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 The shrill noise that rippled through the air sounded like a banshee putting her life force into a screech. The few puppets without energy in the surroundings were swept by that ripple, and as if they had come to life, they shook a few times before loudly exploding, their fragments filling the entire sky.

Lin Yun had a cold expression on his face. He quickly chanted for a few seconds before a dozen Ice Shields and Fire Shields appeared in the air.

Behind each Ice Shield was a Fire Shield, and layers upon layers of shields were intertwined.

Those golden thorns pierced through a dozen Shields before they started slowing down. They were burned by a Fire Shield before being frozen by an Ice Shield and then being burnt again by a Fire Shield.

In an extremely short period, that process repeated a dozen times before those golden thorns finally collapsed.

In the end, Lin Yun used an Earth Shield to stop those thorns.

Seeing the golden thorns piercing halfway into the Earth Shield, cold sweat started trickling down Lin Yun's forehead.

Because these golden thorns were only the hair of the spider's fur.

With Armor Penetration, Haste, Magic Penetration, as well as a dozen other enchantments, the hairs were able to display a frightening power no less formidable than an 8th Tier spell.

Moreover, that attack covered a large range.

And the target wasn't only Lin Yun... Reina, Enderfa, Xiuban, and the alchemy puppet were all targets of that attack.

Reina used her Dragon Shape to fall back and dodge, ice enveloping her body as she frantically condensed Ice Shields. But they simply couldn't effectively block those golden thorns.

In less than a second, the shields thoroughly lost their effects, and Reina had no choice but to flap her wings covered with a layer of deep blue ice and use them to shield herself, barely able to block the golden thorns.

"Ding, ding, ding..."

A series of sharp collisions echoed as Reina's wings became filled with golden thorns.


The layer of ice covering Reina's wings thoroughly shattered, and the golden thorns also fell to the ground.

The alchemy puppet actually had the easiest time dodging. It protected the swapped parts and used offensive spells to weaken the might of those golden thorns. It then used its Heaven Rank parts to receive the attacks from the thorns, and its body only shook. Only a few replaceable parts were damaged.

Xiuban had gotten a lot smarter and used his huge Carnage as a shield, only exposing some non-vital parts.

Most of the golden thorns hit Carnage and couldn't shatter that warhammer made of the jawbone of an Ancient Poison Dragon, but the terrible impact sent Xiuban flying back. Also, a sharp thorn pierced through Xiuban's left arm, gouging away a piece of flesh.

Xiuban spurted blood after suffering from that attack, and fear could be seen in his eyes. Just the impact transmitted through Carnage was enough to wound him... This was too frightening.

As the spider puppet finished its first attack, Reina let out a deafening Dragon Roar, shooting out icy light from her mouth.

When Lin Yun saw this, he immediately raised his Draconic Staff. A large number of runes came out of the wheel shadow, and after a short incantation, meteors fell from the sky and crashed towards the spider puppet.

The spider puppet's speed didn't change at all. It only swung its two blade-like legs and slashed out with them, easily tearing apart a dozen meteors.

But suddenly, the earth in front of its body suddenly shook, and the earth that had been reinforced countless times turned into a quagmire.

The quagmire covered over thirty meters, and the spider puppet's long legs instantly sank into it.

At the same time, Enderfa's Elemental Storm and the puppet's spellwave pressured the spider puppet from both sides.

A huge rune shone on the back of the spider puppet, and as it rose, a round watery shield covered its insides.

The Elemental Storm and the spellwave fiercely swept towards it but barely caused any reaction on that blue barrier. It showed no sign of being damaged.

"Damn, Heavenflower Water Barrier, a 9th Tier spell that can appear in an instant," Enderfa hatefully cursed. He gnashed his teeth and controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to release another Elemental Storm.

At this time, Reina also opened her mouth and let out a glaring Dragon Breath at the temporarily suppressed puppet.

It was like an icy blue sun had exploded in Reina's mouth. The radiance which carried a chilling aura, transformed into a pillar of light that blasted the spider puppet's shield.


