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 Xiuban cursed as he came out of a pile of crushed rock. His skin was deep red as smoke rose up above his head, his eyes quickly reddening as he rushed over once again while swinging Carnage.

The bloody aura curled up around Xiuban's body, making his pressure rapidly rise. He took a step and created a hole in the ground as he instantly disappeared with a loud, rumbling sound.

Carnage's sweep created a large sonic wave, and the helical sonic wave seemed to carry boundless power as it tore through the air.

Boulder held his warhammer with both hands and twisted his waist as a scarlet Aura started covering his body. Pressure leaked heavily in the few meters around Boulder, and even the air couldn't flow.

The warhammer and Carnage collided once again, and the frightening white air blasts spread around as sparks flashed between their weapons. The bloody tyrannical aura transformed into a tornado as it ruthlessly collided with Boulder's scarlet Aura.

In no less than three seconds, the point of impact of the two weapons kept emitting overbearing pressure before exploding with black light exploding. Xiuban and Boulder were simultaneously sent flying away from each other like shadows.

Boulder roared, and the scarlet Aura covering his body flared up. He faintly lowered his waist and firmly planted himself on the ground, both legs plowing into the ground for a dozen meters until half of his body was submerged and he came to a stop.

Meanwhile, Xiuban was like a piece of broken stone as he crazily rolled on the ground, forcibly using his body to stop himself, creating a twenty-meter-long skid in the ground. He looked extremely miserable, but after stopping, the red-eyed Xiuban spat out soil and charged again while roaring, the aura covering his body akin to an ignited flame.

After a second, the two collided once again. Xiuban looked as if he had lost his mind as he crazily swung Carnage.

Boulder had an ashen expression, and veins were popping on his arms as his warhammer turned into an illusory blur that frantically collided with Xiuban's Carnage.

A deafening impact echoed as if a God was beating on war drums. The ground all around them shook, and rocks shattered into pieces. Large fragments couldn't even hit the ground due to the shockwave, which caused them to hover momentarily.

Looking at it from a distance, gravity seemed to have disappeared in a hundred meters around them. Every fragment was flying towards the sky, and large sections kept collapsing. Large pieces of stone were turned to dust from being shattered.

The air had already been forcibly directed towards the sky by the formidable power, and white smoke covered the area. Glaring lightning wrapped around both of them.

A loud rumble lasting more than a dozen seconds echoed before a shadow was sent flying from the white smoke.

The three warhammer afterimages falling on that body were clearly visible.

The shadow flew out for a dozen meters before suddenly stopping. This was Xiuban.

Xiuban had a fierce expression as his skin seemed to ignite. He stabbed his left hand into the ground to slow down his speed while holding Carnage with his right hand. His body was covered in a bloody aura, and some sort of faint Dragon Roar could be heard.


After bellowing, Xiuban's aura suddenly rose, and the bloody aura turned into a Dragon's head that cried out before entering Xiuban's body.

Then, Xiuban instantly vanished, and the earth let out a painful crack as a large hole appeared.


6th Rank Sword Saint!

"Damn b*stard, you actually dare to treat the great Lord Xiuban like that? This is unforgivable, you are dead, even Sir Merlin won't be able to save you!"

Xiuban roared again as he charged, Carnage transforming in a fuzzy shadow as it smashed towards Boulder while its sweep emitted a large amount of lightning.

As for Boulder, he was already pale. He had burst out with his scarlet Aura and could no longer remain at his peak. He looked at Xiuban with a terrible expression, unable to understand what he was made of to be that powerful.

After all, the most powerful warrior of the Raging Flame Beastmen didn't dare to use his body to resist Boulder's hammer. Even a Kodo with the thick skin would be killed by his hammer... But he now encountered someone that didn't die from a blow. Wrong... It was a freak that couldn't even be injured, so Boulder didn't know what to do.

Carnage frantically collided with the warhammer again, but at this time, Xiuban wouldn't take a step back. The two were in a contest of strength for five seconds, creating some sort of storm over the battlefield. The two stood in the eye of the vortex and maintained this storm.

Suddenly, a sharp and clear sound echoed, and Boulder's expression thoroughly changed.

A tiny crack appeared on his warhammer, and in an instant, that crack spread across the hammer like poison.

A deep sound echoed as his warhammer broke into pieces. As for Xiuban's Carnage, it was already ruthlessly smashing over.


