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 "As for the fifty people he brought with him... F*ck, can that even be called a mage army? The strongest one is a 2nd Rank Archmage, and there are even some High Mages. What can such a weak group do in the Sunset Fort?

"Also, don't you know that Teacher won't let Mafa Merlin off? He even dared to make a move on the people of our Holy Land, so no one can save him! Not only are you failing to protect the dignity of our Black Tower, but you are even collaborating with that kind of person. Speak, is your heart still with the Black Tower?"

Dephew criticized Harren mostly in order to force a response from him.

Harren awkwardly smiled and started to say something before swallowing back his words as he saw Dephew's angry expression. He truly didn't know what to say.

Dephew was a member of the Holy Land while Harren wasn't, so having a quarrel with Dephew wouldn't be good. And it looked like the latter came over in order to force his hand.

Before Dephew could add something else, Harren suddenly interjected, "Sir Dephew, I still have some matters to attend to. If there is anything, we can slowly discuss it later. There must have been a misunderstanding..."

After tossing out those words, a wisp of mana appeared on Harren's body and the surrounding light disappeared, allowing Harren to enter the darkness and vanish.

Dephew looked at the rapidly fading darkness and stomped the ground fiercely, but he couldn't stop Harren's shadow from leaving.

Harren truly didn't want to have a conflict with Dephew due to the latter's identity, so he could only avoid him altogether.

But Dephew was getting angrier and angrier.

'Damn Harren, he actually dares to disregard me! He just doesn't care about the Holy Land... I'll immediately impeach him by reporting him to the Holy Land!

'F*ck, sh*t, he is rebelling! This is a rebellion!'

Dephew walked out of Harren's office in anger, when he suddenly heard someone nearby saying something about Mafa Merlin.

Hearing Mafa Merlin's name made Dephew's eyes shine.

'Right, I can't do anything against Harren until more support from the Holy Land arrives, but it's not as if I can't do anything about that Mafa Merlin.'

Dephew was bursting with energy as he found the area where the Merlin Family was garrisoned and stormed his way in. When he saw someone starting to come over to question him, Dephew waved his hand and sent a gale blowing over, sending that 9th Rank High Mage flying.

"Where is Mafa Merlin? Have him come out to meet me!"

Dephew walked in with a sneer as he looked at the mages around him in disdain.

'F*ck, they are so weak, yet they actually dare to leech off of us? We barely managed to deal with the Sunset Fort and they are already coming to get some benefits for themselves.'


Lin Yun frowned as he heard Kurumu's report, he closed the book in his hand and expressionlessly walked out.

Dephew sneered as Lin Yun appeared.

"You are that Mafa Merlin? I'll give you a chance now! F*ck off from the Sunset Fort before I change my mind. If you want to survive, then immediately get out of here!"

As soon as these words were spoken, Kurumu started gathering the mage army.

Lin Yun's frown intensified as he looked at Dephew' robe. 'This seems to be a member of the Black Tower. What's going on?'

"And you are...?"

Dephew raised his chin and pridefully answered, "I am Dephew Oliver, the Commander sent over by the Black Tower's Holy Land. Your Merlin Family has so little strength, how could it qualify to be a partner of our Black Tower?

"I heard that you advanced to the Archmage realm less than a year ago. That's enough to become the Commander of the Merlin Family? Really, since when has the Merlin Family fallen so low?

"Look at you trash! The general attack on the Raging Flame Plane is so important, yet you only brought fifty people? And the strongest is only a 2nd Rank Archmage? This is truly disheartening. Where were you when we attacked the Sunset Fort? And now you are here to take advantage of us and get some leftover points? I really don't know what that fool is thinking, to actually make you come...

"Hmpf, don't say that I'm not giving you an opportunity. Immediately take your group of cannon fodder and get the f*ck out of the Sunset Fort or don't blame me for being rude. I won't even bring up the matter of my fellow disciple if you get the f*ck out right now."

Dephew was proud and disdainful, and he was glaring coldly around him.

'Hmpf, this bunch of idiots... The Sunset Fort has just been stormed and the Raging Flame Beastmen haven't given up on it yet. If you leave the Sunset Fort, I won't have to kill you, because those Beastmen will.

