After all, if Harren could pull some tricks here, he absolutely wouldn't have chosen this troublesome fort.

The leaders of every force came forward and kept drawing lots to decide which fort they had to attack.

Those with a good draw would naturally be happy, and those who drew forts expected to yield huge numbers of points with minimal risk, like the Pearl Fort, couldn't help beaming with joy.

And of course, those who got troublesome forts that wouldn't give too many points naturally wouldn't have good expressions.

Lin Yun drew the Hope Fort. It wasn't regarded as very difficult, but it also had some powerhouses stationed there. Moreover, the Hope Fort didn't have a particularly large impact on the war situation. The points obtained from attacking it wouldn't be very high, but they also wouldn't be too lacking.

In any case, the choice was set in stone now. It couldn't be considered the best, but it wasn't bad... It was a decent draw.

Lin Yun felt that his luck wasn't too bad. After all, there were so many people here, and there were few forts that were both easy to attack and worth a lot of points. Wanting to draw one of those wasn't easy.

At this time, Liwei Gru went up for his drawing. The forts' names rapidly appeared within the crystal ball before finally stopping on a radiant name and location.

Liwei's expression suddenly became almost as black as ink.

Everyone around also smirked as they looked at Liwei.

Liwei turned, and when he saw Lin Yun's calm expression, he immediately got angry. He fiercely slammed the desk and loudly shouted as he stood up, "I don't accept it, there is definitely something shady going on! It's shady!"

Everyone was shocked as they saw Liwei act like this. They knew very well that the draws were just a matter of luck. That Good Luck Crystal Ball couldn't be fraudulent, and it was all decided according to the array.

Everyone could see the array on the surface and no one was blind. Wouldn't someone have noticed if there was a change in that alchemy array? Moreover, if there were a slight change in the array, it would end up failing and wouldn't operate.

'Sir Harren has drawn the fort with the strongest defense! How could it be shady?'

Liwei clenched his teeth and pointed at Lin Yun.

"I don't accept it! There must be something shady here, it's definitely you, damn Mafa Merlin! I know you are retaliating against me! Why is it that so many people have drawn already, but only I got this kind of rotten draw?

"The Boulder Fort might have powerful defenses, but their ability to counterattacking is limited. It would be no trouble for Sir Harren and the Black Tower, and they would just get a lot of points from there.

"Why has no one else gotten such a poor draw apart from me? Why has the Merlin Family gotten one of the better forts when I got one of the worst ones??

"There must be something shady going on! You are retaliating against me so that my Gru Family suffers disastrous losses at the Radiant Fort!"

Liwei gritted his teeth as he pointed at Lin Yun, angrily throwing out accusations.

Lin Yun frowned as he indifferently replied, "Something like the Good Luck Crystal Ball can't be interfered with... This is common sense, I shouldn't have to teach you this, should I? This is all up to one's luck, you can only blame your luck."

Liwei gnashed his teeth as he continued glaring with an unyielding attitude.

"Do you think I don't know that you are an alchemist? You were so close to it, so you must have pulled a trick. Do you think I don't know that you are close friends with Sir Jouyi and Sir Harren? That day, when we left, you stayed behind with them!

"Whatever trick you used, Sir Harren must have helped you. You want to retaliate against me and use this opportunity to make our Gru Family suffer a heavy loss!"

As Liwei said those words, Jouri and Harren both looked very displeased.

They could accept some things being called into question, but this kind of random accusation was very serious. It was directly questioning their moral standing, and more importantly, it was calling into question how the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower handled their own allies.

This was a serious accusation. Even though it was against Lin Yun, it implicated both the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower.

Lin Yun frowned, his eyes slightly narrowing. If Xiuban saw this, he would have clearly noticed that Lin Yun was a bit angry.

The onlookers were looking at Liwei as if he was an idiot, and even those who usually had a good relationship with him took their distance.

'That damned guy, did he go insane? Criticizing Mafa Merlin is fine... After all, the Merlin Family only brought a few people and don't have a famous powerhouse overseeing them.

'But he actually involved Sir Jouyi and Sir Harren questioned their moral character! He dared to attack the reputation of the Andlusa Kingdom's two strongest forces?

