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 Wagner personally directed his army, and with Doug taking care of details, they led the George Family to eradicate that tribe.

There was no ancestral blessing protecting that tribe, and the George Family brought at least five hundred people. Besides a mage army, they also had a swordsman army and even twenty Divine Archers.

If the people riding magic beasts pulling carts of supplies and those in charge of logistics were included, there were no less than a thousand people.

With all the preparations they had done, it was almost impossible for them to not have it easy when attacking troops whose elites had been almost wiped out.

With all kinds of tools, the mage army fiercely bombarded the tribe, and with the cover of the archers and the advance of the swordsman army, they took less than an hour to flatten the tribe in front of them.

A large number of people rushed into the tribe like locusts, and everything within was ransacked. The Black Iron Beastmen were exterminated, leaving none behind.

Wagner watched as he gained almost 100,000 points at once, and the smile on his face couldn't be hidden.

Doug greedily looked at the various things scavenged from the Black Iron Beastmen's tribe. Not only was there valuable ore, but there were also some rarely seen raw gems, and it went without saying that there were various medicinal ingredients. The harvest was worth a month of what they'd previously gotten in the Raging Flame Plane.

And that was with uninterrupted mining of all the ore veins controlled by the George Family for over a month!

Although this tribe was small, they had accumulated these resources for many years, and all of them were very precious, especially the raw gems from a magic ore vein... The George Family wouldn't get this many of them in half a year...

"Aaah... the ancestor's blessing allowed us to meet such an idiotic commander. If not for him agreeing to our conditions, how could we have it so easy? We had next to no losses and obtained so many things, as well as all these points..."

Wagner couldn't help happily moaning for a moment.

They finished tidying up the tribe very quickly, and Wagner saw that after Lin Yun completed his job as the vanguard, he unexpectedly stayed away as agreed to and didn't approach the Black Iron Beastman tribe.

This undoubtedly made Wagner relax and feel that he had met a stupid temporary ally. This person would take on the tiring and dangerous tasks while giving them great and effortless benefits. This was really a happy matter.

"Stupid is stupid, but isn't that better?"

The George Family was plundering the battlefield and collecting the fruits of victory while everyone on Lin Yun's side was in a bad mood, apart from Lin Yun himself.

Xiuban put Carnage on the ground and leaned against it while looking at the George Family devastating the tribe.

He grimaced and said in a bad mood, "Sir Merlin, let's get rid of them! That pretty boy and that guy called Doug, I can snap their necks..."

Xiuban's sentence made the three cousins, as well as Kurumu, feel excited. They seemed to be waiting for Lin Yun's order to jump in.

"Mafa, this is too dismal! Why are we taking on the most dangerous and exhausting tasks while they have it so easy and get the rewards?

"According to the point system, we only repelled the other side's vanguard and eliminated some elites, obtaining the most basic points from these Black Iron Beastmen. The points from capturing their land and eliminating the tribe are the greatest... Not to mention all those things that the Black Iron Beastmen have hoarded over the years... They are all gone now."

Lin Yun smiled and shook his head with an indifferent attitude.

"It's fine, these battles are needed. Your strength has been increasing too quickly, and having many battles isn't bad, you should consider it training. As for the George Family, they are still useful. If they want to get some benefits, just let them..."

After Lin Yun announced that this was training, the others naturally didn't voice any other complaints. After having followed Lin Yun for so long, their horizons had expanded to a frightening level, and even their appetites had risen.

The most ordinary mage of the mage legion was wielding a magic staff made of the scales of an Ancient Poison Dragon as well as other valuable materials. Their Core Meditation Law Set and Magic Conducting Rune were all of the highest grade. The robes they wore had also been personally crafted by Lin Yun and would be worth a Spiritual Magic Tool if exchanged outside.

And they usually meditated in places where the mana density was several dozen times higher...

This slowly increased their appetite, but what good things could a small Beastman Tribe possess? They were better off not taking it too seriously.

After thinking about this, everyone looked at the overjoyed members of the George Family with disdain. They couldn't help looking down on these country bumpkins that had never seen good things.

