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 The Four Elemental Laws were manifesting themselves, simultaneously sending out their power, merging together, and calming down the Demiplane's chaos. Lin Yun took advantage of this to observe the changes of the four elements, the development of the Laws, and the fusion and transformation of the Four Elemental Laws.

Slowly, the Demiplane once again recovered to normal, but apart from the central area, the edges of the land had become incomparably desolate.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and slowly caught on to those changes, the four elements, the fusion of the Four Elemental Laws, and the development.

After opening his eyes, Lin Yun once again took control of the Demiplane's elements and unhesitantly collapsed the stable Elemental Laws.

After doing it a dozen times, Lin Yun stopped.

This method making the Demiplane face the risk of collapsing could really make the Four Elemental Laws appear, and it also increased the connection between Lin Yun and his Demiplane. Those transformations were now directly appearing in his mind.

His understanding of the Four Elemental Laws was rapidly increasing, and the price was that the landmass of the Demiplane was becoming smaller, and everything within a hundred kilometers of the edge had become incomparably desolate. The plants that originally grew there, the birthed ore veins... Everything had been destroyed and was no longer any different from a newly born Demiplane.

After leaving the Demiplane, Lin Yun also started pondering how to increase his Rank.

He had gotten enough understanding of the Four Elemental Laws, but to advance to the 7th Rank, he would have to merge two kinds of Elemental Laws together.

Once all four kinds of Laws were fused, he would have the opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank.

Fusing two kinds of Laws among the Four Elemental Laws wasn't something that could be done relying purely on comprehension. He would need to experiment or stumble upon opportunities to be successful.

As Lin Yun was comprehending the Four Elemental Laws in the Demiplane, some indescribable changes happened to the Four Seasons Plain...

Spatial fluctuations occasionally appeared not far from the Grey Beastmen's fort, and each of them would make a puppet with primitive aura appear out of nowhere.

These puppets with all kinds of crystal eyes involuntarily followed the river, some of them walking directly towards the fort.

Some of the random puppets were instantly torn apart by the puppets patrolling the city.

Others were discovered by a mage of the mage army doing a routine patrol and were ruthlessly destroyed.

No one cared about those matters, because it wasn't unusual for puppets to appear around the Grey Beastmen's fort. There were no magic beasts here, as they had already been wiped out. The only dangers were the puppets.

Thus, they didn't mind some low-level puppets appearing. After being torn apart, those puppets' components were taken by people and put away.

These wild puppets were originally the main sources of puppet parts. Some of their designs could even inspire the Grey Beastmen.

In the fort, almost every Grey Beastman had their own puppet, but that didn't mean that the puppets' components were cheap.

Mana reactors, weapon systems, control systems... These were costly things that not all Grey Beastmen could manufacture

Thus, these wild puppets were an important resource for the Grey Beastmen, and no one paid attention to it.

After Lin Yun came out, he wasn't given a report about them.

And no one knew that the frequency at which the spatial fluctuations were appearing was getting higher and higher, and instead of one puppet appearing, there would now be two or three every time.

There were even some places where four or five puppets would appear at once, and it changed from rusty Level 10 puppets to Level 20 puppets, and even Level 24 or 25 puppets with powerful weapon systems.

After several days, more and more puppets were appearing outside the fort, and everyone had to hunt more of them, yet this still didn't raise any red flags.

...Until one night, when over a thousand puppets formed a tide that attacked the Grey Beastmen's fort.

The puppets and the defenses set up on the city walls activated and kept firing throughout the night.

Huge fireballs exploded outside the city as rays of light continuously rained down outside the city...

The loud fighting woke everyone up.

The defensive plates on the city walls started shining one after another, and the large puppet squads patrolling on the city wall immediately joined the fight.

The city gate was opened, letting several hundred sword puppets charge towards the puppets outside.

Those various kinds of puppets were turned into piles of components. Overall, the fight lasted less than three minutes before the attacking puppets were all turned into scrap.

After the fight was over, Lin Yun rushed to the city gate and looked at the parts brought in by the puppet army with a frown.

These components were in a mess. There were new parts and rusted parts together.

There was also a humanoid puppet with its exterior intact. Lin Yun recognized it with a single glance. This was a puppet from the Puppet Plane.

