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 The fact that the puppets were even more coordinated than a human army was especially frightening.

Moreover, the 50-mage army he had been looking down upon were unexpectedly extremely powerful...

It wasn't just Dephew, the other mages within the Sunset Fort, including Jouyi and Harren, were dumbstruck.

So many puppets had appeared, and those synchronized footsteps still echoed in their minds. They were too shocked.

Eight hundred Level 30 humanoid battle puppets!

Eighty Level 35 casting puppets!

An army of 50 mages that acted as if they were one person, a Level 39 Frost Dragon, a Level 39 patched puppet, a 7th Rank Sword Saint Beastman with incredible power...

As well as the most frightening one, Mafa Merlin himself...

Harren and Jouyi were dumbfounded.

'This is the power under Mafa Merlin's control?'

Everyone in the Sunset Fort was frightened by the terrifying force that appeared so suddenly, and outside, the battle was already unfolding.

The entrance to the Sunset Fort was wide open, so how could those Raging Flame Beastmen pass up such a good opportunity? A 1000-strong Wolf Rider Unit charged towards the Sunset Fort, swinging their scimitars as they moved like a huge wave.

But before they could reach the Sunset Fort, they saw a large number of lights flowing out of the fort.

Identical puppets rushed forward, and at the very front, six hundred humanoid battle puppets swung their arms. Their hands rapidly deformed and turned into large, two-meter-long blades that had numerous runes carved onto them.

The six hundred golden puppets turned into a flood of sharp blades that clashed with those Wolf Riders.

All the puppets were perfectly coordinated, and their continuous slashes transformed into a huge, several-hundred-meter-long meat grinder.

A puppet's blade blocked a Wolf Rider's scimitar, and at the same time, two blades would take advantage of that opportunity to slice that Wolf Rider and his mount to death.

Looking at it from a distance, the flickering cold swordlight transformed into a terrifying wave that tore into the Wolf Riders' ranks almost unobstructed.

As the cutting wave forced its way into their ranks, it felt like a bloody river was flowing down but suddenly meeting some sort of obstruction that caused blood to splash into the sky.

The bloody mist and smell of iron fused together, and it seemed like a crimson smoke signal was soaring into the sky.

The first assault of the blade puppets on the probing cavalry unit resulted in over four hundred Wolf Riders that would never leave this place.

And while the blade puppets charged, the remaining Level 30 puppets and the eight Level 35 casting puppets immediately raised their arms. Horrifying mana fluctuations fused with the surrounding elements and throwing all the elements within several hundred meters into chaos. Gusts of winds turned into a tornado that covered the horizon.

Countless spells flew out in an instant and ruthlessly fell onto the Wolf Riders who had been caught in the crisscrossing of the puppet's blades.

After the seemingly chaotic spells rushed out, they collided with each other, causing their structures to completely collapse and turn into floods of the four elements.

It looked like an enormous four-colored tidal wave heavily crashing down, hitting over three hundred Wolf Riders.

The berserk elemental wave died down, and only a few dozen bloody Beastmen remained behind. The rest had been torn to pieces by the Elemental Flood.

An 8th Rank Sword Saint Wolf Rider roared, and his burning Aura ignited. At that instant, a handful of ice fragments fell from the sky and extinguished his Aura before turning him and his mount into an ice statue.

\"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...\"

There was a burst of sounds as three Frost Lances struck that ice statue and shattered it.

As for Xiuban, he was directly storming through the Wolf Riders' formation like a frantic T-rex, swinging Carnage so fast that it left an afterimage behind him. Those Wolf Riders simply didn't even get to see how they were hit.

They only saw each other exploding in bloody mists whenever Xiuban drew near, mount included...

After barely thirty seconds, less than half of the thousand Beastmen remained. A distant Beastman army rushed over to help, and their powerhouses rose, quickly flying over to Xiuban's side.

But it was too late... The casting puppets had released an elemental flood that even tore away the earth to a depth of a dozen meters. Moreover, there was still a huge torrent of spells continuously adding pressure and taking down several dozen Wolf Riders.

These Wolf Riders were elites. After all, in a 1,000-Beastman army, there would be several hundred Expert Swordsmen, and also over thirty 1st or 2nd Rank Archmages!

In a frontal charge, Wolf Riders would always be the strongest, a nearly unstoppable force.

But now, they were strangled to death by the puppets in the first clash, and it had been a one-sided slaughter. Their scimitars barely left scratches on the puppets' bodies, their attacks completely ineffective.

After a few seconds, the hundreds of Wolf Riders who had broken away to escape collided once again with the blades of six hundred puppets.

The glaring swordlight crazily flickered as the blades enchanted with the runes for Giant's Strength, Sharpness, Armor Penetration, and Haste fiercely sliced through their victims. The Raging Flame Beastmen who were weaker than the puppets simply couldn't resist.

The flood of slices washed over them, turning the remnants of the Wolf Riders into a river of blood.

After the battle puppets' charge, the casting puppets fiercely cast all their spells.

It only took one minute for the 880 puppets to completely crush a thousand Beastman Wolf Riders!

Reina had taken care of the leading 8th Rank Sword Saint in an instant, and the two remaining 7th Rank Sword Saints were crushed by Xiuban. These Wolf Riders barely damaged three Level 30 puppets before they were completely wiped out.

And these three puppets had been unfortunate. They just happened to have been hit at their joints during the battle, or else their control systems had been damaged.

As long as some of the components were changed out, the puppets would be able to rejoin the battle back in perfect condition.

