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 Dubois became speechless after seeing the entire process, especially since Butler's Temporal Recall went back further than his and the process looked even clearer this time.

It was his disciple that had betrayed Mafa Merlin...

This was a big deal!

This was the critical juncture in the war against the Raging Flame Beastmen, and the human allied army should have been working as one to defeat the Beastmen. Even the Andlusa Kingdom cooperated with the Odin Kingdom, at least for now.

At such a time, Dephew actually plotted and lured the Ancestor Soul to attack a Commander of the allied forces. This was naturally a very vile matter that completely went against human nature!

Regardless of what happened, Dephew would have suffered a strict punishment. Having his mana crippled and struggling at death's door would have been the most lenient possible outcome. There wouldn't be an issue if he had been directly executed.

Dubois was dumbstruck. If Butler hadn't come, he would have actually been guilty of using his power as a Heaven Rank to forcibly distort the truth.

Even if it was brought up later, he could defend himself by saying that he had only looked up to the point where his disciple died and didn't know any further details. And if he'd killed Mafa first, no one would offend a Heaven Rank powerhouse for the sake of a dead person.

Unfortunately for him, Butler was adhering to the rules. Dephew died in vain. He helped the Raging Flame Beastmen attack his own ally, so he deserved death.

Dubois looked calm. After all, he had no choice but to patiently bear with it. Even if he was unwilling, he could only endure.

He looked at the pale Lin Yun who was still glaring at Dubois like the Heaven Mage was already dead, and Dubois suddenly got angry. \"Hmpf, damn ant! Your luck is good this time, I hope you can stay that lucky...\"

Dubois had a fake smile on as he laughed evilly while giving the thinly veiled threat.

Then, thunder echoed and lightning flashed as Dubois instantly disappeared. Butler also scattered brilliant light before also disappearing.

The pressure of the Heaven Rank powerhouses vanished from the battlefield, making everyone sigh in relief.

Harren, who had been sent flying far away, slowly walked over with an awkward expression.

\"Sir Merlin, are you, alright? This...\"

Harren trailed off, at a loss for words. Dubois and Dephew, this master-disciple pair, had completely soiled the reputation of the Black Tower. He truly didn't know what to say.

Lin Yun gently shook his head.

\"I'm fine...\"

He then turned towards his seriously injured subordinates and first stepped up to Reina, who was closest. He poured a bottle of Health Potion in her mouth and then opened the Natural Demiplane and let her in.

He then walked to the blackened Xiuban and looked at his bloody mouth. Lin Yun had an extremely complicated feeling as he looked at the weakened Xiuban, and killing intent slowly rose in his heart.

The brainless Xiuban was normally a lazy coward that would never sit if he could lie down and would never stand if he could sit. But earlier, he had wielded Carnage and crazily charged up to attack a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Lin Yun couldn't deny being moved.

\"Sir Merlin, I'll really die if you don't treat me, let me drink a dozen Health Potions first, all the ones I had on me were broken...\"

Lin Yun took out two Health Potions and poured them into Xiuban's mouth because he was too injured to move. He quietly mumbled, \"Wait until you feel better and I'll compensate for your ten lost potions, okay?\"

After seeing that his life was no longer in danger, that guy grimaced and didn't forget to say, \"Sir Merlin, just now, twenty Health Potions were shattered, not just ten...\"

Lin Yun shook his head, thinking to himself, 'This guy really doesn't change... He still wants to take small advantages. He doesn't even have a Spatial Ring, how could he carry twenty Health Potions without breaking them again?'

He casually lifted one of Xiuban's legs and threw him into the Natural Demiplane.

He then sent all of the mages of the mage army into the Demiplane.

The others had already started sorting out the battlefield. The loot left by these Raging Flame Beastmen had been inventoried and brought back.

But there was no need to care about last-hitting Raging Flame Beastmen. Half of them had been taken care of by the mage army and the puppet army, while the other half had been killed by a 9th Tier Spell.

Under such circumstances, there were no Raging Flame Beastmen left.

All that needed to be taken care of was the loot that was left behind, and there wasn't much loot to begin with. Almost everything had been destroyed by the 9th Tier Thunderstorm.

Most of the harvest was in points. In one battle, because of Dubois making a move, the Black Tower got an extremely large number of points. It was the same for Lin Yun. Although he hadn't taken care of as many Raging Flame Beastmen as Dubois, his score was about the same as the Black Tower. The Cloud Tower had received the fewest points, so the points from this battle were basically shared between Lin Yun and the Black Tower.

