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 Lin Yun didn't make any movements, but the ground under his feet suddenly swelled, and with a rumble, a seven-meter-tall Earth Wall suddenly appeared.

The Earth Wall was like a living animal burrowing out of the ground. All kinds of strange lifeforms squirmed out before gathering atop the Earth Wall, which started flickering with a metallic luster.

The frantic Aura Slash fell onto the wall, and sharp metallic sounds echoed as if countless swords were colliding on top of it.

One attack, and the expression of that Beastman Sword Saint changed. He had originally thought that this was a random, unremarkable human that had unexpectedly appeared there by chance. He hadn't felt any formidable strength from him. But when that instant spell was able to resist his sneak attack, he thought to himself, 'This is a powerful Archmage!'

With his first attack failing, the Beastman hesitated and prepared to make another move, but Lin Yun wasn't hiding behind the Earth Wall. He had left his cover and was pointing a finger at the Sword Saint.

In an instant, this Beastman's red complexion darkened somewhat as he felt something from that ordinary-looking finger. He unexpectedly felt as if the entire world had been pressured by the finger and that breathing had become more and more difficult. The air and space appeared to have already frozen.

Fou- colored runes were curled at Lin Yun's fingertip, and more of them appeared from the void in mid-air before ultimately gathering towards Lin Yun's and transforming into a four-colored ray of light.

The surrounding earth, fire, water, and wind elements became exceptionally active as they took the shape of a storm, and the core of that storm was Lin Yun's finger.

The Beastman's face was filled with alarm, and he could no longer worry about remaining hidden. His face turned deep red, and blood started seeping out of his pores as his Aura burst out in an instant, not holding a single bit back.

And this was only to escape from that terrifying pressure.

The Beastman Sword Saint didn't even have time to turn before the four-colored light at the tip of Lin Yun's finger struck his body. His Battle Aura Armor and weapons seemed like nothing more than decorations as they had no effect at all.

The next moment, the entire world became quiet again and the Beastman just stood on the spot, his eyes filled with horror and despair.

Lin Yun's expression remained the same as he turned around and continued towards the Sunset Fort.

After a few steps, the Beastman behind him let out a desperate howl as countless four-colored lights appeared on his body. Several runes of the four elements appeared before his eyes and assembled together to form a single one.

The boundless elements were like hungry wolves pouring into the body of that Raging Flame Beastman.

After three seconds, blinding light started bursting out from the Beastman's orifices as his body began to crack. The glaring white light blossomed.


A loud sound echoed as the Beastman's body exploded. But there was no blood, no messy fragments... Only some fine powder as he was destroyed in less than a second.

Lin Yun kept walking towards the Sunset Fort, not doubting for one second that the Beastman was already dead.

After ten days, the embryonic form of his Laws had already coalesced, and it hadn't been the Fire Law he'd originally expected. Instead, he had the Fire Law, Water Law, Earth Law, and Wind Law at the same time.

At that time, Lin Yun felt that his decision to wait until he fused with Constance's head before reaching the Archmage realm had paid off in spades.

It wasn't that he had started forming a trace of a Law at the 1st Rank, but rather that after the fusion of the Magic Array and the three Meditation Law Sets, he'd started forming a set of four Laws at once.

This was obviously far more formidable than one wisp of Law.

Once a Heaven Rank powerhouse comprehended one Law to its limits, they could start to comprehend a new one. And the second Law would actually be a lot harder to comprehend.

This was because the suppression would be too powerful. The foundational Law would be too powerful, and the bias would be too severe.

At the peak of Noscent, the number of powerhouses that comprehended the four elemental Laws could be counted on one hand, but none had been able to use a combination of the four elements as their foundation!

The name of the Book of Death's new All-Encompassing Chapter had stabilized, but no contents had appeared so far. However, it was just a matter of time. As long as the first step was taken, the rest would follow.

In these ten days, although he had only advanced to the 6th Rank, his increase in strength couldn't be calculated by a difference of a rank, because this wasn't just an increase in rank, but rather, an increase in quality.

What happened earlier was a good example. A sneaking 8th Rank Sword Saint had ambushed him from within ten meters, and there was no danger to him at all. But in such a situation, it shouldn't have been so easy.

