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 Under these circumstances, even Archmages would be reduced to cannon fodder. The group of Wolf Riders would surely take out at least half of the mage squad.

This was why even Archmages could end up suffering many casualties in the Raging Flame Plane's wars: As long as the Beastmen's charge reached them before they could stop it or get away, they would become live targets.

But those Black Iron Beastmen didn't notice that the scattered mages weren't nervous or afraid... They were all eager and excited.

Kurumu lifted his Dragonscale Staff, the red gem at the tip emitting a gentle bloody light.

Flames started revolving around the mages, but the Black Iron Beastman ignored those weak elemental flames.

But if there had been an alchemist looking down from the sky, he would have definitely fled as far as possible. Those flames weren't just forming a revolving storm, they were in fact forming an alchemy array!

Pure flames were replacing the usual patterns of the array, and every mage was an important energy node. Their mana sources were the same, their Magic Conducting Runes were the same, and their core Meditation Law Sets were the same. The flames they used for transmission were moving with a high degree of perfection.

This was the reason that the most powerful mage armies used the same Core Meditation Law Sets and the same Magic Conducting Runes. It increased their overall power to an unbelievably high level.

The Black Iron Beastmen's Wolf Riders quickly approached, and everyone could smell their sour and bloody odor.

The George Family was also waiting for the destruction of the Merlin Family's forces before they moved to attack.

At this time, Xiuban, who was rushing out with Carnage, had a bad feeling and immediately stopped moving.

Just as the Black Iron Beastmen were thirty meters away, some of them started sending some Aura Slashes, while Kurumu simultaneously waved his Dragonscale Staff.

In an instant, the elemental flames seemed to explode and expand a hundredfold.

A huge column of flames that was fifty meters in diameter soared up, and all the mages were shrouded in this raging storm.

The runes were lit up as the Flame Storm suddenly appeared and greedily absorbed the surrounding fire elements to turn into a terrifying flaming pillar of flame covering the whole area.

The Wolf Riders' blades turned into shadows as they continued trying to cut their way forward, their scarlet auras transforming into barriers covering them.

When the boundless flames fell, they looked like a boulder resisting the current of a river, not injured in the least.

"Silly human! You are bringing about your own doom! Do you really think this kind of attack can stop the great Black Iron Beastmen!?" the leading Sword Saint roared.

His blade fluttered, and his rich Aura was blocking all the flames. Those flames that were able to make the air crackle and the space distort had no effect on his body.

Even the George Family started moving, getting ready to clean up the mess.

But Lin Yun wasn't bothered. At that time, Kurumu sneered, his Dragonscale Staff shining once again.

Runes rushed out of these mages' bodies, and in a split second, those unobstructed Black Iron Beastmen were suddenly trapped on the spot.

The Aura Slashes made it halfway to the mages before being completely whittled away by the flames, and the huge pillar of flames suddenly shrank.

Countless runes revolved within, and the flames rotated ever faster, turning into a tornado of Fireblades that were crazily wreaking havoc.

Over a meter of the floor was burnt away, and the ashes were flying up in the sky.

And the crazily charging Wolf Riders couldn't escape the Fireblades even with the formidable momentum of their charge.

All the Black Iron Beastmen were swinging their large blades and rousing their auras to their limits trying to rush out of the frightening Fireblade Storm.

But the suction force from the tornado made their movement as slow as snails, and they simply couldn't break away.

Their mounts were the first to suffer damage. Their fur quickly was burnt black, and as the Fireblades flew about, a large number of terrifying cuts appeared on their bodies.

It only took two seconds for a Black Iron Beastman to be forced to dismount, and a split second later, that mount was engulfed in flames. The corpse of that powerful magic beast was instantly torn to pieces by the Fireblade Storm before burning into ashes.

A second later, a Black Iron Beastman's protective Aura Defense and Aura Slashes were breached, his powerful body was instantly covered in burn marks, and fine cracks appeared all over his body. It was like a glass statue being broken down.

Seconds later, all the Black Iron Beastmen under the Sword Saint realm reached their limits. Following the lead of the dozen Sword Saints, they firmly gave up on their charge and rushed towards the side to break out of the storm.

But as they moved, the numerous Fireblades gradually became darker and started bubbling fiercely... and exploded one after another.

Numerous bursting sounds echoed, and no trace of the Black Iron Beastmen could be seen. Everything within a hundred meters looked like the vilest hell as a boundless aura of destruction was emitted from inside.

The Black Iron Beastmen let out mournful screams, howling as if they were drowning in those terrible explosions.

A faint and distorted shadow kept flickering from within the flames for no less than five seconds before a seven-meter-long Aura Slash cut a path out of the Flame Storm.

Over thirty battered and exhausted Black Iron Beastmen rushed out, but none of their companions, those large wolves, came out alive.

They lost most of their Expert Swordsmen and even two 2nd Rank Sword Saints had succumbed, never to leave this terrifying Flame Storm.

But this wasn't over... As they escaped, the Fireblades within the Flame Storm burst out from the gap left by the Aura Slash in the same direction.

That Flame Storm had used an array to contain and concentrate the energy, but a simple hole would be enough for the power contained to burst out.

This was the final trump card!

How could those Black Iron Beastmen even think of that? They hadn't expected that action was paving the way for the next step, and that it was trap after trap until the strongest hit landed after they escaped.

They didn't expect to have such a miserable ending.

After the eruption of flames, five Black Iron Beastmen Archmages that had managed to resist the Flame Storm were burnt up. The radiance of their scarlet Aura darkened in an instant, and they didn't even have time to let out a blood-curdling screech before being turned to cinders by the flood of flames.

The deluge of flames scoured everything in its path for several hundred meters, leaving a deep and wide trench behind.

The trench was dark from being charred and kept emitting smoke.

That last attack eliminated the remaining dozen Expert Swordsmen, along with the five Sword Saints.

After all, the attack was the result of the cooperation of fifty mages with the weakest being a 9th Rank High Mage. They had channelled the power of the Flame Storm until it all burst out together!

That attack was definitely comparable to a 9th Rank Archmage's attack!

This wasn't inferior to 8th Tier Spells!

This was why Lin Yun spent so much effort on nurturing these fifty subordinates! In a war, the power of one person could only reach a certain level, but by using the power of a group of coordinated mages, they obtain such great results while saving energy.

In this kind of battlefield, unless one was a Heaven Rank powerhouse, they wouldn't obtain such a great outcome easily.

But if a Heaven Rank powerhouse appeared, would these Black Iron Beastmen impatiently throw away their lives like they did?

Ultimately, over a dozen Black Iron Beastmen survived, but they no longer thought of fighting.

All Black Iron Beastmen are unafraid of death, but they weren't fools. They already knew that if they died there, their tribe would meet a terrible end, being completely eradicated.

Now, they still had a glimmer of hope that their tribe could escape. As long as their tribe wasn't eradicated, they could always return for revenge one day...