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 Black light flickered as everything was shrouded in darkness. Harren's body was like a ghost, continuously flickering within the darkness, and no one could see what was happening from outside.

Lin Yun knew that this was a rarely seen darkness spellcaster. Normally, mages would use elemental magic, as some special spells required special talents. Under the same circumstances, these non-elemental spells would have many features and could be even stronger than their counterparts.

The Curtain of Darkness that Harren had just cast had a range of several hundred meters, and when fighting within it, Harren's fighting strength would increase by 10 to 20%!

If nothing unexpected happened, Harren would take care of that 9th Rank Arch-Warlock before long.

On the other side, Dephew showed that he wasn't weak, either. He was holding a staff made of ice and while casting, and his entire body had turned as white as snow. A large blizzard came out as he cast, and those snowflakes had a trace of cyan aura as they frantically rotated like blades. He was battling two 8th Rank Sword Saints by himself, and it looked very easy.

But aside from these first-rate powerhouses, they others didn't have it so easy.

There were quite a few powerhouses among the Raging Flame Beastmen, one of whom was a Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock. He was fighting alone against three Archmages of the Black Tower.

Meteors kept falling from the sky with terrifying speed and bringing along heavy pressure that stopped the wind from flowing.

The three 7th Rank Archmages from the Black Tower could only defend as they joined hands. They could barely counterattack.

There was also a Level 39 Beastman Shaman sitting atop a huge spectral wolf. A lightning chain kept bouncing around in his surroundings. He was battling a 9th Rank Archmage of the Cloud Tower. That serpentine lightning chain kept flickering about, stopping his opponent from getting closer.

When that 9th Rank Archmage sent out a spell, it would be resisted by the Lightning Shield continuously rotating around the Shaman.

Both forces had fallen into fierce battles. And apart from them, the most eye-catching battle was the one fought by Lin Yun's subordinates.

Those eight hundred and eighty puppets were withstanding the assault of the ten thousand Beastmen while the mages had turned into a cloud of flames that kept travelling back and forth, continuously harvesting the lives of the Beastmen.

Reina was in her Frost Dragon Shape and was fluttering in the air. What had been affected the most by the improvement of her Life Essence was her Dragon Might!

That terrifying Draconic Power had already exceeded the limits of Frost Dragons. While Reina was flying high in the air, the effect of Dragon Might on the people below wasn't very significant, but to those Wyverns, it was as if a mountain was pressuring them, and they didn't even dare to approach.

Lin Yun's fifty mages followed up by transforming into a cloud of fire and flying towards the sky, continuously harvesting those Wyverns, chasing and killing every Wyvern Rider.

These two armies were suppressing the Beastman army and simply wouldn't let them approach the Sunset Fort, and because of their immense destructive power, the Beastman army was even being pushed back.

The Beastmen had much greater numbers, so they had correspondingly more powerhouses. Those were continuously rushing over to try to stop Lin Yun's forces, and the powerhouses of the Sunset Fort also came out in response.

But at least in terms of strong individuals, the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower weren't lacking, so they could keep holding back the powerhouses of the Beastmen while Lin Yun's forces did their work.

After ten minutes, the Raging Flame Beastman army was getting pushed back further and further, and with the death of several of their strongest, everyone could see that their defeat was imminent.

Morale was very important for this kind of large-scale war. Having leaders die was very bad for morale, especially since the Beastman army was too numerous.

It was an army of more than ten thousand Beastman, yet the speed at which they were dying off was too fast, and they were continuously being pushed back. The morale of the Raging Flame Beastman kept plummeting, as did their fighting strength.

In contrast, the human allied army consisted only of powerhouses. They didn't have a trained army and only had strong individuals.

A few people died, but it didn't influence their overall fighting strength much, and the biggest force, the puppet army, couldn't be affected by morale.

Even if a puppet's head fell off, the other puppets next to it wouldn't be bothered at all. They would keep on fighting, and they would even take the opportunity to maximize their gains. This was the most terrifying thing about puppets.

