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 Andrew had a lifeless expression as he followed the Grey Beastman's finger and discovered a red-skinned Beastman carrying a huge warhammer swaggering on the street. People on both sides of the street would frequently greet that Beastman.

"Hey, do you want to trade or not? If you don't want to, I'll go look for someone else."

Andrew promptly apologized and traded according to the table, even if it was a bit on the low side, he traded cereals seeds, fruits and all kinds of natural resources from Noscent, most of which were edible things.

But with these things, he ended up getting ten Level 10 puppet warhorses, ten servant puppets, as well as a large quantity of spare parts.

These cereals and fruits were of little value in Noscent, and after a quick calculation, Andrew's heartbeat madly accelerated. These things would net him twenty to thirty times the profit once they were traded in Noscent, and that was after deducting the cost of the Planar Teleportation.

Andrew tightly clenched his Spatial Ring and with an extremely excited expression, he asked what were the most needed things here and left through the Teleportation Gate. This time, he didn't feel that the Teleportation Gate was expensive.

On the other side, Dale had a labor puppet carry the large haul of cereals and seeds and cheerfully returned to his home.

"Hey, lil' sis, look at what I brought back! 500kg of cereals as well as 50kg of wheat seeds, wheat! This is what those delicious biscuits of that newly opened biscuit shop are made from, with those seeds we can plant our own!

"It doesn't even matter if we can't farm, we just need to spend some money and hire two farming puppets, and once the wheat has finished growing, we would have enough to eat for a whole year!

"Look, there are also some Dragon Fruits! Last time, Lord Xiuban gave me half a Dragon Fruit and it was extremely tasty, moreover, we can plant the seeds ourselves! When the time comes, we would have more Dragon Fruit that we can eat!

"Expensive? Not at all! Ten Level 10 horse puppets and ten servant puppets, that person was really cheap and I felt so embarrassed that I gave him spare components.

"Yeah, it's been pretty good ever since Sir Merlin came, we can eat our fill and the fort's surroundings aren't that dangerous and since Sir Merlin has arranged many puppets to protect us, we can now plant cereals and fruits.

"Beastmen can't farm? Who said that? We just couldn't before, there was just so little prey in the Four Seasons Plain before, and it's not like we could trade with those brainless red-skinned fools, could we?

"Pah! I specifically asked Lord Xiuban, but Lord Xiuban is a Draconic Beastman. I also don't know what a Draconic Beastman is, in any case, he is different from those brainless red-skinned fools.

"Before, when I crafted one warhorse, it would at most exchange for one beast's leg, and even if we saved up, it would only be enough to eat for three days. And I would have to take some risk and adventure outside the city to hunt some puppets, or go through the broken components at the garbage dump.

"It's a lot better now, on this first deal, I didn't have to risk my life and was able to secure food for half a year, as well as seeds. We can farm!

"Fool! I won't let you try the Dragon Fruit if you say again that we can't farm!

"Yes, right, after it has grown, I'll deliver some to Lord Xiuban, and Sir Merlin as well. Then, I'll let you eat biscuits every day! How about it?

"Rest assured, the old days won't happen again, everyone can eat his fill now. I just saw Lily and she has gotten plump.

"Hurry up and eat, it is said that Sir Merli is recruiting people, I'll go try my luck next time..."

The Four Seasons Plain's development was unstoppable, especially the Grey Beastmen's fort, it was developing the fastest. A large number of alchemists Grey Beastman were sharpening their minds, wanting to be hired by Lin Yun, being able to join Lin Yun's alchemist team was an honor.

This kind of prosperity completely shocked every newcomer. This place wasn't like a fort that had just experienced war, it was more similar to a prosperous city of Noscent.

Moreover, this place could compare to the prosperous Noscent to a certain degree. The order was strict, the alleys were clean, and even small snacks were being sold.

The entire fort's energy sources and defenses were all in order.

No local bully could be found here. Even if there had been some, they could no longer be found. After a few were beaten to death by unreasonable puppets, everyone within the fort followed the rules.

The defenses of the eight forts of the Four Seasons Plain had been completely changed, and with the arrangements of the Grey Beastmen's fort and the Radiant Fort, a completely new arrangement was completed, an open Teleportation Hall between the eight forts was set up, making it easier for people, except large caravans, to come and go between the eight forts.