Only the Puppet Plane's puppets would have those kinds of rusted components sprinkled throughout. The parts of every puppet were randomly assembled, and some of the parts weren't even suitable.

This was characteristic of the low-level puppets of the Puppet Plane.

'Something went wrong with the Puppet Plane's Planar Path!'

This thought immediately flashed in Lin Yun's mind.

At this time, Lin Yun could no longer sit still. He made everyone look for the Planar Path, but to no avail. Even if he knew that this Planar Path was in the vicinity of the fort, he couldn't find it.

The Four Seasons Plain wasn't small, and without a precise location, wanting to find a Planar Path was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Moreover, even if it was closed, an uncontrolled Planar Path to a Higher Plane like the Puppet Plane would have a huge radiation zone, it could cover more than several dozen kilometers.

In other words, through a small crack in the Planar Path, stowaway puppets could appear anywhere within a few dozen kilometers of the Planar Path.

The suddenly increased influx of puppets was very abnormal, and the Planar Path might have already experienced some changes.

If the Planar Path kept expanding, it might truly open.

The Raging Flame Plane could be overrun by the Puppet Plane, and there would be no hope at all!

If there was a single high-level Heaven Rank Puppet, the Raging Flame Plane would fall into their hands. It would only be a matter of time.

Lin Yun called for Dunas.

\"Sir Merlin, you are asking about those puppets?\"

As soon as he came in, Dunas seemed to already know what Lin Yun had on his mind.

\"You know about the Puppet Plane? Do you have some clues as to the specific location of the Planar Path?

Dunas shook his head. \"Sir Merlin, there is no need to worry. It's normal for a large number of puppets to come attacking. There's always been a puppet tide every ten years, when a large number of puppets would suddenly appear on the Four Seasons Plain.

\"Once enough of them amassed, they would attack the fort. Every hundred years, there has been a huge puppet tide. Our fort being attacked isn't surprising.

\"But there is no need to worry. These puppets can't breach our fort. We have been occupying it for countless years, and we have already fought them off an unknown number of times.

\"As long as we make preparations, the puppet tide is actually a time of harvest for us. Their components are valuable, and there might also be some special puppets in their midst with some especially novel components. Sir Crowits drew inspiration from some of those puppets to create some of his designs.

\"This year just happens to be the 100th year since the last time. Rest assured, Sir Merlin, our defensive won't be breached by those puppets. On the contrary, it's a great harvest that only comes once every hundred years...\"

Dunas was extremely confident, and his eyes were shining brightly as if he had been waiting for this for a very long time.

\"Sir Merlin, err, could the Grey Beastmen within the forts be allowed to hunt for their prey? You know, this is a rare opportunity...\"

Lin Yun slowly nodded, but he wasn't as optimistic as Dunas.

\"Regarding the Puppet Plane's Planar Path, do you have any clues?\"

Dunas looked embarrassed, and he bitterly smiled as he shook his head.

\"Sir Merlin, I truly don't know. We, the Grey Beastmen, don't know what a Planar Path is, nor where it might be situated.

\"Our ancestors passed down an array formation, which, when coordinating with the fort's large-scale mana reactor and a few hundred puppets, could tear through space and summon some puppets from an unknown place.

\"The stronger the offering of mana, the stronger the summoned puppet would be. As for the number of puppets that would appear, that's not under our control.

\"Over countless years, when we encountered powerful enemies, we would summon some puppets to help us fight. After the fights, these puppets would disappear to where they came from.

\"Ah, right, if you want some clues, Sir Crowits definitely knows more than me...\"

Lin Yun frowned and waved his hand to make Dunas leave.

\"Sir Merlin, as for the matter of harvesting the puppets, you see...\"

\"Go, don't leave the fort's protection range.\"

Lin Yun casually agreed to that matter, and Dunas left with a cheerful expression. He then started organizing the harvest of the century.

Although Dunas didn't take things seriously, Lin Yun felt that there was a lot more to it. These obsessed Grey Beastmen didn't think that there was anything wrong because they didn't know how terrifying the Puppet Plane was.

Even if a Peak Heaven Rank powerhouse like Bill George wanted to investigate the Puppet Plane's Planar Path, he would need to make comprehensive preparations in the Raging Flame Plane to enter the Puppet Plane.

The Puppet Plane was a Higher Plane, comparable to the Undead Plane in terms of danger.