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 A roar echoed beside Wagner as he instantly made up his mind to use the broken sword to cut open his finger. He used his blood to rouse the sword before fiercely throwing it towards the Abyssal Gate.

In an instant, a terrifying Extraordinary aura burst out of the broken sword. The originally rusty sword blossomed with bright radiance once again, and the rust marks thoroughly disappeared. The bloodstains were also absorbed by the sword, turning it bloody red.

The broken part of the sword seemed to regrow, and it seemed as if there was a formidable powerhouse swinging the longsword and ruthlessly slashing at the Abyssal Gate.

Light flashed as the scarlet aura in the Abyssal Gate's surroundings was cut down, just like a hot knife cutting through butter. A deafening thunderclap echoed as the Abyssal Gate started frantically shaking. Ripples started appearing on the calm mirror surface of the gate, and the door of light shattered into pieces like glass.

Wagner faintly saw the pair of flaming eyes on the other side coldly looking at him.


The Abyssal gate shattered...

The boundless Abyssal aura turned into smoke, and the unwilling roars of the Blood Demon echoed.

Because the Abyssal Gate shattered, the drop of Abyssal Demon Blood also lost its master's will, and since it had already been roused, it could only dissipate.

In the distance, Lin Yun saw the Blood Demon explode and knew that the Abyssal Gate had been destroyed. Because the last attack of the Blood Demon had razed that hill, the number of survivors was unknown.

"Damn, how could a Blood Avatar of a Greater Abyssal Overlord appear here?"

Enderfa was looking in the distance in alarm, feeling terrified.

A Greater Abyssal Overlord... That was an Abyssal powerhouse surpassing the Heaven Rank. Each one controlled a floor of the Abyss, while some more powerful ones could control several floors!

A powerhouse of that level actually left a Blood Avatar there...

Lin Yun's heart was still beating fast. Although he knew that the ancestor of the Black Iron Beastmen was still alive and had made some conjectures based on the barrier, he still didn't expect that Greater Abyssal Overlord to be so ruthless as to directly conjure a Blood Avatar with a wisp of Extraordinary Power.

As he was still thinking about how to attack the Radiant Fort, Wagner jumped out on his own with perfect timing, so they both cooperated.

This was an agreement entirely made by the George Family, and they'd even made excessive requests for Lin Yun to agree to. No one had forced the George Family to do this.

But Lin Yun was also amazed by the fact that Wagner dealt with the Blood Avatar so quickly. That guy was an 8th Rank Archmage and a member of the George Family. Lin Yun wasn't surprised that he could deal with the Blood Avatar, but he was surprised by the speed at which he did.

After thinking about it for a bit, Lin Yun could only sigh at the foundation of the Odin Kingdom. The Blood Avatar just came out and he felt a wisp of Extraordinary power... He sighed at the other side's Magic Tools.

'George Family... Could it be that George Family?'

Lin Yun frowned as if it was something he should know but couldn't remember.

On the other side, Wagner had an awkward expression as he rushed out of the hole and burst out in laughter.

'So what if it's a Greater Abyssal Overlord? So what if he used a Blood Avatar? He still couldn't kill me! Damn b*stard, just stay in the Abyss and don't even think of meddling with this side!

'The Radiant Fort's barrier should have disappeared after destroying this Blood Avatar! I've already done at least 30% of the work regarding the Radiant Fort. I just need to go to the Radiant Fort and capture it. I'll send those Black Iron Beastmen to meet their ancestors and will obtain at least 90% of the points for the capture of the Radiant Fort!

'Damnit, who would have thought that the Black Iron Beastmen's foundation was hidden so deep? No wonder the Raging Flame Beastmen's royal family didn't excessively force the Black Iron Beastmen.

'If I had known, I wouldn't have made those Andlusans move so far back. If they were here, I wouldn't have had to spend so much energy. I could have gotten them to stall that Blood Demon, and once I came back from destroying the Abyssal Gate, most of the points would have been mine.

'But it doesn't matter, the most difficult problem has been settled. I want to see how those Black Iron Beastmen hide within their Radiant Fort now that they've lost their protection.

'With how troublesome the Radiant Fort is, the value should be far greater than others anticipated. I shouldn't waste my time here.'

