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 The conference room was in chaos, and when everyone talked about what forces they could provide, they were all shirking from their duties.

If it wasn't that their Family had suffered disastrous losses and only had few troops left, then they were guarding too many locations and could spare only so much of their forces from Noscent.

Their expressions and actions were in disagreement. They couldn't help rushing forward when benefits were mentioned, but they couldn't help wanting to conserve as much power as they could.

They quarrelled for more than ten minutes without any results, and some people almost started fighting on the spot after being exposed by others.

Only the representatives of the seven forces sitting at the largest round table remained silent.

After a while, the Azure Wave Sword Saint slightly opened his eyes and glanced at Harren, who had a disdainful smile on his face.

Harren casually swept a look around. He saw Lin Yun drowsily sitting in his chair and couldn't help smiling. As he looked at Jouyi, he faintly nodded.

This time, Harren extended his finger and softly tapped twice on the round table.

"Thud... Thud..."

A wisp of a mana fluctuation flickered away as the two sharp sounds echoed like thunder in everyone's ears.

Lin Yun's eyes opened as he yawned from boredom, aware that the show was finally about to start.

Harren's taps on the table were beyond what the average person could accomplish. It already involved the power of Laws, using sound as a medium to spread his wisp of mana, causing everyone's mana to resonate for a short moment. The weaker one was, the more they were affected.

Great Mages had expressions of pain on their faces. That sound was like a thunderclap echoing in their ears the moment their mana resonated. If it hadn't been for Harren having no killing intent, they would have already died.

As for the High Mages, they couldn't help clamping their mouths shut and turning pale. Only Archmages weren't affected too much.

But Low Rank Archmages still went silent, busy calming their rising ripples of mana. The stronger the person, the less they were affected.

Only the faces of those sitting at the central round table didn't change color. The powerhouses sitting there were all above the 5th Rank.

Lin Yun didn't seem to be affected at all. His waking yawn surprised Jouyi, before being replaced by a smile.

Harren's eyes flickered and he paid more attention to Lin Yun.

The Azure Wave Sword Saint also suddenly started looking at Lin Yun.

In an instant, the most powerful trio of Star Sage Jouyi, Black Tower Chairman Harren, and the Azure Wave Sword Saint, were all very clear about the different levels of power in the meeting room.

The meeting room remained silent for three to four seconds, and it felt as if even the wind had stopped.

This time, Harren slowly started talking. "What you are worried about is how to guarantee your interests if we win the bet. That is a very simple issue."

As Harren spoke, the Azure Wave Sword Saint closed his eyes and remained silent. Jouyi also remained silent, and the two people looked to be showing agreement.

This time, everyone could feel it.

Harren's words represented the Black Tower, and the Star Sage's attitude meant that the Cloud Tower tacitly agreed with Harren's words.

In this way, the two strongest forces of the Andlusa Kingdom had expressed their stances, and the Azure Wave Sword Saint representing the royal family didn't intervene.

Everyone knew that Harren's next words would be the conclusion.

"No one wants to exert themselves to end up with nothing.

"If we win the bet, then the territories controlled by every major force will inevitably be redivided, and we will be fair when it comes to the division. When participating in the general attack, whoever contributes the most will obtain corresponding rewards.

"Everything will be distributed based on how much each party contributes. I believe no one is against that? Moreover, I know you are afraid of suffering huge losses in this general attack, making it so that you are unable to keep your territory.

"Thus, we, as leaders of the seven major forces, will take the lead in signing a blood oath. The profits will be divided based on contribution, and the territory distribution will satisfy everyone. Every territory rewarded to a force here won't be allowed to change hands within five hundred years.

"This way, whether it's in open battle, in the dark, or even through threats, no one can take away your gains.

"Even if your losses are disastrous in this battle, that area will remain yours for five hundred years, and you won't be able to give it away.

"If anyone wants to violate this condition, the seven major forces signing this blood oath will have to stand up and attack the violator."

No one refuted Harren's suggestion. They all knew it was very fair, but it was also filled with loopholes.