'Offending three of the seven major forces at once, and the two most powerful ones, at that...'

Liwei went for broke. His mind was filled by the feeling of being tricked. If he attacked the Radiant Fort, whether he could win or not wasn't certain, and even if he won, he would lose at least half of his troops. The losses would be so great that he simply wouldn't be able to obtain any more points in the rest of the general attack.

Even if they won against the Odin Kingdom, the Gru Family wouldn't gain much when they split the harvest. In the end, they would inevitably obtain some remote territories with very few resources.

Just as people some people approached to try to persuade Liwei, Liwei said something that made them back off.

"If you want to prove that you didn't pull any tricks, then you should swap your Hope Fort with my Radiant Fort! If you are unwilling, that'll only prove that you did something in order to deal with my Gru Family!"

Not only did Jouyi and Harren's expressions change after hearing those words, but even the Azurewave Sword Saint's face darkened as he looked at Liwei with a terrible expression.

In an instant, a large area was opened around Liwei, and those that had wanted to persuade him also got somewhat angry.

'F*cking hell, does that moron Liwei not know what he is doing? This is breaking the rules! Is he planning on destroying the rules completely?

'Don't you see what time it is? The Odin Kingdom is getting more and more points while he is making trouble and wasting time! Are you a spy trying to drag us down?

'You got a bad draw, but do you see us accusing others of pulling tricks when we got a bad draw? Do you think Sir Harren mellowed out after becoming the Chairman of the Black Tower?

'Don't you see who you're questioning? You called out Sir Harren! Have you forgotten how fierce Sir Harren is?

'You actually accused Sir Harren of pulling a trick in front of the strictest powerhouse, the Azurewave Prince. You think the Azurewave Prince would turn a blind eye to it? Do you think someone could try something like that in front of the Azurewave Prince?

'Who are you trying to sell that to? This is an insult to our intelligence!'

Liwei's words were very improper and angered everyone.

"Liwei, are you questioning our intelligence?"

"Are you really trying to break the rules and buy time for the Odin Kingdom?"

"Damnit, Liwei, forget about that filthy train of thought and immediately apologize..."

Lin Yun looked coldly at Liwei. He didn't even feel like getting rid of this idiot... he felt like going that far for a moron would lower his own intelligence.

Harren frowned as he looked at Liwei before saying indifferently, "Liwei, I didn't understand what you just said, can you repeat your words for me?"

Jouyi and the Azurewave Sword Saint were familiar with Harren, and when they heard those words, they knew that Harren was already furious and that this was the last chance he was giving to Liwei.

No one expected Liwei to actually grit his teeth and shamelessly persist.

"I won't accept it unless Mafa Merlin swaps his Hope Fort with my Radiant Fort, I won't believe that he didn't pull a trick otherwise! A trick targeting my Gru Family!"

Lin Yun was enraged but remained seated on the chair, looking at Liwei in silence. Suddenly, the Azurewave Sword Saint stood up.

The Azurewave Sword Saint had an ice-cold aura as he looked down at Liwei. His voice was filled with dissatisfaction as he said, "Liwei, I'll tell you this with my identity as a Commander of the Andlusa Kingdom... You can now f*ck back off to Noscent! Damn trash, take your Gru Family and immediately leave the Raging Flame Plane! If there is still a member of your Gru Family in the Raging Flame Plane tomorrow... Don't blame me for not having reminded you!"

The Azurewave Sword Saint's voice was full of rage as he directly dismissed Liwei Gru. There was no punishment as big as kicking the Gru Family out of the Raging Flame Plane.

Liwei felt as if a basin of cold water had been splashed over his face. He instantly calmed down and started panicking.

But at this time, Lin Yun, who had remained silent so far, decided to intervene. "Since you want to swap, then let's swap."

Everyone was astonished at Lin Yun's words. Even the Azurewave Sword Saint's inscrutable face couldn't help showing a tinge of surprise.

As for Liwei, he was exulting and beaming with joy as he promptly shouted, "Those are your words, no one forced you!

"Everyone heard it, it was agreed to by Mafa Merlin himself, the Hope Fort is now the Gru Family's target while the Radiant Fort is Mafa Merlin's!"