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 Enderfa's three faces were filled with worry, and he couldn't help bringing up his concerns to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun waved his arm, his eyes not moving from the diary in his hand.

"It's fine, it's still early, there's no hurry, don't worry..."

Enderfa was at a loss after seeing Lin Yun's attitude. It didn't take long before Kurumu came over.

"Sir Mafa, are we going to go ahead? There is no point in staying here..."

Lin Yun's expression didn't change and he kept reading the diary.

"It's fine, there is no hurry. Take advantage of this time to get stronger. When you all advance to the Archmage realm, you'll have more assurance in the future."

Kurumu bowed and left, not daring to press further. After such a long time, he already understood that Mafa Merlin must have planned everything. He wouldn't do anything without being certain of the outcome.

Even wasting time here might have a certain significance.

A few people came to persuade him from time to time, but because of his attitude, no one dared to say anything else.

But although the others remained unperturbed, Wagner couldn't keep calm. It could be said that he was on a pirate ship, and his soul was in the other side's hands. They were in the same boat now. He couldn't bear seeing Lin Yun wasting time here.

"Sir Mafa, a lot of puppets have been produced, with over a hundred of them above level 35 and even more of the others, yet we are still wasting time here... Isn't that bad?

"Other areas are already buzzing with activity, and the point counts are rapidly growing while ours aren't changing much..."

Wagner was clearly worried about how things were going.

'Damnit, it's more than just a big difference... I checked it yesterday, and the points of the Odin Kingdom are still stably suppressing the Andlusa Kingdom's. Moreover, a few of the major forces of the Odin Kingdom are constantly on the move, and their attacking speed is simply unimaginable.

'The Andlusa side isn't too weak... Their points are steadily increasing, yet our own points haven't increased much in half a month. If this continues, we will really be done for...

'Sh*t, I don't even know if I should support the Andlusa Kingdom or the Odin Kingdom!'

Lin Yun still didn't react when Wagner came to persuade him. He wasn't planning on going anywhere, and this caused a lot of worry.

All kinds of scouted information started being transferred to the Radiant Fort...

The news from the Andlusa Kingdom was collected by Lin Yun's subordinates.

The Black Tower already controlled three forts and had suppressed a few dozen Beastman tribes. They were cutting through with irresistible force. Their speed was frightening, and they summoned more and more powerhouses to help as they became available.

The Cloud Tower also seized three forts, and their luck was pretty good. They found a large magic metal vein containing a considerable amount of raw Dragonblood Stone.

Dragonblood Stone was a top-grade magic gem and was considered by some a priceless treasure. It was said that a vein of Dragonblood Stone could only appear after the blood of Ancient Dragons sprinkled on the earth and settled for a very long period of time.

This was one of the few things that could improve a mage's talent. It was used to refine potions for Magic Apprentices and could increase the talent of an ordinary apprentice to the upper-middle level.

Many powerful mages had pretty good talent, but the offspring that they doted on sometimes didn't. In Noscent, every time a Dragonblood Stone appeared, it would create carnage.

There were a few people who ultimately became powerhouses after their talent was increased by the Dragonblood Stone.

This time, the Cloud Tower had made a huge profit with this magic ore vein containing Dragonblood Stone.

Some were lucky, while others were unlucky. The Hope Fort that Lin Yun would have originally attacked turned out to be very troublesome.

Not only were there two 9th Rank Sword Saints, but there was also a 9th Rank Shaman.

At that time, that guy who had shamelessly asked to trade with Lin Yun was feeling regretful. His Family had suffered terrible losses, while he himself had been cursed by that Shaman. His mana was dissipating and his soul was withering, so he had already withdrawn from the military campaign.

The Watson Family, the Charlotte Family...

Andlusa's forces were crazily attacking, and the seven forces didn't make great waves, as they'd already accomplished their objectives. It was, in fact, the smaller forces that suffered disastrous losses. Some forts came under attack, and their losses were even more terrible.

As for the information coming from the Odin Kingdom, it had been supplied by Wagner.

That guy was a lot more worried than Lin Yun. He would report every new bit of information to Lin Yun straight away.

The three major forces of the Odin Kingdom participating in this war were a bit faster than the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower.

The Burning Tower had already broken through four forts, and they were all formidable fortresses with terrifying strength. It was said that the Burning Tower had over a hundred Archmages, and that the leader was an old 9th Rank Archmage who had stayed at the peak of the Archmage realm for over thirty years.

