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 The air started distorting, and the space shook. Terrifying sounds echoed as the air turned into gales like those cast by a 9th Rank Archmage.

Seeing the power of this translucent giant, the aura of the Raging Flame Beastmen grew even more powerful and seemed to even ignite transparent flames towards the horizon.

In the distance, the faces of the humans had greatly changed.

Lin Yun frowned. He had recognized it. The only difference was that there had been no sacrifice at the start, but he truly hadn't expected that a Priest would actually summon a Beastman Ancestor Soul's totem at an altar.

The totemic pillar was over a hundred meters tall, and it was the totem that the Raging Flame Beastmen believed in. After appearing on the battlefield, it automatically made all the Raging Flame Beastmen fearless, no longer restricted by any inhibitions.

Not only did their fighting strength increase by 30%, but it also faintly increased their recovery speed. It was all very frightening.

Some of them had been wishing for there to be a totemic pillar... But they hadn't expected that crazy High Priest to actually summon the Raging Flame Beastmen's Ancestor Soul.

This Ancestor Soul wasn't some ancestor that had fallen and turned into a totem. It was the manifestation of their true beliefs. Enshrined and consecrated for a few dozen millennia, their pious beliefs took the form of an Ancestor Soul.

And as time passed, the current Ancestor Soul had long since become one of the protectors of the Raging Flame Plane. If not for a natural restriction, it might have already become a Heaven Rank lifeform.

But even if that Ancestor Soul didn't reach the Heaven Rank, its power was very close to it, incomparably powerful. Not only was it stronger than a 9th Rank Sword Saint, but it also had Warlock abilities.

And the most frightening part was that although that giant hadn't been able to break through the Heaven Rank due to restrictions, its energy reserves surpassed any 9th Rank Archmage's by far. Even if Lin Yun's mana exceeded a mage of the same rank, even with the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools allowing him to have a few times more mana, he still couldn't compare to that Ancestor Soul at all.

That giant was like a tireless fighting machine. When the Raging Flame Beastmen had encountered dire problems, as one of the protectors, it had already made several huge contributions.

In the history of the Raging Flame Plane, when humans had yet to appear there, every time the Raging Flame Beastmen encountered a great crisis, they would summon the Ancestor Soul to save them.

Now, the Beastmen's Ancestor Soul had appeared once again and immediately burst with terrifying fighting power. The Ancestor Soul extended both its hundred-meter-long arms to grab a 3rd Rank Archmage of the Black Tower.

The Black Tower's mage used the triple shield combo of Runic Shield, Mana Shield, and Elemental Shield, covering himself in a dense, protective bubble.

Even an ordinary 9th Rank Archmage wouldn't be able to destroy this at once, but after being \"gently\" grabbed by that Beastman, the shields instantly shattered. It was all crushed along with his body.

The Ancestor Soul faced the sky and shouted. In an instant, a huge black cloud appeared, and the thick smell of sulfur covered the battlefield. The black cloud kept flickering with flames, and in less than a second, several dozen meteors burst from the sky and hurtled towards the ground. Lin Yun's puppet army was focused pretty heavily.

Within four seconds, a dozen Level 30 puppets were smashed into scrap metal.

Lin Yun slightly frowned. The magic power of that Ancestor Soul could be considered terrifying. Although the Ancestor Soul hadn't reached the Heaven Rank, it could definitely compare to a mage army, and its casting ability could compare to a few good 9th Rank Archmages casting simultaneously.

Casting in such a way would make any 9th Rank Archmage pale from mana consumption. Even Lin Yun didn't dare to cast like that, because despite his immense mana reserves, he couldn't summon such a huge black cloud like that one to limitlessly cast meteors. If he did, he wouldn't last more than three minutes before running out of mana.

But it looked very normal to the Ancestor Soul, as if this was regular casting.

The Level 35 puppets aside, those Level 30 puppets absolutely wouldn't be able to resist such a dense meteor shower.

In ten minutes, half of the Level 30 puppets would be lost.

But Lin Yun couldn't disengage, as he was facing a Peak 8th Rank Sword Saint. Normally, an 8th Rank Sword Saint wouldn't be Lin Yun's opponent at all, but the weapon held by that Sword Saint was troublesome.

That Beastman Warlord was holding a large sword over two meters in length. It had been polished and ground from some kind of creature's tooth.

But Lin Yun recognized it with a glance. The greatsword in that guy's hand was forged from the sacred tooth of a Heaven Rank Dragon. Lin Yun had a profound impression of the patterns and runes on it.