After some time, an old Archmage seated at a table said, "Sir Harren, I have a question. Everyone knows this is the best method, but how is this contribution calculated? With no basis, anyone can say that they contributed a bit more."

Harren made a grabbing motion in the air, and a crystal ball appeared in his hand. The lower part of the crystal ball was embedded on an artistically carved golden stand. Four thin curved claws akin to a woman's slender fingers were fastening the crystal ball to the carved golden stand.

There were numerous runes continuously rushing forth through the crystal ball, and at the top was floating a huge zero.

"Words can't just be used to ensure fairness and make sure that everyone is satisfied. This crystal ball is a Magic Tool... No, it can't really be considered a Magic Tool, it can only be considered a toy.

"But it comes from the Nesser Dynasty. It is a toy of the Pureblood Elves. It cannot affect battle, but it has a very mystical function. It can build a kind system that tracks scores, a point system.

"Everyone knows that although Pureblood Elves were formidable, they weren't very fertile. Their ability to reproduce couldn't compare to us Humans. Every single Pureblood Elf was very valuable to them, but they didn't wish to conduct bloody massacre to nurture their descendants, so they paid more attention to their overall ability rather than their individual strength.

"This crystal ball was a very popular toy in the Nesser Dynasty. It can simulate a battlefield and reflect everyone on the battlefield in real-time. How many points you gain from killing an ordinary fighter and a Beastman Warlock will naturally be different.

"Moreover, the points obtained from killing a 1st Rank High Mage and killing a 2nd Rank High Mage are also different. Your contribution will be recorded within."

After saying that, Harren snapped his fingers loudly, and two guards came in from outside, escorting an ordinary Beastman Warrior. Harren softly snapped his fingers and a faint mana fluctuation flashed over. That Beastman Warrior didn't have time to scream; he lost his life in an instant without any marks appearing on his body.

At this time, the "0" floating in the crystal ball in Harren's hands turned into a "1".

When they saw this, everyone understood that the crystal ball had recorded the kill of the Beastman Warrior. It was obvious.

That white-haired Archmage frowned and asked another question. "Sir Harren, this point system is too hasty. If we just killed ordinary Raging Flame Beastmen, we could rack up thousands of points by killing an army, this isn't good..."

Many people were also worried, as this seemed too easy to take advantage of. As long as they received the news early enough, they could focus on killing ordinary Beastman Warriors and easily massacre several thousand of them.

Harren smiled and pointed at the crystal ball.

"Look, an ordinary Beastman Warrior is only worth one point, but Beastman Warlocks on the High Mage realm might be worth four to five thousand points. If you can kill a powerful Tribal Chief, you could get over a million points.

"So don't think about taking a shortcut... That is simply impossible. The Raging Flame Plane's ordinary Beastman Warriors combined aren't worth as much as a Tribal Chief."

Some people were skeptical after hearing Harren's words.

"Sir Harren, this kill-for-point system isn't too fair. If I have a hard battle with a Raging Flame Beastman for half an hour and only need one more attack, but someone swoops in and steals the last hit, wouldn't I have wasted my strength?"

Harren didn't get impatient as he carefully explained, "Don't underestimate this thing. It was used by the Pureblood Elves to groom their younger generation, not to nurture them into killers that racked up kills, but in order to cultivate their overall abilities.

"This thing simulates an entire military campaign. From start to end, it surveys everything and everyone.

"Moreover, the most mysterious ability of this crystal ball is that it can figure out each and every move that influenced the military campaign. It doesn't only give points for a kill.

"Like in the example you just gave, someone stealing your kill after you fought for a very long time and were about to finish your opponent... That Raging Flame Beastman might have been a High Mage who was originally worth five 5,000 points. Your contribution might end up being worth 4,900 points because you made that Raging Flame Beastman lose its power, and the person that ultimately killed the Raging Flame Beastman would only get 100 points.

"It is impossible for your contributions to be ignored, and there is no point in trying to steal from others.

"It might even be possible that the Raging Flame Beastman that you fought was transporting important supplies and was discovered by you, but after a bitter struggle, was still killed by someone else.

"This would have a huge influence on the battlefield and might be worth 10,000 points, giving you 9,900 points.