Everything developed at a rapid pace and Lin Yun no longer paid attention to the development of the forts. Everything was carried out according to the rules he had established, and ever since that Archmage of the Cloud Tower had personally come to apologize, no one dared to challenge the established rules.

"Sir Merlin, there is some news from Sir Crowits, he said there he got a new breakthrough and he is asking for Sir Merlin's inspection." Someone announced from behind the door.

Lin Yun's expression changed and he smiled before using Flight to fly out of the fort.

The Sky Sealing Array had been personally set up by Lin Yun and had no effect on him. He only gave Magic Tools counteracting the effects of the Sky Sealing Array to his trusted subordinates. Besides these people, no one could fly in the fort.

The people on the ground had respectful expressions as they saw someone flying through the sky, only important persons could fly in here.

Lin Yun flew to a place over three kilometers away from the Grey Beastmen' fort. There was only a barren hill completely made of mountain rock, there was no ore vein and it wasn't suitable for agriculture. It was now being used as a testing facility of the alchemy team.

There was a puppet factory there, as well as all kinds of refined instruments. Everything new would be tested here.

After all, those kinds of puppets were very dangerous when something went wrong, especially their mana reactor. They could explode with a single mistake, this kind of thing couldn't be tested within the fort.

An excited Crowits rushed over as Lin Yun landed.

"Sir Merlin, it's done, that full right angle mana reactor has been finalized! Moreover, the laser cannon you mentioned is ready for experimentation..."

Lin Yun was started, how long has it been since Crowits started working on that mana reactor? The first full right angle mana reactor, the Max Mana Reactor, should have appeared over a hundred years in the future.

Moreover, Lin Yun had only given some knowledge regarding right angle arrays as well as some principles regarding the Max Mana Reactor and Crowits personally crafted it in three days.

The Max Mana Reactor was bound not to appear, it would actually be known as the Full Right Angle Mana Reactor.

This was made using the machines within the factory, the kind of machine without battle ability and specially used to craft puppet components.

The procedures were compiled in advance so that the machinery in the factory would produce Full Right Angle Mana Reactors.

There was a huge gap, the previous prototype had been made by Crowits using special equipment and machinery he had crafted himself.

While the current mana reactor was a finished product that could be mass-produced. Its manufacturing costs and resources had been optimized and the discarded materials had been reduced to an acceptable level.

This meant that all the puppets of the puppet army could have their mana reactor changed to a Full Right Angle Mana Reactor!

This would greatly increase the bursting power of the puppets, they would also be able to last two to three times longer in battle and their energy cost would be cut down by half.

Moreover, many new weapon systems could be loaded on the newly crafted puppets' body, and the already crafted puppets could also have new weapon systems installed once their mana reactor was changed.

Crowits had been studying the remains of the Heaven Rank Puppets and managed to emulate a kind of new weapon that could be loaded on the puppets' bodies.

It was that terrifying laser ray with extreme piercing power that focused on explosive power, usable at both long range and short range.

But that kind of weapon system had a huge consumption, he strived to lessen the consumption, but only Level 30 and above casting puppets could use it. Moreover, because of its huge power consumption, Level 30 casting puppets could only have ordinary casting power.

Level 35 puppets would be able to display the power of a Level 36 or 37.

Moreover, the strongest laser cannon consumed even more energy, a Level 30 casting puppet would be able to display the power of a level 33 puppet's all-out attack, and it was because the spell was too formidable. They would need to wait at least ten seconds because they could fire another round. During that time, the mana reactor would be in an overload state and ordinary spells couldn't be cast.

The crux of the problem was that the burst power provided by the mana reactor wasn't powerful enough.

Lin Yun could make mana reactors even more powerful than the Full Right Angle Mana Reactor, but he just had too many subordinate puppets, and if he did them one by one, he might not be done within a few years. Making the base mass-produce them was the only way.

When Li Yun arrived, that temporary factory and laboratory base started working at full capacity, he made those machines and equipment start producing Full Right Angle Mana Reactors.

Mechanical arms polished and cut components into shape, then runes and patterns would be carved onto the components by more mechanical arms, before finally, mana crystals would be stuffed in. The entire process was automatic and very few steps required the assistance of an alchemist.