At this time, the reinforcements from the Beastmen army arrived, and the one at the forefront was that 9th Rank Sword Saint. The Raging Flame Beastman was like a towering monster that left long and narrow marks on the ground as he moved. He was still a hundred meters away when he swung his large sword that was as long as Xiuban. He burst with Aura and sent it at the puppet army from his sword as he swung it.

But then, a massive block of ice suddenly condensed in front of that Aura Slash.

The Aura Slash and the ice cube clashed, and large pieces of ice kept flying out as the blade of Aura cut through the ice cube like a fire snake. But after tearing through ten meters, its power was completely depleted.

The earth started shaking as a large number of Kodos crazily charged forward. In the distance, Wyverns could be seen carrying Wyvern Riders, and there were many Beastman warriors brandishing their weapons as they frantically charged towards the Sunset Fort.

The true battle could start at any time...

At this time, the stunned people within the Sunset Fort finally reacted to the current situation.

Shock could be seen on Jouyi's face, as the experienced and knowledgeable Star Sage had been startled by Lin Yun's puppet army.

Eight hundred Level 30 puppets and eighty Level 35 puppets... Jouyi had only seen that in the Puppet Plane. Apart from that place, Jouyi had never seen so many powerful puppets together.

Jouyi had also seen how much combat power those puppets could muster. It was simply so frightening that it gave him chills.

'No wonder Merlin was so confident. Really, as long as we keep the experts of the Raging Flame Beastmen under control, and as long as the Beastmen are inferior to the puppets, then even ten times the number wouldn't be a match for those puppets.'

Jouyi roused his mana, his entire body seemingly filling with starlight. His body then transformed into a ravaging light and instantly disappeared, rapidly providing long-range aid towards the battlefield.

The mages of the Cloud Tower followed Jouyi without hesitation as if it was a second instinct.

On the other side, the corner of Harren's mouth involuntarily twitched, and his staff almost fell to the ground.

He had stared blankly at the puppet army and watched as the Wolf Riders were decimated at a terrifying speed. Only then did Harren remember Lin Yun's words.

Black light surged from Harren's body as he led the powerhouses of the Black Tower to rush out of the Sunset Fort.

The puppets were powerful and possessed formidable bodies, and they had very few weak points when compared to humans. Small wounds also wouldn't affect their fighting strength.

But Harren also knew of their weak points. Compared to people, puppets were more inflexible. To powerhouses stronger than the puppets, puppets were a bit weaker than humans, or it might be better to say that dealing with a puppet was a bit easier for them than dealing with a human of the same level.

Thus, they had to pin down the strongest Raging Flame Beastmen. As long as they were kept out of the way, it would only be a matter of time before the puppets dealt with the rest of the army.

The advantage brought about by their numbers would be continuously cut down.

In an instant, Harren understood the key to winning this war.

The battle was on the verge. Harren and Jouyi were the most reactive and blocked the path of two 9th Rank Arch-Warlocks.

The powerhouses of the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower also knew what to do, as they split up and started fighting their targets.

Lin Yun, Reina, Xiuban, and Enderfa all looked for their own opponents to prevent them from interfering with the army battle.

Star Sage Jouyi didn't use a staff. Instead, he was using a crystal ball that seemed to contain a boundless starry sky that was continuously revolving within. His entire body was emitting mana that seemed like starlight.

The boundless shining stars made it look like countless fireflies were floating around Jouyi's body before crazily taking in the surrounding elemental power. These fragile-looking fireflies would form spells when they came into contact with each other, shooting them towards his opponents from all directions.

An 8th Rank Sword Saint and a 9th Rank Arch-Warlock were surrounded by these several hundred stars and could only try to defend.

They didn't know whether those floating stars would suddenly form a spell or not, but any spells they cast at those stars would go straight through them, as if those stars were illusory.

But whenever two stars collided, a spell would be formed immediately. Those spells would dissipate if they went thirty meters past the Warlock, as every spell was suppressed within this range.

That 8th Rank Beastman Sword Saint was even more pitiful, as the several dozen meters around him were filled by shining stars. He tried to attack in any direction, but he was bombarded by four types of spells, and his aura attacks were ruthlessly suppressed by those all-encompassing shields, trapping him within a range of ten meters. He wasn't a threat at all to Jouyi.

Everyone could see that it was only a matter of time before Jouyi dealt with those two.

Lin Yun couldn't help being amazed as, for the first time, he saw Jouyi in action. He hadn't expected Jouyi's Magic Conducting Rune and Meditation Law Set to actually be the Starry Sky Reflection.

There was a Magic Conducting Rune called the Starry Sky Reflection, as well as a Core Meditation Law Set also called the Starry Sky Reflection. When both were united during casting, countless stars would appear and linger about. Each light was a potential spell. This was most powerful when it came to keeping targets suppressed. As long as they were trapped, even the strongest powerhouse would be forcibly kept in check.

In the future, there would be a Heaven Rank powerhouse who used the Starry Sky Reflection as his Magic Conducting Rune. His most well-known fight was when an Abyssal Overlord that was one step into the Heaven Rank suddenly appeared. But he was trapped by a 7th Rank Archmage using the Starry Sky Reflection.

When that Archmage was casting, it was as if the starry sky had descended, covering everything. Each star was rotating, and their attractive and repulsive forces also took shape, forming an illusory field.

To escape, apart from using brute force, the only possibility was to use the strongest Magic Conducting Rune, the Magic Array, to calculate the trajectory of all the stars.

On the other side, Harren was holding a staff with a black light, whose true shape couldn't clearly be seen. His body was already covered by a shadow, and whenever he cast a spell, only shadows could be seen spilling out. He was stopping the strongest powerhouse, a 9th Rank Arch-Warlock, by himself.