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 The scorching sun falling from the sky slowly dissipated and revealed a middle-aged man whose body seemed to radiate light. That man was wearing a pure white robe, and a simple golden rune was engraved on it. It looked extremely crisp and clean. His gentle aura was like sunshine in winter, and he didn't give off a tyrannical aura at all. If not for the distinct Extraordinary Power fluctuations, no one would have believed that this was a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

The man unhurriedly glanced at Lin Yun and smiled.

In an instant, Lin Yun's gathered mana and frantic Magic Array slowly stopped, while his three chaotic Core Meditation Law Sets also stabilized.

Slowly, that faint trace of power that seemed to be awakening from the Book of Death silently disappeared.

He was only a 5th Rank Archmage. Even if an ordinary 9th Rank Archmage was far from being his opponent, he still couldn't stand against a Heaven Rank.

This was the difference between Extraordinary Power and a mortal. That difference was far greater than the gap between a 9th Rank Archmage and a common person!

After being forced to that stage, Lin Yun had been backed into a corner. Although the Book of Death was an Extraordinary Magic Tool, it couldn't be used at its full strength at the moment!

As the Extraordinary Magic Tool used by one of the three strongest powerhouses of Noscent's peak era, it wasn't something Lin Yun could use without Extraordinary Power.

If he wanted to resist against Dubois, the only method was indiscriminate mutual destruction. He would use his life as the price to rouse the Book of Death, using the cruelest method of setting the Book of Death and the Book of Mantras aflame to burst with power. This was the only method to end Dubois' life!

At the end of the Magic Era, he had seen the world's destruction, yet he hadn't given up, and he hadn't frowned. He had calmly faced it. Death wasn't a reason for Lin Yun to yield.

But that damned Dubois had pushed him in a corner, so this was his only method. If he couldn't resist, then he would use his life as a price and bury the first Heaven Rank he ever encountered along with him!

But another Heaven Rank powerhouse had appeared. Moreover, he was blocking Dubois, so Lin Yun could only give up on his plan. As long as he didn't need to die now, revenge could wait.

'Haha... Heaven Rank...'

Lin Yun closed his eyes and slowly settled the chaos within his body.

In the sky, Dubois frowned and had a chilly expression as he stared at this Heaven Rank powerhouse.

\"Butler, you dare to stop me? Are you setting yourself against me? I haven't seen you in a while, and now you think you can already surpass me?\"

After saying those words, a shadow burst out behind Dubois. It was that world full of boundless lightning bolts again, emitting glaring cyan lights as they fell. There was also a purple lightning bolt akin to a powerful Dragon roaming within the sea of lightning, emitting a terrifying Extraordinary Aura. In an instant, the air within several kilometers wasn no longer able to circulate.

Butler was warmly smiling, and his face seemed to emit light.

The faint light slowly spread from Butler's body and gently melted the seemingly frozen world, making it recover to normal.

\"Dubois, I'm not setting myself against you. In fact, you forgot the reason we came to the Raging Flame Plane.\"

Dubois sneered as he looked at Butler. A large number of runes were already spreading in the surroundings, and the glow of lightning was already surging. Lightning congealed around his body, and the numerous snake-like lightning bolts were roaming all around him.

\"Butler, it looks like you are determined to stop me today. I want to kill that small ant that killed my disciple today! Let's see if you can stop me now!\"

Butler didn't get angry and only unhurriedly said, as if chatting to an old friend, \"Dubois, I said I wasn't going against you and that I didn't want to fight you. We came to the Raging Flame Plane for the same purpose, or it is better to say that we came to the Raging Flame Plane for just one reason, which is to help the Andlusa Kingdom defeat the Raging Flame Beastmen and win the bet against the Odin Kingdom. Everything else has nothing to do with us.\"

Dubois sneered and remained unconvinced. He reached out with his hand and grabbed something in the void, taking out a lightning-like staff covered in electric sparks, making the shape of the staff somewhat indistinct.

\"Butler, less nonsense! I'm going to kill him! Let's see how you plan on blocking me!\"

Butler unhurriedly persisted, \"I believe you also know that we are already falling behind the Odin Kingdom, and the key to winning that huge bet with the Odin Kingdom is Mafa Merlin.\"

Dubois froze, glanced at the pale Lin Yun, and immediately burst out in laughter.