However, he only used a wisp of the power of the All Encompassing Chapter, only the power of the embryonic stage, yet it instantly killed the other side!

It even gave rise to a power similar to Extraordinary Power, and that 8th Rank Sword Saint hadn't been able to display a single bit of strength.

Lin Yun used a wisp of the power of the All Encompassing Chapter to instantly destroy him. He didn't just kill him... It was a kind of chaotic effect caused by the Earth Power, Water Power, Fire Power, and Wind Power converging. His physique and strength, as well as his soul, had been completely destroyed, equivalent to being truly erased from this world.

After testing it, Lin Yun used the Magic Array to run some simulations.

Now, if he faced Dubois, he still wouldn't be able to kill his opponent if he didn't risk his own life, and it would still be one-sided.

But the difference was that Dubois would no longer be able to use Extraordinary Power to completely suppress him and make him unable to move.

The power brought by the four elements as a foundation far surpassed the capabilities of a 9th Rank Archmage. This was the kind of Law formed by someone with one foot in the Heaven Rank.

And the resistance towards Extraordinary Power had been greatly increased. Although he still couldn't defeat Dubois, he should have no problem escaping.

This small step shouldn't be overlooked. That gap could be said to be incomprehensible to all Archmages.

Extraordinary Power wasn't something a mortal could grasp, and the Heaven Rank also wasn't something a mortal could stand against.

During the peak of the Magic Era, those who were able to flee a Heaven Rank without being one themselves all became powerhouses at the peak of Noscent, provided they didn't die on the way.

And the instances of mortals counter-attacking and killing a Heaven Rank were all recorded in history and left in the decaying library!

The most famous case was when one of the future top three mage armies used a thousand 9th Rank Archmages, with half of them being Peak 9th Rank Archmages!

One thousand 9th Rank Archmages used the same Magic Conducting Rune and the same first-rate Magic Tool Set. They also had the same Magic Staff, and they used a thousand-man array together to jointly cast a 9th Tier Spell.

After exhausting all their means, they managed to kill a not-so-powerful Heaven Rank!

This battle was recorded as a miracle of mortal counterattack and placed among the texts of the decaying library.

Currently, Lin Yun could only escape from a Heaven Rank powerhouse, and even if it was only a Low Rank Heaven Mage, it would be enough to be recorded.

Lin Yun was very satisfied with the current circumstances. He could always escape.

Only after experiencing it himself did he truly understand why Heaven Ranks were already considered another kind of lifeform. The gap between mortals and Extraordinary beings was just too great. Without Extraordinary Power, one simply couldn't resist.

Lin Yun returned to the Sunset Fort, and Harren and Jouyi immediately glanced at each other after seeing him. They unexpectedly felt a huge sense of danger.

Lin Yun's aura and temperament were completely different than just ten days ago.

A trace of helplessness and worry flashed in Harren's eyes, but he didn't say anything. As for Jouyi, he walked over and congratulated Lin Yun. \"Sir Merlin, congratulations on your strength increasing.\"

Lin Yun smiled and nodded.

\"Sir Jouyi, can we start the next phase?\"

\"Yes, we already have the Sunset Fort under control, and we also found that ancient Teleportation Array mentioned in the legends. If no problem crop up, as long as we restore and activate it, the entire Andlusa Kingdom will be able to use it this place as a springboard to kill their way into the hinterlands.\"

Lin Yun nodded again. This was something they had agreed on before.

Lin Yun walked to the center of the Sunset Fort, and that huge plaza had already changed. There were traces of an alchemy array over a hundred meters in size, but that array remained dormant.

The alchemists of the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower were unable to find a solution and hadn't managed to restore this array. Thus, everyone had been waiting for Lin Yun, the Artisan, to come back.

Lin Yun walked to the plaza with a crystal pen as well as a bottle of Dragonblood Ink. He kept altering some defective parts of the array. The Cloud Tower and the Black Tower were already to resupply materials if needed.

It only took him half an hour to fix the array.

The other alchemists were agape at the difference, especially two Great Masters among them. They looked at Lin Yun as if they were looking at a God.

They weren't ignorant, and it wasn't that they had never seen Artisan. They had actually met all of Andlusa's Artisans. It was just that the other Artisans weren't as relaxed as Lin Yun when they worked and couldn't restore such a huge and complex array the way Lin Yun did.