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 The berserk elements surrounding the Demiplane seemed to have dissipated in an instant, and the energy that had intruded from the void could no longer be felt.

Lin Yun was floating in the air, sensing the continuously dropping levels of rich mana in the Demiplane, but instead of frowning, he smiled.

The Demiplane's four elements had thoroughly stabilized!

And as the Demiplane crazily expanded, the mana density would naturally reduce. Moreover, the growth of the Demiplane needed a huge amount of mana in itself.

He wasn't afraid of mana consumption. In fact, he had been worried that the mana wouldn't be consumed.

For the past period, the growth of the Demiplane had been very slow, and more and more Mana Vines were devouring more and more mana from the void, while the Demiplane's Mana Pond was constantly becoming bigger.

That hadn't been good, because it showed that the Demiplane's rate of growth was too slow. But if the Demiplane's growth had been too fast, the supply of mana would have been lacking.

Just now, the Demiplane used no less than half of its mana reserves for the elements to thoroughly stabilize, using a large amount of ambient mana and over half of the Mana Water.

Lin Yun faintly smiled as he sensed his connection to the Demiplane becoming even stronger. And as he got more and more control over the Demiplane, he became certain that his crazy idea was feasible. This excited him.

He simultaneously used the four elemental Laws as a foundation while using his own insights to make the Demiplane's four elements stabilize at the same time. This, in turn, made the Demiplane use the four Elemental Laws as its foundation.

And this could be seen at this moment. A river flowing down a mountain, a drizzle carried by a breeze... Among everything, the four elements had formed an equilibrium and a cycle. This was the initial formation of a true world!

It was a completely different existence from a plane!

A plane like the Raging Flame Plane would never be able to develop into a world, because when the Raging Flame Plane had started its evolution, its Fire Law was stronger than the other three major Laws.

Thus, the power of fire spells was a bit stronger than the other spells in the Raging Flame Plane. Even the most nurtured resources were leaning towards the Fire Law.

Because of this, the Raging Flame Plane would never be able to develop into a world.

But Lin Yun's Natural Demiplane was developing in a completely different direction.

Lin Yun had planned to make this Demiplane into his main support because having it meant that a mage would never have to worry about running out of mana.

Throughout Noscent's history, even at its peak, this had been the main use of Natural Demiplanes, and developing them into large planes would be considered pretty good. No one had been able to develop a natural Demiplane into a world.

Because no one had ever been able to simultaneously use the Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind Laws. And no one had used the four elemental laws to establish the foundation of their plane. Moreover, there hadn't been a single fully matured Natural Demiplane.

Lin Yun not only merged with Constance's skull, but one of his Meditation Law Sets, the Elemental Heart, had unexpectedly changed from fifteen Formulas to sixteen Formulas!

And at the end of Noscent, the only 16-formula Meditation Law Set was the Void Forge.

And not only did Lin Yun have a formidable Meditation Law Set, but it was also supported by the Book of Death's Elemental Chapter, and the strongest Magic Conducting Rune, the Magic Array.

Now, the Demiplane's Elemental Laws had thoroughly stabilized, and the foundation of the Demiplane had also become the four Elemental Laws, giving the Natural Demiplane greater possibilities.

It could become a genuine matured world.

The Natural Demiplane had become the embryonic form of a true world, and seeing that, Lin Yun relaxed and departed. He opened the Teleportation Gate and returned to the Radiant Fort.

Lin Yun didn't bring anyone else with him, only returning to the Radiant Fort on his own.

After leaving the Teleportation Gate, he immediately saw that the Radiant Fort was completely different than before. Puppets were everywhere: on the roads, on the fortifications, and also patrolling. And the Radiant Fort's four corners now had four huge sentry towers emitting ripples of mana.

These sentry towers were actually a type of puppet specialized in detection. With these four puppets, no one should think of secretly infiltrating the Radiant Fort. If an intruder was discovered, they would have no need to do anything, as the neighboring puppets would immediately swarm over and tear the interloper apart. Regardless of whether that intruder was a magic beast or a Ghost, as long as it didn't belong here, they would show no quarter and ruthlessly tear them to pieces.

