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 Everyone in the human army was staring blankly. There was a terrifying pressure in everyone's mind, making some of the mages want to throw up, but unable to.

Many of them recognized it... That spell just now had been recorded as an Extraordinary Spell!

The 9th Tier large-scale indiscriminate offensive spell, Thundercloud Storm!

That terrifying spell could only be cast by a Heaven Mage who specialized in thunder and lightning magic. It was said to be a great tool for slaying armies.

Anyone below the Heaven Rank could only die when faced with the Thundercloud Storm.

No one below the Heaven Rank could resist that limitless thundering Extraordinary Power.

No matter how many people there were, as long as they were within the spell's range, they would all suffer the same fate.

This was also why it was said that in front of Heaven Rank powerhouses, numbers had no meaning.

Spells that carried Extraordinary Power simply couldn't be resisted by anyone under the Heaven Rank. This wasn't a gap in power, but rather a gap in quality!

No matter how formidable someone under the Heaven Rank was, when faced with the Heaven Rank, it would be like sheets of paper trying to hold back a genuine Iron Essence Sword. They simply couldn't compare.

Thus, in any of the current era's wars, Heaven Ranks would rarely make a move. The power of the Heaven Rank was too strong, and as long as a Heaven Rank powerhouse took action, the other side's troops below the Heaven Rank would be slaughtered like animals.

After all, the number of Archmages within an army was always low. Over 99% of the troops were typically below the Archmage realm. And when these troops faced Extraordinary power, they couldn't muster the slightest bit of resistance. Just being grazed was enough for them to die miserably.

If both sides had Heaven Rank powerhouses, the aftermath of their fight would destroy both sides.

This was why major forces would rarely dispatch a Heaven Rank powerhouse when they were in conflict. The losses would be too great, and it would be counterproductive.

Dubois' sudden appearance went beyond everyone's expectations, including the Raging Flame Beastmen, so they died miserably.

A single 9th Tier Spell had been enough to completely get rid of that group of Raging Flame Beastmen that had worried Harren and Jouyi, leaving not a single survivor.

Even that level 39 huge Kodo, from a race known for their magic defense that far exceeded their own level, was charred by the lightning.

Dubois' attack on the Raging Flame Beastmen had been utter carnage as he walked through the air, bathing the entire battlefield in lightning.

Harren took a step forward, wanting to say something.

\"Sir Dubois...\"

Harren urgently wanted to explain the situation, but just as he opened his mouth, he felt a huge pressure that prevented him from being able to speak.

Dubois ignored everyone and didn't seem to want to hear what Harren had to say. Mana surged everywhere, and Extraordinary Power fluctuated. The elemental power in the air was completely suppressed by the Extraordinary Power, the mages under the Archmage realm couldn't even think of casting a spell.

As for those at the Archmage realm, when they wanted to cast a spell, they felt that casting was ten times harder, and the mana consumption was also a few times higher.

The elemental power in the air had become a lot heavier, but there was no change in the Laws.

Dubois extended a hand and glanced at the battlefield with a cold gaze. Limitless runes crazily converged in his hand, layering over each other until finally, no trace of the runes could be seen.

Everyone could only see boundless glaring light being emitted from Dubois' hand and the space starting to fluctuate around him.

The spatial ripples could be seen slowly propagating through the surroundings, and as soon as they reached the ground, the ground within several hundred meters looked like a biscuit instantly being transformed into powder.

The hard ground turned into a desert in an instant, disintegrated into the finest sand.

And this wasn't over: More and more light appeared in Dubois' hand, causing the spatial ripples to become even more intense. The terrifying power made everyone pale, but they couldn't evade it.

Even if that huge pressure wasn't intentionally suppressing them, it still made them all feel like they were carrying immense weight on their backs. Just taking one step felt incomparably difficult.

Not many under the Archmage realm could even keep standing. Only the Archmages could still stand tall with cold sweat trickling down their foreheads as they waited for Dubois' action.

Suddenly, Dubois' sustained mana and runes compressed to the limit, and the fierce spatial fluctuations disappeared.