Within a war, the more puppets there were, the clearer their advantage.

The sword puppets turned into a flood of steel as countless blades were on the move, beheading over two hundred Beastmen in one charge. The formation of those violent Raging Flame Beastmen had been thrown into disarray.

In the back of the army of Raging Flame Beastmen, a huge, ten-meter-long Kodo carrying an altar on its back suddenly approached the battlefield. An old and thin Beastman that seemed practically on his deathbed was offering sacrifices in the center of the altar, chanting with his hands raised.

Following this sacrificial chant, the altar on the back of the Kodo started emitting a dark light, and a strange, ancient aura started spreading from this altar.

The old Beastman's tone turned desolate, and as his voice spread out, every Raging Flame Beastman roared.


The angry roar turned into a large wave spreading over the horizon, and the clouds filling the sky within ten kilometers were instantly torn to shreds, letting the rays of the sun illuminate the land once again.

Every Raging Flame Beastman started emitting flames, and boundless power started converging onto them, converging towards the center of the battlefield.

The weather had changed in an instant, and the terrifying sound of thunder could be heard from within the void. A black cloud appeared out of nowhere, and lightning bolts surged from within, as if some terrifying existence was trying to rush out.

Lin Yun's expression changed, but he knew that he couldn't prevent it. Although they had already foreseen that there could be a Priest within the army, they had hoped that it wouldn't be a High Priest.

The thundercloud above the battlefield turned into a whirlpool, and a hole slowly from it before a black pillar fell down from that hole.

Ceaseless lightning struck that black pillar, and numerous patterns could be seen reflected on the pillar, as well as words in Ancient Beastman that had been carved into it.

The pillar was bathed in lightning after flying out of that hole, and it smashed into the ground, making everything shake. The black pillar pierced ten meters into the ground, but over a hundred meters of it was still exposed.

At this time, everyone could see that this was an incomparably huge totem, and that at the top of the totem, a clearly visible ripple started spreading towards the surroundings.

In an instant, every Raging Flame Beastman started becoming red-eyed, and their bodies expanded and their muscles burst out within their armors. Their aura also sharply increased.

And that wasn't all... Those ones who had been low in morale instantly changed and started clamoring energetically.

As the light of the huge totem rippled out, the injuries of some Beastmen started slowly recovering. The most obvious were the ones with superficial injuries, as their wounds were recovering at a visible speed. Bleeding wounds were no longer bleeding, and the seriously hurt Raging Flame Beastmen who had been fighting wildly were now controlling themselves.

And this was far from over. All the Beastmen raised their heads and roared.

They spared no effort to shout, using the Raging Flame Beastman Language to call out an ancient name.

That huge Kodo was already lying on the ground, and the Priest was kneeling on the altar, raising both hands to call out the title of their ancestor.

At this time, instead of disappearing, the vortex-like black cloud became bigger, and even more power came from the big hole within.

Then, a pair of hands that each spanned ten meters stretched out from that hole. The hands were somewhat translucent, and black smoke kept rising from them.

When the huge hands extended, all the Beastmen went crazy, attacking without restraint. No one could get close, whether it was Jouyi, or Harren, or even Lin Yun and Reina.

The Beastmen powerhouses were stalling as if their lives depended on it.

After a few seconds, the large hands suddenly tore at the hole, as if trying to make it bigger.


It was as if the entire sky was being torn apart, as if someone at the center of the whirlpool was trying to forcibly rip it open. The black hole kept twisting until a huge giant squeezed out from it.

A terrible giant over a hundred and fifty meters tall appeared. It had the shape of a Raging Flame Beastman draped in animal skin, but its body looked somewhat transparent and kept emitting black smoke.

Seeing this big guy appear, all the Raging Flame Beastmen seemed like they'd taken some sort of medicine, and their fighting strength drastically increased. Every single one of them seemed to have become dauntless and unafraid of death. The routing army recovered and stopped being pushed back, and it looked as if they had some margin for counterattack.

The huge, transparent Beastman roared and caused visible sound waves to spread across the battlefield.