Wagner flew up from the hole and shouted, "Doug, hurry up and gather everyone! We will immediately attack the Radiant Fort, don't give those Black Iron Beastmen any time to make their preparations..."

But Wagner didn't finish his words before gulping as he foolishly looked at the scene before his eyes.

The originally exploded hill had already disappeared, and the earth all around seemed to have been peeled by a blade. There were holes left in the ground, vestiges of meteorites, and the ground itself was burnt black.

At this time, only corpses and broken limbs could be seen, spreading all the way to the horizon. There were only a handful of people still standing, and no other living beings remained.

Wagner's vision dimmed as he felt surrounded by darkness, somewhat dizzy. Of the George Family's group, mage army, swordsman army, and the archers, everyone was dead...

"How could this be... Damn... Wasn't the Abyssal Gate already destroyed? And the Blood Demon destroyed? How could it end up like this...

"Doug! Doug! You damn scoundrel, hurry up for me, how did you lead!?"

Wagner was still shouting when the two surviving subordinates fearfully stumbled over.

"Young Master Wagner, Sir Doug has already fallen..."

Wagner was dazed. He still couldn't understand how they could have suffered such huge losses. This could be described as a complete wipeout...

"Young Master Wagner, that Blood Demon suddenly burst out with unstoppable power and then disappeared. It was too formidable and none of us could resist..."

Wagner speechlessly stood on the spot, disappointed and frustrated.

'A complete wipeout... What use was there in destroying that Artifact? With so few people, how could I still attack the Radiant Fort?

'The strongest Black Iron Beastman is in the Radiant Fort. Without an army or Magic Tools, can I really handle the Tribal Chief of the Black Iron Beastmen? That's a genuine 9th Rank Sword Saint! And a Black Iron Beastman at that! I can't defeat him, the Radiant Fort can no longer be captured...'

'What should I do now?'

Wagner looked at the scattered remains of his army and suddenly thought of Mafa Merlin in the distance.

As he recalled that, Wagner was overwhelmed by regret...

'Damnit, can I even blame those Andlusan country bumpkins? They agreed to everything we said before, and this time, it was Doug that had them leave, and so far away! Could they still be blamed for not agreeing to our terms?

'Sh*t, it's that damned Doug! He wanted to use such an excessive agreement to restrain the Merlin Family. If the Merlin Family had followed us here, we wouldn't have been completely wiped out.

'If that guy hadn't died after such a performance, I would have killed him myself! He made the Merlin Family run so far away that even if they wanted to help, they couldn't! Now, our George Family's forces have been wiped out, while the Merlin Family didn't suffer any damage. This is just offering them the attack on the Radiant Fort!

'Most of the points will go to the Merlin Family... No, I can't let that happen.

'Right, those Andlusan insects admire our Odin Kingdom so much that they agreed to all of Doug's conditions, no matter how absurd they were. They definitely want to curry favor with our George Family.

'Even if I'm the only one left, if I tell them that as long as they pay allegiance to our George Family, I'll give them the opportunity to be absorbed into the Odin Kingdom, won't their force belong to my George Family?

'Perfect! That Mafa Merlin must revere our George Family greatly, or else he wouldn't have been so subservient.'

Wagner thought hard about it before finding a way to get the points of the Radiant Fort's capture to belong to the George Family.

As he thought about it, Wagner promptly led his subordinates to chase after the Merlin Family.

"Sir Merlin, that idiot didn't die and is chasing after us. Do you want your ultimate servant, the great Lord Xiuban, to break their heads?" Xiuban looked at the chasing Wagner and bared his fangs as he said those words.

Lin Yun casually glanced over and said, "Ignore him, act as if they don't exist."

Lin Yun no longer paid attention to what was happening over there after the end of the battle. In any case, the Black Iron Beastmen's Artifact had already been destroyed, and the barrier surrounding the Radiant Fort had already disappeared. The George Family's situation didn't matter; attacking the Radiant Fort was the priority.

Lin Yun led his group straight to the Radiant Fort, simply ignoring Wagner, who was unhappily chasing after them.

'Damnit, those Andlusan bumpkins! They saw our disastrous losses and immediately thought of reaping the fruits of victory?

'No, I must convince Mafa Merlin before they attack the Radiant Fort...'