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 The Natural Demiplane was still in its growth stage and simply couldn't bear too many powerhouses. If these level 35 puppets were all roused, a few hundreds of them would definitely mess with the Laws of the Demiplanes.

Before Lin Yun advanced to the Heaven Rank, if a Heaven Rank powerhouse appeared in the Demiplane and released his Aura, the Natural Demiplane would be destroyed.

Since the Demiplane's development started, the Laws had slowly been maturing and the restrictions had become bigger and bigger. A power that was too strong would simply be unbearable.

Treating it as a warehouse was okay, but Lin Yun didn't dare to do something as dangerous as putting a few hundred powerhouses within. He didn't even dare to let his subordinates enter the Demiplane together since they started advancing to the Archmage realm.

As he looted his way forward, Lin Yun didn't go far before suddenly stopping. In the distance, a team of puppets holding large swords or covered in enchantments was running over.

These puppets had clear marks on their bodies. They were all combat models and seemed to be defending this underground base.

"Prepare to fight, dismantle these guys," Lin Yun instructed.

Xiuban was already swinging Carnage.

Before coming in, Lin Yun knew that the puppets within wouldn't all be completely devoid of energy, considering that there were the two One-Eyed Guards at the entrance.

The huge Radiant Fort's array was stealing Abyssal power and a portion was diverted underground. That wasn't a small amount.

Even if those huge assembly lines stopped, it didn't mean that all the puppets had run out of energy.

And it looked like it truly was the case. Those ten guard puppets still remained active, eight of them at level 35 and two at level 36. The level 35 ones were all sword model puppets, while the two level 36 ones were casting model puppets that could use magic.

Their bodies were emitting very clear mana fluctuations, and one glance was enough to see that they had enough energy remaining to keep fighting.

Xiuban swung Carnage and directly rushed towards that group of puppets. Air blasts were created by Carnage's momentum as it ruthlessly smashed onto the body of a sword puppet.

A loud explosion echoed, and that puppet's chest suddenly caved in. A large amount of electricity sparked from its body as its mechanical system was instantly destroyed. It fell in the distance, and its limbs were continuously jerking around, but it could no longer stand.

Lin Yun's eyelids twitched. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he ended up remaining silent.

'That dumbass... These sword puppets are extremely valuable. As long as I manage to control them and rewrite their control systems, they could be used as hired thugs. But great, the most important mechanical system has been destroyed. That puppet can only be dismantled and used for parts now...'

As for the alchemy puppet and Enderfa, they were even fiercer as they cast floods of spells, especially Enderfa. He slowly used spells of all four elements to form an Elemental Storm that caused complete destruction.

A level 35 puppet was drawn into the elemental storm and torn apart in less than three seconds.

On the contrary, Reina used simple freezing spells that surpassed the realm of Frost Dragons.

A simple Freeze froze the power sources of the two strongest puppets in an instant.

Lin Yun sighed and casually dismantled the dozen puppets, taking out any parts that could be used, while the rest would be melted back into materials.

Lin Yun didn't say anything as he looked at Wagner, who had been following along without making a move.

Wagner was actually startled by Lin Yun's glance and promptly explained, "Sir Merlin, my strength is lacking, I didn't have time to do anything before you finished the fight..."

Lin Yun ignored Wagner, making the latter worry as he didn't know what Lin Yun was thinking. If he wasn't doing anything to help, why would they still let him follow?

On the way, Lin Yun milked the inactive puppets dry while continuing towards the depths of the underground base.

He didn't walk far before meeting another group of puppets, and this group was clearly larger.

Over thirty puppets, all of which were casting models. They were still several dozen meters away when they sent out over a hundred Fire Bolts. As the bolts grazed the ground, they left numerous burn marks.

Lin Yun frowned, and his Magic Array rapidly revolved. In an instant, he discovered that those puppets were all level 35 or level 36, and not only were the most annoying ray-type spells enchanted on their bodies, but with enough energy, each of these puppets could let out four to five rays at the same time, casting about a hundred and fifty without stopping.