Everything went smoothly when they dealt with the first tribe...

Wagner was very satisfied because Lin Yun had done everything as agreed, and did even better than the agreement.

Soon, Wagner finished the plundering and rapidly left for the next tribe while quickly delivering the information to Lin Yun's hands.

"This tribe is one of the relatively strong tribes around the Radiant Fort. The leader is an 8th Rank Sword Saint known as the Black Iron Beastmen's Fang. He has some unusual abilities. According to the information, he is currently in his own tribe instead of being at the Radiant Fort. Moreover, there are a dozen Sword Saints and close to six hundred Expert Swordsmen..."

Lin Yun looked at the information and didn't say anything before casually throwing it to Kurumu. He then sent the mage army to deal with it.

Aside from the mage army, he had his three cousins go along to fight, as well as Xiuban. The others didn't need to make a move.

Reina had made some quick progress, and although her level hadn't changed much, her life essence had evolved.

As for the three strongest, Enderfa, the puppet, and Lin Yun, none of them participated.

Using the power of four 9th Rank Archmages to handle a small tribe would really be a waste. They might as well allow the mage army and Xiuban to adapt to their power.

Moreover, there were the people of the George Family watching, so Lin Yun didn't want to show his hand to them.

They soon reached the 2nd tribe, which was clearly twice as big as the previous tribe, and their defenses were somewhat better. The surroundings were filled with sharp fences, and the buildings were all on the smaller side but made tough enough to bear a hit. The logs had undergone a special treatment that made them like steel, and they wouldn't burn in a short time.

The Black Iron Beastmen immediately reacted when they noticed the army brazenly coming over.

Like before, the Black Iron Beastmen's tactic was to send their elites over, with the leader wearing a bone necklace at the forefront.

This was the convention of the Black Iron Beastmen... The strongest would fight at the forefront and assume the duty of leading. Only those who fought multiple times and survived had these qualifications.

The George Family's people were watching the battle from a distance and had even spread some people around to prevent the Black Iron Beastmen from escaping. They weren't worried that Lin Yun would renege on their agreement.

Lin Yun's mage army reacted calmly, and the three cousins followed suit. They once again ignored the approaching Black Iron Beastmen as they gathered their power.

When the Black Iron Beastmen were a hundred meters away, something different happened. Fang roused his scarlet Aura and poured it into his bone fang necklace.

A circle of scarlet light flashed, and all the Black Iron Beastmen seemed to be covered in a layer of bloody light. In an instant, they could see the bodies of those Black Iron Beastmen doubling in size, their veins and arteries seeming ready to burst.

In an instant, the Black Iron Beastmen's aura sharply increased by some 20%, and the fused momentum was like a rebelling Abyssal Demon leaving the Abyss. The boundless scarlet Aura and black smoke converged together above the Black Iron Beastmen into a huge, continuously swaying Demon head.

That head's sinister gaze focused on the mage army, and its canine fangs kept shivering.

"Oh, it's actually a fang of an Abyssal Demon, and a Fang Demon at that! This kind of Abyssal Demon is at least at the Heaven Rank. Although they are using inferior items as substitute, they can still greatly increase the bloodline power of these people," Enderfa muttered in surprise.

His three faces then listlessly looked at the battle.

"Merlin, what are you planning in the end? Tell us, don't try to say that you are kind-hearted, you wouldn't believe it yourself. What trap have you prepared for these fools of the Odin Kingdom? Damnit, I want to kill these b*stards."

Lin Yun glanced at Enderfa but didn't say anything. He just quietly turned back to watch the battle unfolding in front of him.

The power of the Demon Fang Necklace amplified the power of the Black Iron Beastmen, stirring up their Abyssal Bloodline.

When they were a few dozen meters away, the leader swung his broadsword, creating a scarlet Aura Slash, and traces of black smoke lingered on the scarlet Aura. The black smoke kept forming demonic skulls that scattered Abyssal Aura.

On the mage army's side, flames were already acting on their own, and the fifty mages seemed to be standing in a swirling sea of flames.