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 The dozen surviving Black Iron Beastmen were fleeing, and even that 7th Rank Sword Saint was riddled with scars, but Lin Yun's mage army took no actions.

Their casting had consumed over half of their mana, and they had no way to intercept these Black Iron Beastmen if they wanted to run.

After all the strengthening, Mafa Merlin was testing their strength for the first time, so all of them went all-out and used the signature skill of mage armies, spell combination, as well as the array that Lin Yun had imparted onto them.

They had been very anxious, but they could now sigh in relief as they were very excited about their own strength.

Back then, they had just been abandoned by the Merlin Family because of their poor talent, and Great Mages were existences they could only look up to... But now, the weakest of them were 9th Rank High Mages, and that was only because they hadn't accumulated enough mana to break through yet and they needed more comprehension.

As time passed and they experienced more battles, everyone in the mage army would advance to the Archmage realm!

Archmages... In the past, that rank was something they'd only heard of. Each Archmage was a high-ranked member of the Family, a powerhouse that decided the fate of the Merlins, and now, they were part of them.

This was all given by Mafa Merlin, so everyone in the mage army had a strong desire to show off in front of him and gain his acknowledgement.

Lin Yun was very satisfied with the strength of the mage army, and with the addition of their Dragonscale Staves and their Blazing Robes, their power was already comparable to an experienced 8th Rank Archmage.

But this kind of calculation was very vague. In a war, the efficiency of that group would definitely be a lot higher than that of an 8th Rank Archmage.

They would be able to face a 9th Rank Archmage for some time without suffering any losses, and if they fought desperately, they would definitely be able to get rid of the opponent, at the cost of no more than half of their members.

A flash of understanding flickered in Lin Yun's eyes. He now understood from experience why the standard to consider if a force was weak or strong required both a peak powerhouse and a mage army.

During Noscent's Planar Colonization Era, all the powerful forces, without exception, had a formidable mage army.

Lin Yun didn't mind that the mages didn't keep attacking, because this fight was just to test out their newfound power after their latest strengthening. It was only a small skirmish, and they didn't need to use up Mana Potions just for a dozen fleeing Beastmen.

On the other side, Xiuban was already raising Carnage as he cut off the path of those Black Iron Beastmen.

Xiuban bared his teeth while grinning at them. The Black Iron Beastman leading them was the 7th Rank Sword Saint covered in burn marks, and when he saw that Xiuban was only a 5th Rank Sword Saint whose Aura couldn't even be felt, he couldn't help looking down on him.

"Foolish Raging Flame Traitor, you are courting death!"

The 7th Rank Sword Saint saw Xiuban's red skin and thought that Xiuban was a traitor of the Raging Flame Beastmen, and now that he dared to block their path, how could he be polite?

A Scarlet Aura Slash flew over and instantly arrived in front of Xiuban.

"Insignificant 7th Rank Sword Saint, you dare to make a move in front of Lord Xiuban? Stupid guy, apart from Sir Merlin, Lord Xiuban has no equal!"

Xiuban chuckled evilly as he slightly crouched down before a loud explosion echoed and the earth under his feet caved in.

Xiuban instantly disappeared due to the power of his jump, and only a vague shadow could be seen as he charged into the scarlet Aura Slash.

Unexpectedly, Xiuban's speed wasn't reduced by the impact at all. It was as if he just brushed past it, yet the Aura Slash loudly exploded shortly after.

As for Xiuban himself, he was already in front of that 7th Rank Sword Saint, sweeping his huge Carnage in a terrifyingly wide arc and creating a visible shockwave as it ruthlessly fell towards that Sword Saint's head.

A loud roar echoed as the 7th Rank Sword Saint suddenly emitted a rich Abyssal Aura, sending tyrannical power bursting out of his body.

This was the power from his ancestors, condensed into a blow that surpassed his limits.

His large blade turned scarlet and looked like a crystal with strands of black smoke curling from it.

The large blade collided with Xiuban's Carnage.


A shockwave tore apart their surroundings, and the destruction caused by it was more formidable than spells.