Dubois had an icy expression on his face as he waved the blossoming light in his right-hand towards the battlefield.

At that moment, it felt as if the surrounding space was being peeled away. The radiant lights covering the area transformed into strands of devastated light that gathered on the completely empty battlefield.

Then, all the lights merged and transformed into shadows continuously moving backwards.

All the spells were continuously flying backward, as if the process of casting spells and then hitting the targets had been reversed.

A massive illusion had covered the battlefield, but the illusion seemed to be going backwards, as if time was reversed!

Temporal Recall!

A powerful ability that one could use when in control of Extraordinary Power. By spending a large amount of mana, it could make the time within an area flow backward. After being washed by that power, what happened in that area could be examined.

Although it was only an illusion, one could see what had happened there with their own eyes, and nothing could be hidden from the caster, unless it was done by another Heaven Rank powerhouse!

And for Temporal Recall, the further one wanted to look back, the more mana one needed. The mana consumption would increase exponentially.

But Dubois was now using Temporal Recall to look at what had recently happened, so he wouldn't need to spend a lot of power.

Soon, Dubois found what he wanted to see.

In that illusion, a vivid and lifelike icy blue hand slowly opened, and countless ice fragments gathered towards the center of the Giant Frost Hand.

It then converged into a frozen statue of Dephew...

Seeing this, Dubois waved his hand and scattered the roused power, causing the illusion to disperse. The glaring light coming from his palm surged, and countless runes rushed forth, infusing into the lights.

Dubois stood tall in the sky, calmly floating as he turned towards Lin Yun.

\"Turns out, you killed my disciple. Good, very good. Regardless of who you are, you, the power behind you, and all those related to you will be buried with my disciple.\"

At this time, Harren finally found a chance to say something.

\"Sir Dubois...\"

Harren had barely opened his mouth when Dubois abruptly glanced at him. In an instant, Harren went completely pale. His mana flared up, and he felt as if he had been slapped by a huge creature as he was sent flying.

He flew over two hundred meters before managing to pacify his mana and stabilize his body. He already looked haggard, and his mana was continuously churning. Dubois' glance contained a power he was unable to resist.

\"Harren, we will talk about this later. If you weren't the Chairman of the Black Tower, the first person I'd kill would be you. My disciple came to support you, yet you let him die. What use do you have? You trash! You watched my disciple die and remained unconcerned, not even moving to save him! Hmpf...\"

Harren was at a complete loss for words. He already knew that Dubois was overprotective and would defend his disciples even if they were very much in the wrong. He was unreasonable and tyrannically arrogant, but Harren hadn't expected it to be even worse than the rumors...

That glance had contained Extraordinary Power. Even if Dubois didn't want to kill him, that glance could definitely have seriously injured him. If it had been another 9th Rank Archmage, they would have been lucky if they only ended up crippled.

Facing such circumstances, Harren didn't dare to say anything, or Dubois might really get rid of him.

Dubois then turned back towards Lin Yun. But Lin Yun still seemed calm. In fact, he was expressionless as always, not afraid at all.

\"Foolish ant! Your talent, your strength, and the force behind you are no different than ants to me. You knew that Dephew was my disciple, yet you dared to kill him, so you should be ready to be buried alongside him.

\"...But I've changed my mind. I want you alive, so you can see your force and all those related to you die one by one. Only then will I put your soul in a lantern and let it burn little by little, making you suffer for a few thousand years without dying.\"

Dubois sneered and his aura blossomed as his power as a Heaven Mage burst out.

In an instant, lightning bolts condensed in the sky behind Dubois. It looked like a whole world of lightning, full of the aura of destruction.

That terrifying aura, akin to Heaven's clouds, fell from the sky and enveloped Lin Yun.

In an instant, Lin Yun's complexion turned red.

The elemental power in the surroundings had been completely suppressed, and the mana that could originally move freely also seemed to have become as heavy as mercury, moving many times slower than before.

Lin Yun instantly raised his Runic Shield and Mana Shield.

It looked as if a light barrier filled with runes and a sheath of light full of flickering stars were covering Lin Yun.