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 Being hit by that terrifying attack, the fort's defense system was instantly roused, and the metal plates covering the entire fort shone brightly.

With the fort's railroad system acting as an array pattern, a large amount of energy started moving through the circuit, and the energy within the three large mana reactors erupted.

In an instant, countless runes appeared in the sky, gathering together in a formation before dispersing a thin membrane of light.

A huge light barrier appeared around the fort almost instantly, with several profound runes roaming on top of it.

Dubois' lightning bolt turned into countless smaller bolts as it hit the barrier.

And as those bolts streaked across the barrier, they scattered once more into smaller wisps of lightning.

These remaining wisps either ran out of power or fell into the earth, absorbed by the fort's city walls.

After being transformed through the array, that power was absorbed by the fort's three mana reactors, charging them with more energy.

After going through the mana reactors, Dubois' attack turned into supportive power.

Crowits was looking at the barrier in the sky and couldn't help sighing, "That's a Heaven Rank powerhouse! I didn't expect that after being remodelled by Sir Merlin, our fort would even be able to resist the attack of a Heaven Rank..."

Xiuban bared his fangs as he looked at Dubois hovering in the sky.

"That guy is a fool! Despite being a Heaven Rank, he couldn't defeat Sir Merlin, so he's trying to vent on us... Pah, what about Sir Merlin?"

Enderfa floated over and looked at Dubois with a derisive sneer.

"Rest assured, Merlin spent a lot of thought on the remodelling. Although the fort can't stop that guy for too long, it should be able to last two days. Merlin isn't the kind of person to suffer a loss. That guy will definitely regret his actions..."

Crowits was somewhat worried.

"It might be able to resist for two days, but what then? The fort's three mana reactors will break from the overload.

"Unfortunately, we are a bit too restricted on materials, and there are some problems with the technology, so we can't make better giant mana reactors. If we could make a giant mana reactor based on the right-angle theory, just one would be better than those three..."

Dubois was gnashing his teeth as he looked at the barrier covering the Grey Beastmen's fort, shock and surprise visible in his eyes.

'Damn, did that Mafa Merlin think I would be unable to take down that fort?

'Sh*t, how long has it been since he secured that place? That guy actually fortified the place like that? The defenses are so powerful, it can even block one of my blows!

'Hmpf, I'll see how long it can resist. Foolish Mafa Merlin, you don't want to show up? Let's see how long you can endure...'

As he thought of that, Dubois decided on his course of action and unhesitantly started attacking, releasing one spell after another, including Extraordinary Spells from time to time.


On another side, Lin Yun had unhesitantly flown away and made a beeline towards the Thunderwind Fort.

That fort was under Dubois' control. Not only was it Dubois' headquarters in the Raging Flame Plane, but Dubois' subordinates were also in that fort.

The relationship between the Black Tower and the Black Tower's Holy Land was a bit complicated. Harren apparently wasn't complying with Dubois' orders and was doing as he pleased.

The last piece of information that Lin Yun had gotten said that Dubois mostly just stayed in the Thunderwind Fort while never personally acting, which wasted a lot of time when he could have been helping with the attacks.

'That's just perfect. You want to attack my fort, so I'll attack your fort. Let's see who is faster.'

Lin Yun tyrannically flew to the Thunderwind Fort, and the people there immediately discovered him.

A mage flew up from the fort and shouted at the intruder, "Who are you!? This the Thunderwind Fort under Sir Dubois' control! Flying is forbidden!"

After saying that, the mage directly released a Fire Dragon spell at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had an icy expression and didn't slow down in the slightest, and a flame rune was flickering in his eyes. He reached towards the Fire Dragon and several dozen flame runes flew out, instantly smashing the spell.

Lin Yun flew above the Thunderwind Fort and looked across the whole fort. Besides some slave Beastmen used for labor, there were only the Black Tower's mages. But the robes they wore were different from what the mages of the Black Tower had... There was an extra gold circle around the symbol of the black flame.

They were clearly mages from the Holy Land, and they were all part of Dubois' forces.

"Mafa Merlin! Turns out to be you! Damn b*stard, are you challenging Sir Dubois' prestige? You actually dare to fly above the Thunderwind Fort! You are courting death! Immediately get the f*ck down and seal your own mana, or don't blame us for being rude!"

