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 Larieth coldly looked at Lin Yun. Pity could be seen in his eyes, as if he was looking at an ant that was about to be crushed.

'Let's see what you do, you idiotic fool! Sir Dubois' order is the order of a Heaven Mage. You won't be so lucky this time, there won't be a Heaven Rank powerhouse to save you.'

Lin Yun frowned. At first, he'd thought that it was important news from the Black Tower, but it turned out to be Dubois eyeing the harvest of the Four Seasons Plain and wanting to take it by force.

Lin Yun stood up and frowned as he walked out, not paying attention to Larieth.

\"Mafa Merlin! What are you trying to do!? Don't tell me you plan on disobeying Sir Dubois' orders?\"

Larieth looked quite incensed. He hadn't expected Lin Yun to actually disregard him and not take him seriously.

Lin Yun frowned, apparently thinking about something. He then turned and looked at Larieth before waving to Xiuban.

\"Xiuban, send this... What was it again...? Forget it, send this gentleman out, be friendly.\"

After saying that, Lin Yun turned around to leave, completely ignoring Larieth.

And on this side, Xiuban lifted Carnage and walked over with an odd smile. There were still numerous puppets following behind, and all the defensive weaponry on the surrounding buildings were turned to face Larieth.

A terrifying mana fluctuation spread out, and all the weaponry was activated, ready to fire at any time. The puppets were also all battle-ready.

Larieth was in disbelief, both shocked and frightened.

Especially those four seven-meter-long tubes... He felt a deadly threat from them. Those pitch-black cannons were letting out wisps of radiant mana as if they were ready to attack anytime.

Larieth's limbs were ice-cold as he shouted, \"I am Sir Dubois' envoy! Mafa Merlin, you dare to make a move against me? If my robe has so much as a little bit of dirt on it, Sir Dubois won't let you off!\"

Before he could say any more, Xiuban bared his fangs and kicked Larieth, leaving a dirty footprint on his robe.

Not waiting for Larieth to say anything, Xiuban grabbed him by his neck and lifted him up, carrying him towards the Teleportation Gate.

A large number of puppets acted as escorts, and defensive weapons kept appearing atop every building as they passed, all of them aiming at Larieth. If Larieth showed the slightest sign of resistance, these weapons would ruthlessly attack. Moreover, the puppets they met along the road all maintained a fighting stance...

After reaching the fort's Teleportation Gate, Xiuban put Larieth down.

\"Go in, you are lucky that Sir Merlin told me to be friendly, very fortunate,\" Xiuban mumbled as he pointed at the Teleportation Gate.

Larieth's complexion alternated between being green and white. It looked as if he was about to explode.

\"Damn b*stard, you are a group of idiots, you are all screwed! You actually dared to put your hands on me! You dared to disobey Sir Dubois' order! You are fortunate that the one who came this time was me, it'll definitely be Sir Dubois coming next time! Looking down on a Heaven Rank powerhouse, this is following the path to your own doom!

\"You still have a chance now. As long as I don't tell Sir Dubois after returning, he won't know about what happened here.

\"Make Mafa Merlin hand over the Four Seasons Plain and give me the resources and wealth obtained during this period and I can put in a good word to Sir Dubois.

\"Otherwise, hmpf! It'll all be over for you!\"

Larieth felt safe knowing he was backed by a Heaven Mage. He had been startled from surprise earlier, but he wasn't scared now.

'With Sir Dubois behind me, would that idiotic Mafa Merlin really dare to make a move against me? I want to see how long he can keep up this attitude. He will die a horrible death.

Larieth stood in front of the Teleportation Gate, looking at Xiuban and the group of puppets with disdain.

At that time, Larieth suddenly saw a blue fireball rapidly flying towards him.

Bursting Flames...

Larieth was startled and instinctively released a Mana Shield.

The Bursting Flames exploded against his barrier with far more force than an ordinary Bursting Flames spell. Larieth's Mana Shield was torn open in an instant, and the berserk power even felt like a barbarian's hammer fiercely smashing into him, sending him flying through the Teleportation Gate.

Light flashed on the Teleportation Gate as Larieth disappeared.

Lin Yun stood on a building in the distance, frowning with a poor expression.

'That Dubois is unexpectedly eyeing this place... This isn't good.

'Although I can escape from the clutches of a Heaven Rank powerhouse and can resist for a few minutes, I'm still not their match. Although I have the Four Elemental Laws as the foundation of my Law, it still can't compare to Extraordinary Power.'

If Dubois personally came to this fort, no one would be able to resist him. Lin Yun could only make preparations and have all his subordinates enter the Demiplane.