Xiuban was sent flying like a cannonball and smashed through a Black Iron Beastman Expert Swordsman, who instantly exploded on impact, before heavily crashing into a huge boulder...

But then, Xiuban spat out some pieces of rock as he cursed.

The 7th Rank Sword Saint didn't have an easy time. His scarlet blade had shattered, and he had also been sent flying like Xiuban.

His body wasn't as abnormal as Xiuban's... When compared to that monstrous physique, the physique that Black Iron Beastmen were so proud of was trash.

As he flew through the air, he left a large trail of blood behind him.

After flying over a hundred meters, he finally fell to the ground, creating a crater with a spider web of cracks coming from it. He was still puking blood, and his right hand had been shattered due to the impact, while his left arm was also distorted at a strange angle.

Xiuban smirked as if he hadn't felt a thing, and he didn't pay attention to those fleeing Black Iron Beastmen as he rapidly ran up to finish off the Sword Saint with a blow to the head.

How could the seriously injured Sword Saint resist? A loud, muffled sound echoed, and his head disappeared.

"Lord Xiuban is too strong! Besides Sir Merlin, I am unequalled! No one can kill me! Damn Syudos, you can no longer threaten Lord Xiuban...

"Let me calculate, how many points did Sir Merlin say this 7th Rank Sword Saint was worth already? Err, forget it, it's worth a lot anyways. Sir Merlin should reward me with some things, a Health Potion would be good..."

Xiuban was covered in dust as he lifted Carnage and walked back while mumbling under his breath...

Lin Yun looked at his subordinates that weren't using mana potions but were instead meditating and nodded secretly.

They had advanced too quickly, and although there was nothing wrong with their foundation, they weren't able to immediately adapt to this new power. Here, meditation was the best way to temper themselves.

As for the mumbling Xiuban, Lin Yun chose to directly ignore him. That guy's body was becoming more and more frightening. He had already transcended the limit of the unusual Draconic Beastman Race, and ranks couldn't be used to rate him. Within these few millennia, those below the Heaven Rank who could do the same thing as Xiuban could be counted on only one hand.

Lin Yun didn't make a move at all, yet the hardest and most dangerous mission of being a vanguard had already been accomplished.

In the distance, Wagner's mouth was faintly opened as he looked at the scene with shock.

'Damn, although there are few of them, they are indeed elites. The mages of that mage army all used the same Meditation Law Set and Magic Conducting Rune, and they even did something like imitating an array.

'That's an elite mage army, but unfortunately they are following a moron! Aaah... If I had five hundred such elites under my hands, I would no longer be just an heir...

'These people are quite powerful. If they die to the Black Iron Beastmen, wouldn't that boost the Beastmen's morale and create trouble for me?

'Still, they did their job okay here. There are several good tribes around the Radiant Fort, I'd best have them clear up the most dangerous targets. It would be for the best if they took care of all the elites.

'How many points could they get from killing some elites? Destroying a tribe is the real harvest...'

"Young Master Wagner, we should hurry. Those Andlusans already repelled the Black Iron Beastmen. There is a tasty cake waiting for us, we can't let those country bumpkins eat it first, that's a lot of points!" Doug urged from the side.

Wagner actually didn't care and coldly snorted, "Would those oafs dare to violate the agreement? Hell, surely they know how grave the consequences of shattering an agreement with our George Family would be?"

Doug chuckled and promptly nodded. "Young Master is right. Although they are few in number, they are pretty powerful. They would be considered an elite army even in our Odin Kingdom, but unfortunately, they are following an idiotic leader.

"I paid close attention just now. That Mafa Merlin truly is an idiot! He didn't give out a single command from start to finish, he just stood there watching. If the mage army hadn't managed to adapt, most of these fifty mages could have already died.

"That idiot actually agreed to our harsh conditions, and those mages don't even have Mana Potions to recover their mana... I'm afraid that all the benefits are being swallowed by that gigolo in charge of them..."

Doug mocked Lin Yun's intelligence as he recalled that the other side had agreed so easily to his conditions. He felt that the only explanation was that Lin Yun's brain had issues.

'He is too stupid...'