it because it consumed too much mana.

Dubois had never used it in the Raging Flame Plane because it was a last resort. What if he used it and some urgent situation came up?

Now, he had to give up on attacking the Grey Beastmen's fort even if he didn't want to, because "that" place had great benefits for him.

Dubois stepped through, and a silver gleam appeared above the Thunderwind Fort a few seconds later.

The hint of silver rapidly formed a two-meter-tall door of light, and Dubois came out of it with a dark expression.

He looked at the calm Thunderwind Fort and sighed in relief.

'Fortunately, it hasn't been destroyed...'