After recognizing him, Larieth immediately started yelling, his mana already roused, and the mages of the Thunderwind Fort started flying up one by one.

"Mafa Merlin, this is Sir Dubois' territory! Challenging a Heaven Mage won't involve just you! Anyone related to you will suffer! Cripple your own mana and beg Sir Dubois for forgiveness, and I believe Sir Dubois will definitely forgive you! Give up all your treasures and plead for leniency..."

Larieth was hovering in the air, watching as the mages of the Thunderwind Fort flew up, excitement visible in his eyes.

'That damned guy, Mafa Merlin, really is a fool! He actually dared to come to the Thunderwind Fort. Unfortunately, Sir Dubois went out. But who could say anything about it if we killed him here? He is the one provoking a Heaven Mage!

'That guy has a lot of Magic Tools and has a tremendous amount of wealth from occupying the Four Seasons Plain. If I can get my hands on some of his wealth, I'll be able to immediately forge a True Spirit Magic Tool that fits me...'

Drunk with greed, he shouted, "Mafa Merlin, don't blame me for not giving you a chance! You didn't just bring a calamity upon yourself... You won't be able to rest in peace, as the Family backing you will face the wrath of a Heaven Rank powerhouse! Now, hand over everything..."

Lin Yun floated in the air with a cold expression as he used his Magic Array to catch the auras and layout of the entire Thunderwind Fort. That fort didn't even have a Sky-Sealing Array, and it held no secrets from Lin Yun. A few seconds were enough for Lin Yun to understand the full strength of the Thunderwind Fort.

He looked back at Larieth and already considered him a corpse.

"One blow. If you can take it, I might not kill you."

After saying that, the four elements frantically converged in front of Lin Yun as a Four-Element Bomb condensed.

"Mafa Merlin! You dare to attack me!?"

Larieth clearly hadn't expected Lin Yun to be so daring here in the Thunderwind Fort.

As he felt a deadly sense of crisis rise in his heart, Larieth instantly roused a Runic Shield, an Elemental Shield, a Mana Shield, as well as a shield-shaped defensive Magic Tool.

The Magic Tool transformed into a huge barrier of light that blocked in front of Larieth.

In an instant, the Four-Element Bomb landed on the Magic Tool.


A loud explosion echoed as the terrifying chaotic energy burst out and instantly wrapped around Larieth. That light shield was torn to pieces in an instant, and the same happened to his three defensive shields, allowing the destructive power to flood over him.

A terrifying shockwave swept out, turning everything in the vicinity into rubble.

The chaotic energy dissipated, and Larieth had thoroughly disappeared. Even his Magic Tool had been completely shredded and evaporated.

With this one hit, all the mages of the Thunderwind Fort were stunned. None of those spectating mages had thought that Lin Yun would dare to attack here.

Larieth, a 9th Rank Archmage, had been exterminated in a single blow...

"Enemy attack!"

"Face the enemy!"

Ear-piercing shouts echoed as the cries of alarm loudly echoed.

Those shocked mages suddenly roused themselves from their collective stupor, and they saw a huge shadow of a Purple Dragon appearing in the air. It curled around a wheel as deep as the starry sky. Four colors were shining in the center of the wheel shadow, and boundless runes were roaming within that wheel.

Then, four roaring vortexes of the four elements appeared around the huge Purple Dragon's shadow, and endless elemental spells flew towards them.

Lin Yun was floating in the sky, holding the Draconic Staff in his right hand and the Book of Death in his left, letting out a tide of spells.

He wasn't even using Elemental Incarnation. He was only relying on pure casting ability, and in less than three seconds, more than a dozen mages of the Black Tower were overwhelmed by the flood of spells.

Lin Yun was coldly looking down at the Thunderwind Fort, ferociously releasing spells. Apart from a few 8th Rank Archmages, as well as two 9th Rank Archmages, no one was able to show even a modicum of resistance.

And it wasn't just these mages. Even the Beastman slaves were submerged by the flood of spells as they died one by one.

The sudden attack made the entire fort flare up. The Black Tower's powerhouses rapidly flew over, and a large number of spells were fired back at Lin Yun.