After doing some calculations, Lin Yun gave up on dismantling those puppets with his bare hands, but the thirty puppets couldn't be left alone. He couldn't guarantee that these puppets would remain intact and could only forcibly destroy them.

Lin Yun waved his Draconic Staff, and ice appeared on the ground in front of them. The ice flickered with light before three loud sounds echoed as three Askrim Gates rose up from the ground.

A large number of Fire Bolts, Fire Rays, and Flame Rays frantically pelted the Askrim Gates. All kinds of creatures seemed to have come alive on the Askrim Gate, and they kept moving on the upper part of the gates as they devoured flaming rays.

Thick, white smoke began soaring up from the top of the gate as the Askrim Gates could be seen melting at a visible speed, losing about half their height.

As a reaction to their spells being blocked, even more runes lit up on the bodies of the puppets.

In an instant, several hundred red rays assembled into a huge beam that ruthlessly attacked the three Askrim Gates.

The blue gates were destroyed in a second, and fragments of ice filled the sky.

But during that time, five more Askrim Gates rose up from the ground and forcibly blocked that lance of flame.

Enderfa, Reina, and the puppet took advantage of the timeframe to start casting.

A dozen-meter-thick Elemental Storm transformed into a flood that washed over the puppets, and the alchemy puppet released a spellwave right after, suppressing the group of puppets from two sides.

Facing the two-pronged attack, the puppets reacted extremely quickly and instantly cast over sixty Fire Shields which layered and combined to form a powerful defense.

But at his time, Reina had already finished chanting a few sounds, creating three blue runes that continuously scattered ice fragments. The runes then transformed into lights that flashed towards three nodes of the huge, flaming defense.

In an instant, three ice-blue halos transformed into ripples that spread out and forcibly extinguished the flames of the Fire Shields.

How could those shields resist the Elemental Storm and the spellwave with three holes broken through them?

In a head-on collision, the remaining Fire Shields were ripped apart, and the Elemental Storm and the spellwave collided at the same location.

Ten of those thirty puppets in the middle were instantly torn to pieces.

The rest tried to dodge, but there was only one path out of spells, and it was behind them. However, Xiuban had suddenly appeared behind them, swinging Carnage and rotating like a spinning top.

A terrifying force burst out in the air, and a large amount of cloudy smoke was generated, from which lightning kept flashing. After a second, Xiuban turned into a shadow, and his silhouette could no longer be seen. Only the thick, whitish tornado could be seen colliding with the puppets.

Bolts of lightning floated within that white tornado, and the moment those burning rays reached the tornado, they were torn apart.

A puppet approached the edge of the tornado, and a formidable warhammer flashed over, shattering it into countless fragments, not leaving a single intact part behind.

In the distance, Lin Yun only casually released some Askrim Gates and left the others to deal with the situation. He then turned to look at Wagner, who seemed ready to escape.

A trace of embarrassment could be seen on Wagner's face, and cold sweat began dripping down his back.

'Damnit, Mafa Merlin's subordinates are that strong?! That's over thirty of those puppets, yet they dealt with them so easily and tore them into pieces...

'Apart from that monstrous Beastman, everyone else has the power of a 9th Rank Archmage. And Mafa Merlin himself has yet to go all-out...

'But I've seen him act twice, and it was at least comparable to those peak 9th Rank Archmages. He was actually able to release three Askrim Gates, the advanced form of Ice Walls, in a row? Just how strong are the Andlusans?

'If you're so powerful, why did you drag me in? I'm just an 8th Rank Archmage, there is no use in me following behind. It's not that I don't want to help, there is just no opportunity...'

Wagner had a bitter expression. He wanted to leave but didn't dare to. Every time he wanted to turn around to leave, Lin Yun would casually glance at him.