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 After the Laws of the Demiplane had stabilized, as long as there was enough mana, the Demiplane could keep on growing until it became a complete world.

Lin Yun looked at this puppet army and silently made calculations. As long as the Natural Demiplane advanced again, it should be able to withstand the power of the entire base under the Radiant Fort.

When the time came, the base would be moved to his Demiplane, and that would make things a lot easier. He would be able to transfer puppets anywhere, anytime, and he wouldn't need to worry about the base being discovered.

Now that he'd restocked on puppets, those forts they had conquered wouldn't remain unmanned, and the spoils of war wouldn't be left behind.

Lin Yun went through the Teleportation Gate and left the Radiant Fort to rapidly rush to the front lines.

But his subordinates were already in another area. He used Flight to fly over and saw a tightly defended fort.

At the front of the fort, Lin Yun's mage army and the puppet army were already waiting for his appearance.

Lin Yun slowly descended from the sky and hastily glanced at the Beastmen's defenses.

At the fortresses they'd encountered before, all the Beastmen rushed out to fight the invading humans when they discovered them, but now, they were all holed up inside, looking at Lin Yun's puppet army from afar.

That fort wasn't especially formidable. There was one 9th Rank Arch-Warlock and one 9th Rank Sword Saint. The rest were just a typical army of Beastmen, and they only had over a thousand people.

This kind of force, when faced with the puppet army, was no different from a group of Pig Beastmen waiting to be slaughtered.

Lin Yun's complexion hadn't changed as he looked at the fort standing before them. He raised his hand and gently waved.

In an instant, those calmly standing puppets suddenly raised their heads. Their gem-like eyes glowed as mana fluctuations started spreading in the surroundings. The mana of the casting puppets started shining, and the surrounding elemental forces were roused to form gales.

The sword puppets extended their arms, and their fingertips merged together before quickly reforming into blades emitting cold auras. The arm of every sword puppet had turned into a long, curved blade with veined patterns and runes on it.

Hardness, Haste, Sharpness, Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration.

A series of buffs turned these slightly curved blades into terrifying instruments of slaughter.

As for the fifty mages, they had instantly transformed into a sea of fire. Out of this area, Flame Elementals rose up as Flame Wings appeared on their backs.

In an instant, the fifty Flame Elementals flew into the sky and formed a huge sphere that covered over a hundred meters, crazily attracting the elemental flames in the surroundings.

Reina, Xiuban, Enderfa, the patched puppet, and the three cousins were standing behind Lin Yun.

Lin Yun raised his hand as he started the attack.

A huge wheel shadow had appeared behind Lin Yun. The profound, starry wheel shadow was slowly rotating, and four-colored rays of light coursing along it. Without a movement, the surrounding four elements gathered towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun extended his palm, pointing it towards the entrance, and a dark red ball of flames and a deep blue ball of ice converged together in front of his body.

Then, fire elements crazily came pouring into the ball of flames on the left, while ice elements surged into the ball of ice on the right.

After a second, that dark red flame and the deep blue ice started fiercely fluctuating; It looked as if they would explode at any moment as the power was forcibly compressed.

When it looked like the fire and ice were on the verge of exploding, a brown lump of earth appeared in the air, and it looked like a part for a puppet. It quickly flew and linked to the two spheres, forming a conical shape that forcibly suppressed the fire and ice balls within.

Suddenly, the fire and ice disappeared, only leaving behind that cone-shaped lump of earth flying in the air. A large amount of earth elements converged, and the shivering lump of earth slowly turned metallic, slowly stabilizing.

But everyone had a bad feeling when looking at the floating cone. The mana fluctuations gave people palpitations.

In the surroundings of that cone, a large number of four-colored runes blossomed. The yellow runes merged with the surface of the cone, while the red and blue runes seeped into the cone. The cyan runes only approached and surrounded the earth cone.

Wisps of cyan whirlwinds whistled around the earth cone, and terrifying mana fluctuations rippled, spreading in the surroundings wave after wave.

But those ripples made everyone nearby feel as if they were greatly affected in some way. The unstable mana fluctuations on that earth cone became more and more intense and made everyone feel a numbing crisis that seemed to worm its way into their heads.