That flowing blue shield was instantly frozen.

Reina's Frost Breath had been refined along with her Life Essence and had already reached a formidable stage. It was able to freeze a 9th Tier Heavenflower Water Barrier in an instant and even froze the spider puppet within.

The surrounding space was also frozen for a short duration. All the fluctuations in the affected area stopped, completing pausing. Even the air froze. It was as if a transparent crystal pillar had just appeared.

After using Frost Breath, Reina started panting in exertion. The Frost Breath had been a powerful trump card before, but after the fusion with the Ancient Poison Dragon's mana crystal, her life essence had been refined. Her Frost Breath, which came from her Frost Dragon's instinct, had become even more frightening and consumed even more mana.

She was at level 39, but could use a Frost Breath that displayed traces of Extraordinary Power.

The spider puppet was frozen alongside its water barrier, and in an instant, Lin Yun burst out with his power. A purple Dragon shadow came out of his Draconic Staff and appeared behind him, holding that huge roulette shadow. In an instant, four huge vortexes appeared behind Lin Yun, and the four types of spells crazily rushed out from them.

The four types of spells crazily attacked that sphere of ice and instantly created a frightening Elemental Storm.

Enderfa and the puppet were already going all-out, and with the addition of Lin Yun's Elemental Storm, a phenomenon of annihilation was created.

The Elemental Storms collided and destroyed everything in their wake, and the huge ice sphere was crazily twisting after being surrounded by them.

In less than three seconds, the ice sphere exploded open, shattering into many fragments.

Within it, the spider had turned into a vivid ice sculpture and was being torn apart by that destructive storm, causing cracks to appear on the surface of its frozen body.


When he saw this, not only was Lin Yun not happy, but his frown even intensified.

"Fall back, everyone retreat outside!" Lin Yun roared as he roused his mana while rapidly chanting incantations.

As words came out of Lin Yun's mouth, a large number of runes rushed out of the wheel shadow.

At this moment, Lin Yun frantically gathered blue fireballs in front of him.

In less than a second, over a hundred Bursting Flames condensed in front of Lin Yun and dragged long blue trails as they flew towards the spider puppet.

At the same time, the layer of ice over the spider puppet's body loudly exploded sending the ice flying in all directions, sharply cutting through the air.

As for the spider puppet, it let out a weird sound as its eight legs turned into shadows, and its body became somewhat fuzzy as it turned towards Lin Yun.

During that time, Lin Yun roused his mana and condensed over a hundred Burst Flames that exploded in front of the spider puppet.

All of them exploding together created a huge blue fireball, and the terrifying explosive power sent the puppet flying out.

Lin Yun then used Flame Flash to quickly withdraw.

Enderfa and the puppet immediately followed Lin Yun back, and Xiuban, that cowardly guy, was already running away the moment Lin Yun said to retreat.

Reina also spread her wings and flew out.

That spider puppet had been sent flying by the huge explosions, but it merely damaged some of its fur and caused some of its runes to dim. It simply wasn't injured much.

Lin Yun fell back, inwardly sighing, '4th Rank Archmage is still too weak... Only by advancing to the 5th Rank will I be able to display some Archmage power and withstand that spider puppet to a certain degree. There is nothing I can do at the moment because my spells can hardly damage it.

'Heaven Rank... It's just one Rank, yet the gap is like the gap between heaven and earth. All our trump cards would still be ineffective against it.

As Lin Yun withdrew, the puppet's legs stabbed into one of the walls, its eight dark eyes icily looking over.

Five of its eyes slowly started shining, and numerous small runes were flowing within those eyes.

In an instant, the movements of Lin Yun, Xiuban, Enderfa, the puppet, and Reina seemed to have slowed.

Lin Yun's expression changed, and he instantly chanted a rune, making an ordinary Earth Wall appear behind them. The Earth Wall rose up until it was ten meters tall, but the speed at which it rose seemed to have been slowed as well. It took no less than a second before it thoroughly took shape.

With the appearance of the wall, Lin Yun and the others started moving like normal.