This powerhouse who had become the Burning Son already had a foot in the Heaven Rank and was at a point where he was probably able to break through to the Heaven Rank anytime. However, he chose to forcibly suppress his power and not break through, hoping to accumulate even more insight until he reached perfection.

It was said that when attacking a Raging Flame Beastman fort, an Ancestor Soul close to level 40 fought with the Burning Son before being burnt to ashes. Even half of the fort was burnt down.

The Quicksand Tower attacked a Beastman fort established below a desert. Not only was it hidden, but its defenses were quite daunting. Yet, those Beastmen didn't have time to defend against the attack.

Then, the Quicksand Tower's army joined up with their leader and cast a frighteningly powerful spell that forcibly dragged up that underground fort that covered a few kilometers, causing huge changes to the topography.

The originally smooth desert had then taken the shape of an enormous dune, with the fort in the middle. It was the tallest area of the desert, and over a thousand Beastmen ended up being buried alive.

The leader of the Beastmen there was a level 39 Warlock, but he was killed by the other side's Commander.

Over a hundred meters of sand rolled up and swallowed that Beastman before forcibly pulling him a few hundred meters underground, exhausting his mana until he died.

As for Sky City, they were the strangest. They led a large number of small, floating fortresses with mage armies hiding within, casting without scruples from above.

They were the fastest force at capturing forts, and they were already on their 5th. Moreover, their strategy of dividing up their forces was obviously working. They had their floating fortresses go on ahead with the mage armies to break through the fort, before leaving the ground armies to clear up the mess.

These three most powerful forces aside, the other forces weren't too weak, either. Apart from the George Family being unlucky and encountering Lin Yun, the other forces had each already successfully attacked their target fort.

Hearing the news coming from the Odin Kingdom, everyone started getting worried again.

Lin Yun's subordinates sat down together, and William started the discussion. "What's up with Mafa lately? The Raging Flame Plane is getting overturned, yet he isn't worried. I also looked at the points recently, and our points have been exceeded by several others, and not just the seven major forces. Even many of the small forces have surpassed our points. If this continues, we will have no points left to earn."

Wagner was sullen and dispirited, and he felt the most wronged. He was obviously someone from the Odin Kingdom, yet he had to worry about the matters of the Andlusa Kingdom.

"The Odin Kingdom is already pressuring the Andlusa Kingdom with their points. If that continues, they will win the bet over the Raging Flame Plane and conquer those stupid Raging Flame Beastmen. What is Sir Merlin thinking about?" he said.

Enderfa made three hands appear and hold his chins while contemplating.

"We can't let this continue much longer. If this doesn't change, we should try to persuade Merlin together..."

A few days passed, and the information gathered became more and more serious. The military campaign was reaching its climax, and the horn of the general attack was already echoing. The Raging Flame Beastmen had also started gathering together after so many days of war. An all-out counterattack would happen at any time. This was the most crucial period.

Lin Yun still peacefully sat in the courtyard while calmly reading the diary when Enderfa, Kurumu, Wagner, William, and Xiuban arrived.

This group of people arrived together, and after entering, Xiuban couldn't help noisily questioning, "Sir Merlin, when are we leaving this place? The battle has already started on the front line. We will lose all our benefits if we don't go..."

On the side, Wagner promptly added, "Sir Merlin, now is our best chance to grab more points, and it's also the last opportunity. If we keep dragging our feet, we won't be able to get any points!"

Enderfa's faces were puzzled as he said, "Merlin, you should know that the score of the Odin Kingdom far exceeds the Andlusa Kingdom's, and the gap is likely still increasing. If you keep dragging on, the Andlusa Kingdom will lose. Will you be able to fight the forces of the entire Odin Kingdom then?"

Wagner's expression wasn't very good as he helplessly added, "Sir Merlin, it is said that a Heaven Rank of the Odin Kingdom has already appeared..."

Lin Yun closed the diary and raised his head with a calm expression, neither proud nor impatient as he said, "There is no need to worry, it isn't time for us to perform yet. As for the points, you don't have to mind that either. Just wait..."

The group of people couldn't understand. This was an urgent matter, and even someone as clueless as Xiuban was a bit worried, yet Lin Yun was in no hurry...