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 The mages standing at the forefront didn't panic when that huge slash flew over. They instantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation, and the raging flames spread like a storm. The mages standing at the forefront scattered into flames.

The scarlet Aura Slash crossed the sea of fire and cut it in half, and a large scar was even left behind in the ground. On both sides of the crack, there were flames shaped like unfolding butterfly wings.

All the fragments were stopped by the flames, and even a mage just a few meters away from the slash didn't look as it passed by.

In a mage army, there was a rule that as long as an attack wouldn't cause a serious injury or death, they couldn't influence the rhythm of the others for themselves.

This time, apart from the dozen mages that had to dodge, everyone else remained focused on their work.

Flames coursed out and transformed into two Flame Wings that spanned several dozen meters. The Flame Wings flickered, and in an instant, countless flame feathers turned into a red flood falling towards the Black Iron Beastmen.

The charge of the Black Iron Beastmen instantly slowed. Although the accumulated burst power from the attack was far less powerful than what they had used on the previous tribe, it was enough to stop these Black Iron Beastmen for a short time.

Kurumu had a cold expression as flames suddenly burst out of his body as he grew and transformed into a Flame Elemental.

Kurumu's action was akin to a signal for the entire mage army, and one after another, Flame Elementals appeared in their stead.

Fire Elemental Incarnation was the strongest killing tactic of the mage army!

Lin Yun had required that they all be proficient with that ability because no one understood more than Lin Yun how frightening Fire Elemental Incarnation was.

As the fifty mages fully used Fire Elemental Incarnation, it felt as if the originally rich and active fire elements in the surroundings had gone crazy. The flowing flames seemed to turn into a river as they gathered together.

The earth slowly turned red from being roasted by the flames, and ultimately, it looked like a layer of liquid flames was slowly flowing on the ground.

The liquid flames seemed to flow out from the feet of every mage, and they were moving like they were alive as they started forming a huge array.

As the array was taking shape, the earth started shaking and cracks started appearing in the surroundings, from which scalding lava flowed out. As for the huge Flame Wings shielding the front of the mage army, they were almost completely spent from sending so many flaming feathers to wash over the Black Iron Beastmen.

At this moment, apart from the boundless flames in the surroundings, the mage army set up no defenses. They all, under Kurumu's lead, exploded with as much power as they could.

The George Family didn't pay attention at all. Wagner had an indifferent expression, as he didn't think that the mage army could resist these forces. He was just waiting for their destruction before he made a move.

Wagner's trusted aide was sneering on the side.

"That idiot commander will have such an unsightly expression when his mage army is exterminated by the Black Iron Beastmen. If not for his incompetence, how could a mage army that would even be considered elite in the Odin Kingdom die such a dubious death? But it's good... Once they exhaust the forces of some Black Iron Beastmen, we can swoop in and take the fruits of victory.

"Young Master, don't you think it's a pity? I'm already used to having someone helping us with these very dangerous and unrewarding tasks. If they died, wouldn't we have to waste some of our forces...?"

Wagner loudly laughed. "Then hope they don't die. That idiot commander is definitely trying to fawn over us because he knows that their Andlusan forces will lose, but that method is truly too stupid..."

On Lin Yun's side, Enderfa couldn't help saying, "Merlin, are we really not going to do anything? I fear that the mage army will be unable to resist the attack of these Black Iron Beastmen. How could they fight in such an extreme way and let those Wolf Riders get so close? Could it be that they don't know that there is an 8th Rank Sword Saint and that they won't be able to block the other side's charge?"

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was slowly rotating, which showed that it was ready to launch an all-out attack.

Anyone seeing this scene would feel that the mage army was about to be wiped out. With an 8th Rank Black Iron Beastman Sword Saint at the head, as well as a Magic Tool to boost their bloodline power, unless there was a powerhouse leading the other side, they would definitely be unable to block their path.

Lin Yun calmly looked at the scene without blinking.

"There is no need, they can do it."

Enderfa rolled his three pairs of eyes and the mana fluctuations of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel started dissipating.

And at this time, a terrifying mana fluctuation rose up from the mage army.

It was like a volcano that had been restrained for a very long time suddenly let loose and erupted with all its might.

Raging flames similar to glaring lava spurted out of the ground. The earth crazily shook, and thick cracks kept appearing on the ground as if there was a huge monster trying to break free to the surface.


Wide cracks started appearing in front of them, and the rich flame aura in the surroundings flew up into the sky.

A loud explosion echoed as blazing red lava shot several hundred meters into the air, forming a sort of barrier in front of them.

A dozen Wolf Riders ran into that barrier, and a terrifying scene unravelled.

Their mounts didn't even have time to howl before being burnt to ashes that dissipated in the air.

As for those few dozen Black Iron Beastmen, their scarlet Aura only offered a small amount of resistance before half of their bodies were burnt to ashes.

In an instant, the Black Iron Beastmen Wolf Riders were in chaos. Fang angrily shouted, and a thick scarlet Aura Slash hit that lava barrier.

A sharp, deafening noise echoed as terrifying heat burnt Fang's Aura Slash apart.

The large blade forcibly tore through the red-hot lava barrier, but an even more terrifying transformation was still waiting behind.

Even more lava rushed out of the cracks on the floors and covered over a hundred meters.

Just seeing the amount of lava bursting out of the cracks was enough to know how frightening the temperature was over there. Fang fiercely swung his broad sword to make all the Black Iron Beastmen withdraw at least twenty meters away from the mage army.

But it was already too late...

Cracks were covering several hundred meters of ground, which seemed to be collapsing.

At least ten times the previous amount of lava erupted from the ground. Looking from a distance, it looked as if a several-hundred-meter thick pillar of lava was spurting out of the ground.

Some of the lava splashed onto an Expert Swordsman, turning him and his mount to ashes in an instant.

A 5th Rank Sword Saint covered in fierce scarlet Aura was hit by a lava pillar and didn't even have time to display the power he was so proud of. His body was lifted by the lava like a fallen leaf in a river, and as the lava pillar took off to the sky, he disappeared.

A few seconds ago, the Black Iron Beastmen were still thinking of tearing those despicable mages to pieces, but now, they were only thinking of escaping.

But those glaring lava eruptions stopped after three seconds...

At this time, only Fang and about thirty Black Iron Beastmen were fleeing towards the tribe.

Even Fang hadn't noticed that the fifty mages had already consumed all their mana and didn't even have enough mana for a defensive shield now. At this time, Fang alone would be enough to destroy the mage army.

Lin Yun looked at the scene and inwardly sighed.

'Their ranks are too low, it's still too early to use the future fighting methods of mage armies...'

After all, all the things that had remained in the decaying library were high-grade reference materials.

The notes and books regarding mage armies were very advanced, and they were summaries of the best methods used during the millennia that it took Noscent to reach the peak of the Magic Era.

Using each mage of a mage army as the core to build something similar to a magic array was the most basic fighting method. The current mage armies of Noscent didn't even use special techniques; they only furiously bombarded with spells.

By forming an array, the power of all the mages would come together and far surpass their normal fighting strength. This was the most basic requirement of a mage army.