Moreover, Lin Yun could see from the layers of aura and patterns that this was a Sacred Tooth!

Those were unique to Heaven Rank Dragons, their four thickest four fangs with the strongest piercing effects.

It was even rumored that in those days, if a Chromatic Dragon wanted to go to another plane or to the endless void, they wouldn't need a Teleportation Array or a Planar Path... If a Three-Headed Gold Dragon wanted to go to another plane, it only needed to know the coordinates to be able to directly tear a path there with its fangs.

Even though Lin Yun would normally only need to use a little bit of strength to get rid of that 8th Rank Sword Saint Warlord, he was now in a very troublesome situation.

That greatsword made from a Sacred Tooth carried a wisp of Extraordinary Power and had clearly been broken off from the maw of a Dragon while it was still alive.

Thus, it still carried a wisp of power from its original owner. That wisp of Extraordinary Power was causing a lot of trouble for Lin Yun.

Lin Yun wanted to break away, so he chanted a sound and a rune came out, transforming into a cage of ice that covered this Beastman Warlord.

But that Beastman only swung his greatsword, and that wisp of Extraordinary Power cut through the ice cage like butter. His aura burst out, and a huge hole appeared on the ice cage.

A large amount of mana was released. Whether it was a fireball or a rock, as long as a spell was struck by that sword, it would be torn apart.

And at critical times, the Beastman would use the greatsword as a shield. The Extraordinary Power would collapse any spells that came into contact with the sword, scattering the spell into elemental power.

That Beastman Warlord wasn't especially powerful, but the wisp of Extraordinary Power in the tooth was too troublesome. Lin Yun simply didn't dare to get close to it.

Even just a trace of Extraordinary Power could suppress everything. That wisp of Extraordinary Power wasn't much when compared to even a weak Heaven Rank Powerhouse, but shield spells absolutely couldn't resist this Sacred Tooth greatsword's attacks!

It was like using a large sheet of paper to resist a needle. It wasn't a matter of power, but rather, a difference in terms of nature!

Lin Yun was stalled so that he couldn't handle the Ancestor Soul. The Cloud Tower and the Black Tower also couldn't allow the Ancestor Soul to use all its power.

Soon, a dozen Archmages charged towards the Ancestor Soul, including Black Tower's Dephew.

Dephew had managed to get rid of his opponent with great difficulty, so how could he be willing to face another one of them? Those other Beastmen wouldn't give many contribution points, but that Ancestor Soul was different!

This Ancestor Soul was clearly one of the protectors of the Raging Flame Plane. If he could destroy it, he would receive far more points than he'd get for killing a powerful 9th Rank Archmage, and the influence on the military campaign would be far greater than even eradicating this entire 10,000-Beastman army!

Destroying this Ancestor Soul would be equivalent to shattering millennia of beliefs. It would be a far graver loss to the Raging Flame Plane than the loss of that army.

And there were already a dozen Archmages attacking together. How could Dephew let the opportunity pass by? He rushed towards the Ancestor Soul and started casting when he was in range, completely unnoticed.

'If I destroy this Ancestor Soul, I'll definitely get more contribution points than Harren. At that time, Harren's forces will come under my command. When the time comes, I'll watch as that idiot has to give an account to the Holy Land. He has to pay the price for his stupidity!

'Hmpf! When the time comes, it won't just be Harren... That Mafa Merlin will be next. And then it'll be the Cloud Tower. Damned Harren, you actually cooperated with the Cloud Tower! Don't you know how bad the relationship between our Holy Lands is? Did you forget how a genius that had just advanced to the Heaven Rank died?

'Once the fight is over, the Cloud Tower will be waiting to be cleaned up, and at that time, the fruits of the battle will be ours, it'll all belong to the Black Tower under my lead!

Excitement flickered in Dephew's eyes. He looked at this towering Ancestor Soul without a trace of fear and followed the other Archmages as they simultaneously attacked. With every wave of his staff, countless snowflakes floated down and turned into a storm of Frost Blades that frantically fell onto that Ancestor Soul's body.

The Ancestor Soul quickly shouted before facing the assault of the dozen Archmages. But it didn't use any defensive spells because that huge body was its best defense. Every spell it cast was an attack spell, and it also mixed in physical attacks.

It was like the fusion of a Sword Saint and an Archmage... It was far more powerful than an ordinary 9th Rank Archmage.