Lin Yun didn't care about those things. He had the puppet army, which hadn't suffered many losses, to the Sunset Fort and went to his Demiplane with his injured subordinates.

After returning to the Demiplane, Lin Yun couldn't help getting angry when he saw everyone. Killing intent surged his mind, as well as a sense of powerlessness.

'Heaven Rank...

'Can a mortal truly not resist against it?'

After shaking his head, Lin Yun temporarily put those thoughts aside and started setting up an array. His subordinates had all suffered heavy injuries at Dubois's hands. Although he hadn't used much of his power against them, it carried Extraordinary Power, and Health Potions could only guarantee that their lives weren't in danger. They couldn't cure them.

Lin Yun's array would use a drop of God Blood as its core to spread its power and infuse it into his subordinates.

With the support of the God Power within the God Blood, they would be able to expel the Extraordinary Power.

His seriously injured subordinate sat down and slowly crushed and expelled the traces of Extraordinary Aura from their bodies. And although the power of the God Blood was diluted, it still poured into all of them, not only making their injuries rapidly recover, but also slightly strengthening them.

Lin Yun's injury was very light, so he only took a bottle of Health Potion and didn't feel much obstruction. He then stood at the side of the array and watched.

After confirming that no one had an issue, Lin Yun walked to a corner of the Demiplane and calmly thought.

This time, he had been powerless when facing Dubois. The feeling of failure put pressure on Lin Yun's mind.

At that time, he had tried all he could, but he couldn't escape and couldn't resist. All he could think of that would accomplish anything was mutual destruction, and even then, he wasn't certain that he would be able to kill the other side.

After closing his eyes, Lin Yun sighed and started revolving the Magic Array.

Although he had suffered an unprecedented defeat and had felt utterly powerless, he had also gained incredible benefits.

He'd directly felt Extraordinary Power and gotten some understanding of it for the first time.

In the decaying library, he had seen countless classical books of Noscent, but their descriptions of the Heaven Rank were never enough to truly comprehend it.

Or it could be said that those descriptions were appropriate and true for genuine Heaven Rank powerhouses, but they only functioned as vague reference materials to those under the Heaven Rank.

Even in all these descriptions, there was a sentence that was always added: Extraordinary Power cannot be expressed with just words. That description was to stop a mage from taking a wrong shortcut.

Lin Yun also hadn't known what appearance Extraordinary Power had, but he now understood.

In this direct confrontation, he had touched upon Extraordinary Power, and its oppressive touch made even his soul shake from the pressure.

But this was a valuable treasure, a kind of treasure that couldn't be described with words.

Lin Yun also couldn't express it properly, but he understood now how Extraordinary Power was related to Laws!

The dry explanations now made sense, but it was an entirely different feeling.

Lin Yun stood at the summit of the Demiplane, operating his Magic Array to infer the profound meaning behind Extraordinary Power while releasing mana and runes.

A large amount of mana transformed into a mist floating in the air. Then, those several profound runes converged with the mana and started transforming based on the Magic Array's inferences.

The mana and runes slowly faded as a wisp of an even stronger aura appeared, and that power transcended the Archmage realm.

But at that instant, the mana and runes exploded.

All the power was gone.

Lin Yun became pale. In that moment, he had used 90% of his entire mana!

After recovering, Lin Yun pondered for a bit and came to the conclusion that by relying on his own strength, he wouldn't be able to simulate Extraordinary Power right now.

As he thought of this, boundless runes appeared in Lin Yun's eyes. His mana crazily rushed forth, and the entire Demiplane started shaking.

In an instant, the surging power of the Demiplane was gathered by Lin Yun. Lin Yun's mana, runes, Magic Array, and everything started converging.

It all drew together in front of Lin Yun. The Magic Array was working at maximum capacity, making all kinds of calculations.

Slowly, all the power reached the previous result, and the terrifying aura grew stronger and stronger as it started spreading in the air. This kind of power already surpassed the Archmage realm and was rapidly drawing close to the Extraordinary realm.

But as it almost reached Extraordinary Power, the runes and mana suddenly collapsed again, and the power that had been condensed in front of Lin Yun dissipated.

Lin Yun let out a muffled groan, his eyes shining. He was so close, so close to emulating Extraordinary Power!

If once wasn't enough, he would do it again. Lin Yun was even more careful the second time, his control even more perfect, without a single mistake.

But he still failed at the last moment.

Once, twice, thrice, four times...

He failed every time. Regardless of how perfect his control was, he didn't succeed a single time.

Lin Yun couldn't help feeling disappointed.