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 "Even though that Mafa Merlin is an idiot, he wouldn't be foolish enough to set himself against us. He definitely knows that if he dared to oppose us, he would be the first to die. He is just a kid that recently became an Archmage.

"Rest assured Young Master, just wait... I'll make them stay away. In any case, the last powerhouse has already been killed, so the Black Iron Beastmen's Holy Land is defenseless."

Wagner was a bit worried as he nodded. He hadn't cared before because he hadn't discovered the extent of the other side's strength. He'd only thought that they were good grunts, but now he knew that they weren't that weak, and with the importance of the Artifact, he couldn't help thinking about it.

Doug swaggered towards Lin Yun, and Wagner cautiously sent instructions to withdraw and have his subordinates make battle preparations.

Doug raised his head once again and walked up to the Merlin Family, ordering them in a loud voice, "Alright, the rest has nothing to do with you! Our Young Master feels that you worked too hard, so we'll take care of the next fight. You can retreat and rest. Once you are in top shape, we will attack another tribe.

"The points from these powerhouses all belong to you, so you should also be satisfied. After all, it is none other than the George Family that reached an agreement with you!"

A hint of a threat could be seen from Doug's face as he said those words.

Lin Yun waved his hand with a strange smile, and his group withdrew without a word. Lin Yun paused two kilometers away, and after thinking about it, he led them another two kilometers further.

In the distance, Doug proudly returned to the George Family and reported to Wagner with a disdainful expression.

"Young Master, have you seen it? That Mafa Merlin is an idiot, he just doesn't dare to disobey the orders of our George Family. I said to withdraw, and they withdrew a few kilometers away. This is a statement! They are expressing their servility towards our George Family. Rest assured.

"We will quickly attack the Holy Land and as long as we destroy the Artifact, the Radiant Fort will easily be destroyed. The points from that would make our George Family instantly reach the top 3!"

Wagner's originally anxious expression disappeared due to Lin Yun leading everyone so far away, and it looked like they were still retreating. At this distance, even if they wanted to do something, they wouldn't be able to.

"Alright, hurry up and give the order! Full attack on the Holy Land, we must destroy the Artifact as fast as possible."

The George Family pounced towards the Holy Land, which no longer had any powerhouses defending it.

In the distance, Enderfa looked at Lin Yun with a puzzled expression.

"Merlin, you really plan on letting them destroy the Artifact? You know, the biggest obstacle in attacking the Radiant Fort is that ancestor's blessing. Without that barrier, the difficulty of attacking the Radiant Fort would drop at least ten times. Destroying that Artifact is worth a lot of points. The one who destroys it would get at the very least 30% of the points for the Radiant Fort's capture."

Lin Yun smiled as if he was getting to enjoy a good show.

"Wouldn't there still be 70% of the points? Moreover, on the way there, all the powerhouses were killed by us. In the end the points from attacking the Radiant Fort would inevitably be recalculated after that. How could they be calculated so simply?

"Didn't I keep them around just to destroy that Artifact? Since they want to go, let them destroy it. We have to carefully abide by our agreement."

Lin Yun led everyone away, but the people of the George Family still thought that Lin Yun's group was afraid of them.

Originally, the defenses of the Holy Land weren't very powerful because the Radiant Fort wasn't far and because there were many large and small tribes surrounding it. It was also very hidden, and its entrance was a small, unremarkable cave. With such desolate surroundings, who would think of attacking this place?

After the strongest two powerhouses were killed, there were next to no defenses within the Holy Land. Wagner led the George Family's people to rush into the Holy Land like hungry wolves.

The entrance was a narrow passage leading to the heart of the mountain. It was a huge palace with a few dozen tall and thick pillars. At the very center was a huge, demonic altar with an earthen jar hovering over it. The jar had a demonic face carved on top of it.

The earthen jar calmly floated in the air, spreading a thick, Abyssal aura as if this hall was already part of the Abyss.

Wagner burst out laughing when he saw the earthen jar. He then glanced at the weak priests left in the hall and immediately released his 8th Rank Archmage aura, wrapping himself in mana before flying over. He released ten Wind Blades to cut down the priests before throwing a Flame Burst at the earthen jar.