Not even a rat could be found in the current Radiant Fort. It was completely swept clean.

Wagner, who was in charge of the Radiant Fort, naturally noticed Lin Yun's arrival and immediately reacted.

After not having seen him for a while, Wagner no longer felt as uncomfortable as before. He had been acting like a scared kid that had been kidnapped, filled with despair and not wanting to die. But now, Wagner seemed to be enjoying himself. He came over with large strides and even kicked aside a puppet that was in his way.

\"Sir Merlin, you came! I have many issues I need to report to you. The base's puppet production output has started to recover, there are a large number of labor puppets operating once again.

\"We aren't lacking in low-grade materials, and as for the high-grade ones, Sir William has delivered a lot, so there is no problem. But we still can't produce puppets too high in level.

\"The main reason is that the research and development here isn't able to keep up with it. Many facilities haven't been used in a very long time, especially those producing precious parts. A lot of them currently have issues and can't produce high-grade parts with accuracy.

\"The problem of the mechanical system is quite big, and that is greatly restricting the puppets. Without the help of an alchemist, the base can only stay like that for the time being...\"

Wagner started reporting everything as Lin Yun appeared. At the start, he had been sorted out by Shawn an unknown amount of times, but after controlling the Radiant Fort and the underground base, Wagner had started getting interested. Now, he was even enjoying himself and had already started learning puppeteering knowledge. Seeing the base's development reaching a standstill and the puppet production reaching a bottleneck, others might have not worried so much, but Wagner felt anxious.

Lin Yun waved his hands.

\"No need to worry, if nothing unexpected happens, your problems will be settled within a month.\"

Wagner looked a bit doubtful. He hesitated before gesturing with a finger and saying, \"Sir Merlin, it's not that I don't believe you, but there aren't just one or two alchemy puppets needing help. There are at least four to five hundred, and that's not something an Apprentice Alchemist could do. Alchemists are needed, as well as a few Great Alchemists. It would be best if there were also a few Master Alchemists. And if Sir Merlin can find an Artisan, that would be amazing...\"

Lin Yun smiled, but didn't answer Wagner, as if he had already expected these concerns.

Wagner was a bit confused. He felt that this world had changed a bit too quickly.

'Since when have alchemists been so cheap? Could it be that Sir Merlin can really find a few hundred Alchemists?

'Hundreds of full Alchemists aren't Apprentice Alchemists, and we still need some Great Alchemists and a few Master Alchemists for research. Can Sir Merlin really find so many alchemists within a month?

'Impossible... This isn't Noscent, and even in Noscent, trying to find a few hundred alchemists wouldn't be easy. Our George Family can't transfer so many alchemists at once, and moreover, a Master would need at least ten Alchemists as helpers. That would be enough to complete a huge task and support an alchemy industry.

'In the Raging Flame Plane, even those guys from Sky City wouldn't be able to get so many alchemists.'

Wagner kept these thoughts to himself. He had originally exaggerated things so that Lin Yun would put in the effort to get as many alchemists as he could, but who would have thought that he would just agree, and so casually? It looked as if he felt that this was very normal.

In disbelief, Wagner didn't dare to say anything. He had seen too many things that he hadn't dared to believe, and he still hadn't gotten over his mental trauma with Shawn.

Wagner led Lin Yun to a large warehouse, where a large number of puppets had been neatly stored. These were recently produced puppets. They weren't limited to battle puppets, as there were also many labor puppets. These labor puppets would be used to help manage the forts that had been attacked, excavate ore veins, or investigate ruins. A large amount of manpower was needed for those tasks, and these labor puppets were most suitable.

Lin Yun opened the Planar Path to his Demiplane and made this army of puppets walk into it.

At least two thousand labor puppets entered, but this didn't really affect the Demiplane.

Before the four Elemental Laws had thoroughly stabilized, having so many Level 30 puppets could be too much pressure for the Demiplane to bear.

But now, having two thousand of them was nothing for the Demiplane.

These were the benefits brought about by the growth of his Demiplane. He could now easily transfer a large army of puppets.