\"Him? Butler, I don't care why you want to save that guy that killed my disciple, but you say he is the key to winning this war? If you want to trick me, you'll have to actually use your brain. Don't say that kind of stupid thing, how could we rely on a mere Archmage?\"

Butler concisely answered, \"Those aren't my words.\"

This sentence made Dubois' expression change instantly, and even a Heaven Mage like himself couldn't help blurting in alarm, \"Don't tell me, the Great Sage?\"

Butler smiled but didn't say anything.

Dubois' expression kept twitching, but the staff in his hand was put away, as if he no longer planned on fighting with Butler.

Great Sage... These two words felt as mysterious and powerful as a God to Dubois.

The Great Sage was the Cloud Tower's 1st Master. He was an extremely ancient existence, one that had lived for an extremely long period of time. No one knew how old he was, and even the members of the Cloud Tower's Holy Land didn't know when the Great Sage had first appeared.

Once the Great Sage entered the Holy Land of the Cloud Tower, no one could see him, but every time he appeared, it would lead to a huge shock, or there would be some major occurrence.

The last time the Great Sage had appeared was because of Barov's chaos.

When Barov was at his fiercest, he had been unequalled and extremely arrogant, but the Great Sage appeared and used his own power to ruthlessly suppress the Heaven Rank Barov.

No one knew how powerful the Great Sage was, and no one knew how many years he had lived in this world. Some people even believed that the Great Sage might have been from the God Era.

Even if the rift between the Cloud Tower's Holy Land and the Black Tower's Holy Land was very deep and neither side would miss a chance to stab the other, the Black Tower's people would never dare to disrespect the Great Sage of the Cloud Tower. They wouldn't even dare to say one word disrespecting him.

This could be seen from Dubois. He was a member of the Black Tower's Holy Land and had some conflicts and grudges with members of the Cloud Tower, which was normal, but to the Great Sage of the Cloud Tower, even a Heaven Rank like himself was nothing more than a kid. They were just kids at loggerheads, nothing more...

Dubois furrowed his brows. But Butler hadn't even confirmed it; he only warmly smiled. But Dubois didn't dare to bet.

'What if it was really the case? What if the Great Sage really said that? Then if I still got rid of Mafa Merlin, wouldn't that be offending the Great Sage?

'The words of the Great Sage are definitely not to be disobeyed. If I kill Mafa Merlin today, the higher-ups will definitely be resentful...'

As he thought about this, Dubois scattered the power filling his body, and the lightning dissipated.

Dubois coldly looked at Lin Yun, feeling unwilling.

He didn't dare to disobey the Great Sage, whose words were always correct. 'Did my disciple die for nothing?'

\"Butler, I won't dare to disobey the words of the Great Sage. Since this Mafa Merlin is the key to victory in this war, I shall respect the Great Sage's words. Thus, before the end of the Raging Flame Plane's war, I'll act as if nothing happened.

\"But my disciple cannot have died in vain. Dephew had outstanding talent and comprehension, and it was very likely that he would advance to the Heaven realm. I can't let his death slide.

\"We are conquering the Raging Flame Plane, yet this Mafa Merlin killed his own ally. Such a vile matter cannot be justified...\"

Dubois firmly held onto this line of justification, but before he could finish his words, Butler extended his hand and warm light converged in his palm. The gathered light was like a sun, but it wasn't glaring.

\"Since that's the case, let's take a look.\"

After saying that, Butler lightly waved his palm, and the light in his hand silently spread over the entire battlefield.

In an instant, Temporal Recall was once again used, and the shadows flew back in time once again.

But Butler's Temporal Recall was a lot clearer than Dubois', as each of the figures looked real. Aside from the fact that everything was happening in reverse, anyone would have felt that these figures were real, and no one would have been able to see through the illusion.

Time rapidly flowed backward and soon reached the part when Lin Yun killed Dephew.

But Butler didn't stop there. His Temporal Recall continued, and a few seconds later, the scene of Lin Yun repelling the Ancestor Soul was shown. They then saw how Dephew had lured the Ancestor Soul to Lin Yun and how he had planned to set Lin Yun up.

After showing the entire scene, Butler scattered the light in his hand and smiled as he looked at Dubois.

\"Dubois, is there anything else you want to say? Since Dephew already died, let's just forget about the previous matter...\"