As the blazing flame struck the jar, the red aura was suddenly roused, and it frantically counterattacked like a viper. More and more scarlet aura sprayed out of the jar like a fountain.

Wagner sneered and took out his own magic staff before quickly chanting out a few incantations, and immediately, a dozen thick stone pillars came down from the ceiling, frantically descending towards the earthen jar.

That seemingly conscious jar was unable to resist the crazy attack, and the thick stone pillars cut through a large amount of the scarlet aura, forcibly pressuring the jar.

After no less than three seconds, the thick pillars hit the earthen jar.


A sharp sound echoed as the earthen jar exploded. The surrounding scarlet aura also vanished.

But at this time, the bloody aura spread out in all directions, and after the jar exploded, a fist-sized drop of purple blood remained floating in the air, frantically churning. The terrifying aura that pulsed out instantly shattered the stone pillars that had yet to fall down.

Wagner was shocked. He hadn't expected anything like this... Just from the aura and the color of the blood, he knew that this was a drop of Abyssal Demon Blood, and from an extremely powerful Abyssal Demon.

The most important part was that this blood was churning as if it was alive. This was a huge problem... It meant that the master of that drop of blood was still alive.

Wagner's face turned white, and he immediately thought about leading the George Family out of the Holy Land, but a terrifying phenomenon happened.

The huge cavern started crumbling, and an aura far exceeding the Archmage realm burst out from its depths.

Boundless scarlet aura converged in the area where the earthen jar had exploded and transformed into a huge door of light.

Endless black smoke and scarlet aura curled up in the surroundings of the light door. The sulfurous smell of the Abyss came from the door of light and transformed into a storm that attacked the entire cave.

Wagner was deathly pale because he could see that this was an Abyssal Gate, and through the light, he could even see the other side. There was a shadow of an imposing Abyssal Demon whose burning eyes coldly swept a glance over as if he was looking at ants.

Even just one glance through the Abyssal Gate was enough to make Wagner feel as if his soul had collapsed. He stiffened and couldn't budge.

'Damnit, a Greater Abyssal Overlord! The Black Iron Beastmen's ancestor, the originator of their Abyssal Demonic Bloodline... Sh*t, that ancestor is still alive!?'

At that time, the churning drop of blood suddenly expanded and took the shape of a Demon. It slowly congealed into solid form and transformed into a several-dozen-meter-tall bloody Abyssal Demon.

Wagner's face turned green as he looked at that blood-colored Abyssal Demon, before coming to a conclusion.

That earthen jar wasn't an Artifact. The drop of Abyssal Demon Blood within the earthen jar was the true Artifact. Now that the Abyssal Gate was opened, it could allow the other side's will to descend.

That drop of blood was enough to create a Blood Avatar.

A Blood Avatar of a Greater Abyssal Overlord...

The most ordinary Blood Avatar of the Greater Demon Overlord standing at the peak of the Abyss had the power to sweep through all Archmages!

Moreover, some weaker Heaven Mages might not be able to face a stronger Blood Avatar...

This Blood Avatar instantly glared with flaming eyes at the George Family's forces. He extended both arms, and a terrifying bloody fluctuation mixed with a large amount of Abyssal power transformed into a storm sweeping the entire cave.


A loud sound echoed as cracks rapidly appeared on the cave's walls. Fragments of rock hovered in the air due to the stifling power of the Blood Avatar.


A loud explosion echoed as the entire cave exploded. The bloody power burst out like a volcanic eruption that directly split the hill open. From outside, it looked as if the hill had exploded from within, and the bloody flood and rock fragments were flying straight towards the sky.

The enormous Blood Avatar's hands tore open the hill as he burst out of the ground before staring at the people rushing out of the cave in panic.

He waved his arm, and boundless Abyssal Runes appeared in front of him. The sky darkened as black clouds shrouded everything within a few kilometers before blood-colored lightning bolts fell down...

Huge, flaming meteors fell down from the black clouds and frantically pelted the ground.