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 And the most famous Blazing Corps in the future used the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune as well as a large number of fire-attributed Magic Tools and the most important Fire Elemental Incarnation. Over a hundred Archmages of the Blazing Corps could resist against a 1st Rank Heaven Mage's assault.

The Blazing Corps' most famous military campaign was when a thousand Archmages joined together to kill a Heaven Mage.

The tactics used by Lin Yun's mage squad had been to build an array to burst with power exceeding their limits. The power that broke out for a very short time far exceeded all of the mages' limits.

In those days, the Blazing Corps used this exact same trap to kill a Heaven Mage. The power bursting out from a thousand of them distorted space and made that Heaven Mage lose the opportunity to flee.

But the power of Lin Yun's mage army was still too weak. Lasting three seconds while using this kind of fighting tactic was their limit.

But this era couldn't compare to the peak of Noscent. At that time, as long as one spent some effort, the probability of becoming an Archmage was very high. It was a lot easier to become a mage than in the current Noscent.

If one were to walk down a street and casually throw a fireball, they might hit several Archmages.

If not for the fact that advancing to the Heaven Rank was a completely different concept, Heaven Mages might have even filled the streets.

Lin Yun shook his head, actually quite satisfied with the mage army's fighting strength. After all, many of these people were still 9th Rank High Mages. Only a portion of them had advanced to the Archmage realm.

Only when they all advanced to the Archmage realm could they truly display their potential. Only at that time could the power of the Blazing Storm truly manifest itself.

How could they not be formidable when they were given the training methods and techniques of one of the ten biggest mage armies of future Noscent?

Lin Yun didn't pursue when the Black Iron Beastmen fled because the mission of the vanguard had already been completed and only the George Family's task was left.

The mage army started meditating while the George Family, like vultures, crazily pounced towards the tribe.

But their swift attack quickly fell through. This tribe was obviously a lot stronger, and the defenses surrounding the tribe were a lot tighter. The spells fell on those dozen-meter-tall wooden walls and only caused some sparks. They wouldn't be able to break through them in a short time.

Even when burnt by flames, those thick logs only shone with a metallic luster and didn't show any signs of igniting.

Not only was the George Family's offense blocked, but the Black Iron Beastmen also frantically counterattacked, with Fang furiously rushing out of the tribe to retaliate.

Lin Yun was happily watching the scene from a distance when Doug rushed over in a fluster.

"Mafa Merlin, don't tell me that you are just watching the show? Damnit, what are you doing as the vanguard? How could you let so many Black Iron Beastmen go, not to mention allowing the leader, Fang, to go back alive? This is stupid beyond redemption!

"You didn't just fail to accomplish your assignment... Are you trying to renege on our agreement? You damned country bumpkin!"

Doug immediately started criticizing Lin Yun. He couldn't accept the fact that the George Family was suffering some losses while being unable to defeat that tribe.

The attack on the previous tribe had been too smooth... The George Family basically didn't do anything and still got the greatest harvest, as well as a large number of points. The tribe's natural resources also fell into the pocket of the George Family.

Now that they encountered some trouble, they immediately couldn't accept it and completely forgot that if the George Family had attacked on their own, their losses would be far greater than now.

Xiuban stroked Carnage while looking miffed. He couldn't wait to slap George. But recalling Lin Yun's words, he endured and turned around to ignore everything.

Lin Yun's expression didn't change. He only glanced at Doug and said, "Okay, got it. Kurumu, you lead your mage army to help out."

Doug suddenly froze as he heard those words. Then, a proud smile appeared on his face, and he looked at Lin Yun as if he was looking at an idiot, a very pleasing idiot.

'That Andlusan bumpkin... Although he is a bit of an idiot, he does listen to our George Family's words. Even though Young Master Wagner only sent me over to ask them for help, these Andlusan bumpkins can't be treated too nicely, or else they'll definitely misunderstand.