'If I handle it like this, Harren won't be able to say anything.'

Lin Yun understood when he heard Dephew's words. That guy wasn't able to overrule Harren for some reason or other.

'And what was that about a fellow disciple?' Lin Yun had forgotten the matter suppressed by Harren and still couldn't remember how he had a grudge with that guy.

"Are you brainless?" Lin Yun solemnly asked.

Lin Yun had pondered on it and was asking this question very seriously.

Dephew was still looking pleased with himself, thinking that he had perfectly taken care of the matter of the Merlin Family without falling out with Harren. This was the best outcome, as it'd even take a stab at Harren's reputation

Hearing Lin Yun's words, Dephew proudly smiled, but he suddenly froze.

"Damned b*stard! What did you just say? Say it again!"

'That damned scoundrel, he... He actually dared to speak to me like that!?'

Lin Yun seriously looked at Dephew and asked again, "Are you brainless?"

Dephew's face suddenly turned crimson. He hadn't expected Mafa Merlin to be so brazen. Dephew's mana rose up, and his robe started fluttering.

Dephew was incensed, and his expression darkened.

'When was the last time someone dared to speak to me like this? A little young Archmage of the Merlin Family truly thinks that he can do whatever he pleases with Harren's support? He thinks that he can ignore the prestige of the Black Tower's Holy Land because Harren will protect him?'

"Mafa Merlin, you are insulting the dignity of a 9th Rank Archmage, which is also insulting the dignity of the Black Tower Holy Land. Kneel!"

After saying that, Dephew sinisterly released his aura to pressure Lin Yun.

"Stupid guy, I'll give you one last chance! Kneel! You are courting your own death, and you are also attracting a disaster onto your Merlin Family!

"If you kneel for three days and pray for my forgiveness, I'll be charitable enough to let you live after you cripple your own mana! And your Merlin Family will have to devote its force to our efforts!"

Dephew raised his head and coldly looked at Lin Yun, releasing the aura of a 9th Rank Archmage without restraint, not only targeting Lin Yun, but also his mage army.

Lin Yun's expression became icy. He had just thought that he should leave this idiot alone out of respect for the collaborative agreement with the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower, but he hadn't expected Dephew to try pressuring him directly.

Lin Yun sighed and said in a dull tone, "Dephew, right? For the sake of Sir Harren, I'll act as if you never came if you leave now."

Dephew burst into a loud laughter as his mana was already surging and transforming into waves of radiance that curled around his body. The aura of a 9th Rank Archmage fell on Lin Yun like a heavy mountain.

That aura stopped even the air from flowing, but it looked as if a faint breeze was flowing in front of Lin Yun as he didn't even react.

Dephew was a bit surprised. He then sneered and concentrated his aura so that it would only pressure Lin Yun, even adding some spiritual pressure to it. As a 9th Rank Archmage, he had already reached some insights into the Laws, and this pressure could greatly suppress someone's mind.

After three seconds, Lin Yun was still unperturbed as if he couldn't feel the pressure.

That pressure was already ineffective against Lin Yun. An ordinary Archmage could already form some of their own understanding of Laws at the 5th Rank, but this would be superficial knowledge.

Observing the shadow of the laws to then form a similar imitation... This was just the first sign of observing the Laws

But Lin Yun had already started forming something similar to his own Law...

Even so, these things were restricted by ranks and couldn't affect power until one advanced to the 5th Rank, greatly widening the gap between a 5th Rank Archmage and a weaker Archmage.

This wisp of his own Law allowed Lin Yun to completely ignore any pressure under the Heaven Rank.

Considering that, how could Dephew's pressure suppress him?

This was a joke...

Lin Yun frowned and slowly took out his Draconic Staff.

At this time, a shadow flew over from a distance and landed in front of Dephew.

It was surprisingly Harren. His expression had turned unsightly in midair, especially when he noticed that Mafa Merlin had already taken out his staff.

Having known Mafa Merlin for a long time, how could Harren not know that once he had decided to act, there would only be one outcome?

And it wouldn't just end up at teaching the other side a lesson.

Backer? Background? Status?

Harren was very clear about it. That young Archmage never cared about such things.