Lin Yun would be the only one able to survive in a direct confrontation. And the foundation here would also be completely destroyed.

The only way was to proceed with ranking up and accelerate the comprehension of his Law. His current speed was still too slow. He had to speed it up.

Lin Yun sat at the top of a building and looked at the Grey Beastman Fort buzzing with activity and he sank into contemplation.

Lin Yun felt a huge pressure from the situation with Dubois.

Heaven Rank, Extraordinary Power...

The gap between that and an Archmage was too wide. Even now, his strength had already surpassed the limits of the Archmage realm, but he still couldn't contend with a Heaven Rank, even if Dubois was only a 1st Rank Heaven Mage.


On the other side, soon after Larieth was sent flying through the Teleportation Gate by Lin Yun's Bursting Flame, he shot out from the Black Tower's Teleportation Gate.

The greater part of his robe had been burnt, and his skin was charred black. Utterly discomfited, Larieth immediately rushed to Dubois after coming out of the Teleportation Gate.

\"Sir Dubois, that Mafa Merlin is really too savage! I only announced Sir Dubois' order, and that damned barbarian attacked me! He used over a thousand puppets to attack me from all sides. If not for my quick escape, I wouldn't have made it out of the encirclement.

\"Sir Dubois, that stupid Mafa Merlin isn't attaching any importance to your prestige...\"

Larieth had an extremely mournful appearance, as if he had just fought a pitched battle.

Dubois' expression immediately became cold as he said, \"Mafa Merlin, that stupid insect! I gave him an opportunity and he didn't grab it. Fine then. Leave first, the Scorching Sun Canyon's capture is at a critical juncture. Once the matters there are over, I'll take my time to squish that small bug...\"


With the looming threat of Dubois, Lin Yun was always frowning, deeply pondering how to understand Laws more quickly.

There were no shortcuts in the comprehension of Laws. Comprehension was comprehension. If one didn't gain that special insight, they wouldn't progress for decades, or even centuries.

After deeply thinking about it, Lin Yun had his subordinates deal with all the matters of the fort and entered the Demiplane.

He floated up in the Demiplane and looked at those few hundred kilometers of dry land before slowly releasing his mana.

His mana surged fiercely and affected the entire Demiplane, slowly exerting control over it.

The four elements started appearing throughout the Demiplane, and the fundamental Four Elemental Laws were continuously fluctuating.

The four elements had been completely stabilized in the Demiplane.

Even a powerful Law was far from being able to compare with the foundation of the Law established by the Four Elemental Laws, but it also brought additional troubles. Gaining comprehension was a lot more difficult.

If he wasn't able to fuse the Four Elemental Laws together, he would be unable to advance to the Heaven Rank.

Moreover, the comprehension of the Four Elemental Laws couldn't be done one at a time. He had to comprehend everything and keep the same level of achievement across all four of them, always maintaining that balance.

Lin Yun knew of only one place where he could observe the changes in all four Laws at the same time: his Natural Demiplane.

He manifested the four Laws and used the most basic elemental demonstration. Lin Yun floated in the air and kept looking and sensing.

After a day, Lin Yun's frown accentuated.

The efficiency of that kind of observation was really too low. It didn't have a big role in the transformation of the four elements.

If he had time, he could use this method to slowly gain insights, but there was now the threat of Dubois. That Heaven Rank powerhouse could come here anytime, so Lin Yun didn't have time to take it easy.

After closing his eyes to ponder for a while, Lin Yun's eyes sprang open, and he started controlling the Demiplane's Four Elemental Laws with all his strength.

He made the stabilized four elements appear before his eyes once again, and then, Lin Yun extended his hand and sharply closed it into a fist.

In an instant, the four elements frantically clashed, causing the stabilized elements to once again collapse.

On the surrounding land, the chaotic four elements turned into an elemental storm that crazily roared around. The sea surrounding the land was the first to disappear. Then, a few hundred kilometers of land started distorting and rapidly shrank as the Demiplane started collapsing.

The earth was shaking, the mountains were collapsing, the rivers were surging out, and the small volcanoes were erupting.

The entire Demiplane seemed to have reached its doomsday.

The chaotic Four-Element Storm was like a blade that kept devouring the land.

After Lin Yun let go of his control over the Demiplane, and the Demiplane started the process of self-recovery.

Because the Demiplane's four elements had already thoroughly stabilized, it wasn't easy to completely destroy them. Even if the four elements were destroyed once again, they would still repair on their own.

The four elements started stabilizing, and guided by the four Laws, they slowly recovered.