Carnage ruthlessly smashed into Boulder's arm, and horrifying crunching sounds echoed as Boulder was sent flying.

It was as if a rift appeared in that tornado when Boulder was sent flying, leaving a trail of blood behind.

Xiuban was closely following behind with red eyes, frantically smashing Boulder's body. After pursuing over ten meters, he still smashed Boulder into the ground, relentless.

After three seconds, Boulder's body could no longer be seen. It looked as if a Giant had wreaked havoc on the ground. The hundred-meter-wide area reeked of desolation, as even a fragment the size of a fingernail couldn't be found.

Xiuban fiercely cursed as he massaged the imprint of a hammer on his shoulder, proudly smiling, "Idiot, you dare fight Lord Xiuban by yourself? Lord Xiuban's Carnage was specially made by the great Sir Merlin! Sir Merlin said that it would be very hard to find a weapon harder than Carnage in Noscent. Damnit, it hurts... You hit Lord Xiuban and you are dead, hahaha..."

Xiuban gently caressed Carnage, looking at it as if looking at a lover. He then laughed and ran back.

"Sir Merlin, I already got rid of that guy, but I suffered severe injuries... Can you give me a dozen bottles of Health Potions...?"

As for the people in the surroundings, the way they looked at Xiuban completely changed, especially the three cousins and the fifty mages. They looked at him as if he was a monster.

"Hell, Merlin, what monster have you created? Can living beings even possess this kind of physical strength? Even Dragons don't have such formidable physiques..."

Enderfa was shocked. The opponent Xiuban had encountered before had been too weak and couldn't even block Xiuban's attack, but this opponent had been an 8th Rank Sword Saint specialized in physical attacks, yet he couldn't cause Xiuban any meaningful injuries.

Everyone could see that this guy was pretending to be hurt and hadn't suffered at all. At most, it was only some superficial wound that would easily be taken care of if he went to sleep, thanks to his constitution.

Lin Yun casually threw a Health Potion at Xiuban and didn't expose his clumsy lie.

He was actually very satisfied by Xiuban's rank-up. That guy's body was already powerful to an unimaginable extent, and ranks definitely couldn't be applied to him. In a physical clash, he could rely on his body to drag down and kill an 8th Rank Sword Saint. Now, he had become a 6th Rank Sword Saint, so barring any surprises, even an 8th Rank Sword Saint wouldn't be his match.

It was a pity that his inherent casting gift from being a Draconic Beastman had already disappeared, but using that kind of incomprehensible body, as well his formidable, monstrous power and Carnage made of an Ancient Poison Dragon's jaw bone, was Xiuban's most suitable fighting style.

As long as he was close, no one under the Heaven Rank would be able to kill Xiuban. He was a perfect meat shield...

Xiuban held the bottle of Health Potion and was about to say something when he saw Lin Yun's strange expression. He suddenly became well-behaved, put the potion in his embrace, and quietly hid in the back.

In the distance, Wagner saw Xiuban's fight and couldn't help growing a bit shocked and looking at Lin Yun's side with vigilance.

'That Beastman's strength is so great, no, his potential is too outstanding! A 6th Rank Sword Saint with such a frightening body that even an 8th Rank Black Iron Beastman couldn't injure... 8th Rank Sword Saints might not be his match...

'If these people have any bad ideas, just this Beastman alone would be enough to crash our camp, my subordinates wouldn't be able to block his path.

'And there are still those fifty elite mages, as well as that ice-cold woman that has yet to make a move. That Mafa Merlin's subordinates are actually comparable to mine in terms of power...

'Could it be that everything he did before was for that Artifact?

'As long as that Artifact is destroyed, the Radiant Fort is destroyed, and the points from that would be far more important than what could be gained from cleaning up the surrounding tribes...'

"Doug, say... If we fought with those Andlusans, how many people do you think we would lose to annihilate them.?"

Doug laughed, "Young Master, you are overthinking. These people are decently powerful, but they are relying on those fifty mages as well as that frightening Beastman, they definitely can't win against us. When the time comes, as long as we dispatch a few Divine Archers and kill that Mafa Merlin, would the others still be willing to fight against us?

"I've already investigated Mafa Merlin, he should be a member of the younger generation. It is said that he spent a lot of golds to take over the Commander title. Do you see those three youths over there? Those three are important to the Merlin Family, and the Family is focusing on nurturing them.."