'It worked pretty well! I merely said a few words, and he didn't even hesitate before agreeing. This commander is a pure idiot...'

"Hold on, we came to an agreement! Your mission is to be the vanguard, but you didn't accomplish your mission. Since our George Family is now helping you accomplish your mission, after breaching through the tribe's defenses, everything will be left to our George Family.

Lin Yun nodded.


Hearing this answer, Doug left feeling fully content and returned to the George Family to immediately report to Wagner.

"Young Master Wagner, I already told them what you said. They will help us attack... No, my mistake, we are helping them accomplish their task, but after breaching through the tribe, what happens next will be unrelated to them.

Wagner faintly froze before bursting into loud laughter.

"This commander is really an idiot, a complete fool! How could he not know how great of a harvest there could be there? Damn, I understand now, that guy simply didn't research the point system.

"No, he might have never participated in a war in the Raging Flame Plane. Otherwise, how could he not know how many resources and benefits there are in the Raging Flame Beastmen's tribes?"

Wagner wantonly mocked Lin Yun's intelligence and then waited for his mage army to join the attack. He even pulled back some of his troops to make Lin Yun's side take on more pressure.

As Lin Yun's mages joined in, the progress of the attack visibly increased, but Fang wasn't handled by the members of the George Family, and they weren't participating every time he was pushed back.

As Lin Yun led the mage squad, Fang's hatred immediately shifted to Lin Yun.

The crazy Fang was like a hungry wolf covered in scarlet Aura as he pounced in Lin Yun's direction.

Lin Yun frowned, and Reina softly extended her hand, an egg-sized sphere of ice condensing in her palm.

As Reina softly blew across her hand, butterfly-like ice fragments fluttered out, transforming into a flickering, translucent ray of light that fell on Fang's body.

In an instant, Fang's crazed movements slowed down, and a layer of ice formed to cover him.

In less than a second, the crazed Fang turned into a statue of ice rolling on the ground.

And at this time, Xiuban swung Carnage, his magic patterns shining and his Aura bursting with tyrannical might. He jumped over a hundred meters and fell straight towards the frozen Fang.

Xiuban swung Carnage heavily and caused sonic booms to echo in the surroundings.

There seemed to be wisps of bloody aura coming from Carnage as well as a faint Dragon Roar when Xiuban smashed it down in the center of Fang's body.


In an instant, a visible shockwave rippled out as the ground caved in, as if it had been hit by a giant creature.

Fang's frozen body instantly shattered into tiny fragments and spread out alongside the shockwave.

At this time, everyone could see that not only had Fang's skin been frozen, but even his insides had been frozen!

Reina's casual move had completely turned Fang into a hard and brittle block of ice.

If Reina had put more into it, Fang wouldn't have lasted more than five seconds before being dealt with.

This would have been impossible a few months ago...

Black Iron Beastmen were powerful Raging Flame Beastmen with Abyssal Bloodline. Their physique was formidable, and they could use tyrannical scarlet Aura.

In the Raging Flame Plane, few could compare to Black Iron Beastmen.

The average 8th Rank Archmage wasn't the opponent of an 8th Rank Black Iron Beastman Sword Saint, and 9th Rank Archmages also wouldn't dare say that they could kill Fang.

Although Reina was a Frost Dragon, she hadn't transformed, so strength was a lot lower. She hadn't advanced to level 39 for long and was still in her Human Shape, so she simply couldn't be this powerful.

But after fusing with that Ancient Poison Dragon's empty Dragon Crystal, everything changed. With that empty Dragon Crystal as a base, her own Dragon Crystal was re-shaped, which gave her a great leap in Life Essence.

It was just like how a level 39 porcupine couldn't be a match for a Dragon of the same level, no matter how strong it was. This was a difference in Life Essence.

But now, Reina managed to completely freeze Fang in an instant...

The difference in strength was simply unimaginable.

Fang died so quickly that no one managed to react...