\"Damnit, Merlin, what is that spell?\"

Enderfa's three faces looked as if they had seen a ghost, and he couldn't help shouting in horror. He had a feeling that if that unstable spell exploded, even if he didn't die, he wouldn't be far from it.

Lin Yun frowned, and a rune emitting four-colored light shot out of the wheel shadow and into the earth cone.

In an instant, the crumbling spell stabilized. Cyan light wrapped around the cone, enveloping it in a whirlwind.


A loud sound echoed as the air exploded, and a while trail appeared, linking Lin Yun to the fort's entrance.

That cone had moved at a speed that exceeded reaction time. It was as if it had been capable of instantaneous movement. The instant it disappeared, it reappeared in front of the Fort's gate.

The cone covered in a whirlwind instantly crashed into the entrance of the fort.

At that instant, the balance between the four elements that Lin Yun had been maintaining was shattered...

The terrifying power manifested as destruction incarnate. The fire and ice power that had been suppressed by the earth exploded in that confined space and collided against each other.


A sound similar to a muffled thunder echoed as a mushroom cloud rose from the entrance of that fort. The terrifying shockwave swept through everything within a few hundred meters.

The obsidian city wall was very resistant against magic, and its hardness could compare to Steel Essence, yet a few dozen meters of that wall and the entrance instantly disappeared after the explosion.

The terrifying shockwave tore all the Raging Flame Beastmen to pieces.

\"Merlin... This is a 9th Tier Spell?\"

Enderfa's three faces were filled with horror. What had seemed to be a single-target spell actually had so much power. 'That was an obsidian city wall! Every block of obsidian was over a meter tall. An 8th Tier Spell would at most leave traces on that stone, as it completely doesn't react to mana or elements.

Apart from a spell that focused on delivering immense impact power, very few spells could damage obsidian.

Yet, a few dozen meters of that obsidian city wall was destroyed. Apart from a 9th Tier Spell containing Extraordinary Power, Enderfa couldn't think of anything else.

Lin Yun shook his head.

\"No, it's considered an 8th Tier Spell.\"

This spell didn't have a name yet. It was the result of Lin Yun constantly researching the Book of Mantras. The endless research made Lin Yun touch upon the essence of incantations and spells. What kind of incantation could form what kind of spell and such. Lin Yun could already understand the most basic structure and essence.

Thus, he came up with that spell, but it was only combined in the most basic way. The structure of the spell was very simple.

On one side there were extremely compressed flames, while on the other side there was extremely compressed ice. Both were then covered by a thin barrier while a sealed space made out of earth element was condensed around them, forcibly suppressing the flames and ice. Finally, wind power was used to create the propulsion.

The four elements were united, and it wouldn't work the same if one was missing. Without the flames and the ice, the explosion wouldn't take shape, and without the earth cage sealing them, the timing and strength of the explosion couldn't be controlled. Finally, without the wind emulating Featherfall, Haste, and Spatial Rending, this cone weighing no less than 500 kilograms would be unable to fly out, or else it would burst out mid-flight.

Lin Yun had tested something like this before, but he hadn't been able to get the four elements to cooperate. But since he was using the four Elemental Laws to establish the foundation of his own Law, he was now able to make this spell work.

The power didn't betray his expectations. It could compare to an 8th Tier Spell, and although it had a lot of flaws, it could still be improved.

For now, he could only use that wisp of his own foundational Law to forcibly suppress it, but once he reached the Heaven Rank, he would be able to use Extraordinary Power to form the spell. And at that time, how could the Four Element Bomb not be similar to a nuclear warhead?

A Four Element Bomb would be able to completely destroy that fort!

Lin Yun's expression was somewhat strange. When he first arrived at the End of the Magic Era and read those books, his first impression was that those powerhouses all seemed to be like human-shaped nuclear warheads. But it now looked like he was developing towards that path himself.

As Lin Yun was still thinking about how to improve the Four Element Bomb, his subordinates launched the attack.

The first to attack was Lin Yun, and after he started things off, Lin Yun no longer cared. This was the tacit understanding between him and his subordinates when attacking the recent forts.