'Not attaching importance to their customers!'

Such a serious accusation, not leaving any escape route for the Gilded Rose.

The sensation caused by the Twin Moons Splendor's alchemy exhibition was catching up to the one caused by the Hope Potion. Almost everyone knew that the Berserk Blood Potion was tailored for Swordsmen. The immense surge of power of the Berserk effect could let a Swordsman ignore the difference between ranks and have the ability to contend against a Great Swordsman.

Moreover, the Berserk Blood could be mass produced.

One Swordsman might not be much, and perhaps ten weren't enough, but one or two hundred Swordsmen would be enough to make a High Mage feel numb once they drank Berserk Blood.

At this time, even the harshest onlooker would have to admit that the effects of the Berserk Blood Potion were truly formidable.

People were worried about the Gilded Rose at this moment.

Their gazes converged on Faleau.

Everyone wanted to know how this young Alchemist who had managed to make Hawkins lose face would answer.

"I naturally heard about the Berserk Blood Potion, but Great Alchemist Hawkins, the skill exchange you are suggesting might have to wait a bit..." Faleau was still smiling. He walked out of the crowd and stood in the middle of the lobby.

"Our Gilded Rose will be organizing an alchemy exhibition. The content of the exhibition will also be two potions. One called the Meditation Potion, and the other called the Dragon Strength Potion!"

The lobby burst with chatter after Faleau's words.

'The Gilded Rose is organizing another alchemy exhibition?'

Many people had participated in the previous alchemy exhibition and had witnessed with their own eyes the sensation created by the Hope Potion in Thousand Sails City. They originally thought that even if the Gilded Rose had formidable technical skills, the next exhibition wouldn't be for a long time.

After all, the research and development of potions would usually be counted in years. Only the previous Flashing Gold chamber of commerce was able to release a new potion every year.

But how long has it been? Just one or two months?

"Excuse me, Alchemist Faleau? What are the effects of the Meditation and Dragon Strength potions? And can you introduce their creators?" Someone couldn't help asking Faleau, as this was big news, after all.

Coming here was truly worth it! Not only did they get to see a shameless Great Alchemist, but they would also get to attend the Gilded Rose's alchemy exhibition!

"Haha, the effect of the Meditation Potion is to increase the rate of mana recovery, while the effect of the Dragon Strength Potion is to strengthen one's body. As for their creator... You are looking at him. It was me, Faleau!"

"An insignificant Alchemist dares to convene an alchemy exhibition?" Hawkins immediately snorted on the side, his face filled with disdain and ridicule.

He originally thought that the Meditation Potion and the Dragon Strength Potion were the works of the same creator as the Hope Potion, making him feel anxious.

But it turned out that the creator was Faleau.

'The work of an insignificant Alchemist, how could it be comparable to the Berserk Blood Potion? How big was the gap between an Alchemist and a Great Alchemist? How could he not know?'

But as his thoughts reached this far, Hawkins suddenly became vigilant.

'Hold on... This was something even idiots knew, so how could he not know? Could it be that Faleau wants to get the formula and recipe of the Berserk Blood Potion this way?'

Hawkins immediately felt regretful. He regretted being so full of himself a few minutes ago, saying that they could have a skill exchange even if the potion was inferior. 'Could it be that he wants to use this loophole? Right, this is quite possible. But he is too naive.'

A sneer appeared on Hawkins' face once again. He hurriedly spoke out with ridicule before Faleau could say anything.

"Faleau, you wouldn't dare to use two shoddy potions for the recipe and formula of the Berserk Blood Potion, would you? Do you think that I'm stupid, or are you that naive? Think about it, you are a mere Alchemist, what qualifications do you have to exchange skills with me. Go look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself if you are worth it."

"Haha, Great Alchemist Hawkins' words are quite funny..." Faleau didn't get angry. He had already sharpened himself after working for years at the Black Horn Auction House. When needed, Faleau could face any humiliation with a smile on his face. Even if his counterpart spat at him, he wouldn't mind wiping it before continuing to chat with a smile on his face.


If there was the need, Faleau could also spit at someone's face!

"Okay, everyone, this is a bottle of Dragon Strength." Faleau didn't pay attention to the gloomy Hawkins as he fished out a bottle from his bag. It was filled with a red liquid, just like the Berserk Blood Potion. When displayed there, it looked like a pure ruby. "Let's take a look at the effect of the potion. Hmm... You, come over."

"Alchemist Faleau, what do you need?" Hauss obviously knew that he was the one being called for, so he hurriedly rushed to Faleau's side, and after glancing around furtively to make sure that no one noticed, he quietly reminded Faleau, "Alchemist Faleau... My name is Hauss..."

"Okay Hauss..." Faleau patted the young genius' shoulder before turning back to the others. "Everyone, allow me to introduce you Alchemist Hmm... Hauss. He is a 5th Rank Mage, and this information is in the records of the Alchemist Guild. If someone isn't convinced, they can investigate anytime. Oh, and I need a Swordsman, 8th or 9th Rank if possible, anyone willing to help?"

"Me!" Just as Faleau's sentence ended, a strong man suddenly stood out. He seemed to be in his thirties, and he looked tough and courageous. He was carrying a greatsword the size of a man.

When standing in front of him, the somewhat below-average Hauss felt like a dwarf...

"Hauss, drink this."

"Understood." Although Hauss didn't know what Faleau wanted him to do, he was willing to do anything for his idol. Thus, he grabbed the Dragon Strength Potion and drank it in two gulps.

"Oh right, Friend, you should introduce yourself to everyone," Faleau said to the sturdy Swordsman while Hauss was drinking the potion.

"I am Bill, 8th Rank Swordsman of the Reckless Ox Mercenary Group. Most of those taking missions at the Mercenary Guild every day know me. If you don't trust me, you can ask them."

"Haha, Reckless Ox Bill, who doesn't know you..." Some kind laughter came from the crowd.

"Okay, Swordsman Bill, how about fighting our Gilded Rose's 5th Rank Mage in a bit?"

"Sure, there is no problem, but Alchemist Faleau, what if I injure him? My blows are a bit heavy, after all..."