Defending the Golden Pearl Plane wasn't something a weak force could do, but the Gaugass Battlemages had only needed one night to thoroughly capture the Golden Pearl Plane. It was to the point where the news almost didn't spread out.

Didn't that show how powerful the Gaugass Battlemages were? They simply weren't a force that the Charlotte Family could easily provoke.

This time, their Golden Pearl Plane had been seized, and they could only endure while gritting their teeth. If they offended the Gaugass Battlemages, it would trigger a war between forces, and the Charlotte Family couldn't afford it...

Although he couldn't understand what was happening, Witsy could only wipe the sweat off his forehead and smile respectfully while taking a few steps towards Deloy. He straightened his back before slightly bowing, greeting Deloy like a youth greeted an elder.

"Sir Deloy, please forgive me for neglecting you. I didn't notice that you were there, I'm really sorry. If I knew you were there, I would have already paid my respects."

Witsy was very deferential, bowing just like a Magic Apprentice seeing the master of a mage tower, lowering his body until he couldn't go lower while looking down all the while.

This action expressed a mage thoroughly surrendering to another mage.

Deloy faintly nodded, not even looking at Witsy.

Cold sweat was already trickling down Witsy's back. He didn't know Deloy's stance and didn't want to offend him, so he could only calmly smile while trying to curry favor.

"Sir Deloy, I'm really sorry, I came today on a mission for my Family. This damned Merlin Family used despicable methods to swindle our Family's Planar Coordinates. This is too excessive!

"Please wait a moment, I'll finish this matter really fast. I have a jar of Dragon Saliva Ancient Tea from the far east. It is said to have been cultivated by a Chromatic Dragon in the past. Supposedly, not only does it taste good, but it also will smoothen one's mana and make it easier to control. Please wait a moment, I'll serve you a cup after this..."

Witsy was very polite to Deloy, and seeing that Deloy didn't react, Witsy slightly moved back and his expression changed as he faced the Merlin Family again.

"Mafa Merlin, the three minutes I have given you have already ended. Don't blame me for not reminding you. If you don't fairly compensate our Charlotte Family and admit your wrongdoings, none of you will see the next sunrise! The Charlotte Family will also formally declare war on your Merlin Family, and at that time, the matter won't be as simple as a small plane.

"Today, other forces are watching, and Sir Deloy himself is a witness. I'll give you one last chance..."

Witsy saw the opportunity to drag Deloy and other people into this, making it look as if they were all supporting the Charlotte Family, especially Deloy, who had just stepped forward.

Lin Yun sneered.

Deloy's eyes opened wide. He looked at Witsy as if he was a hoodlum desecrating the name of Jason Wagrein. He hoped that he could immediately choke that idiot to death.

'Sh*t, what is that damned scoundrel talking about? I came to support you?

'No, no, Mafa Merlin will definitely misunderstand... He'll think that I'm standing together with the Charlotte Family and that the so-called news of occupying the Golden Pearl Plane was just a pretense. He might even think that the Charlotte Family gave us the Golden Pearl Plane to convince us to move against the Merlin Family.

'With this, it would no longer be possible to resolve the conflict between us and Mafa Merlin! Sh*t, that moron, Witsy, wants to push me to death, he wants to die and pull me in along with him... No! I absolutely can't let that rat continue...

As he thought about that, Deloy took a few steps forward with a dark expression and said, "Witsy, your Charlotte Family's Golden Pearl Plane is in the hands of the Gaugass Battlemages. It was completely captured by us... If your Charlotte Family is able, then come take it back."

Since he hadn't planned on standing with the Charlotte Family from the start, he properly supported Mafa Merlin. Deloy's words were rude and directly exposed the true nature of the Charlotte Family.

The Golden Pearl Plane wasn't in the hands of the Merlin Family from the start, so why was the Charlotte Family looking for trouble?

Deloy's words made Witsy's face instantly turn green. He felt like he was choking and couldn't say anything, he almost couldn't breathe.

'Over, it's over! The Charlotte Family's reputation is almost completely gone. Sh*t, how could Sir Deloy say this? Is he planning to go against us?

'Could it be that the Gaugass Battlemages completely do not care whether everyone knows about this?

'Weren't the Gaugass Battlemages in conflict with Mafa Merlin? How could Sir Deloy stand on Mafa Merlin's side? Could it be that they didn't plan on using our Charlotte Family to deal with the Merlin Family?'

Meanwhile, the onlookers of the other forces immediately understood when they saw Witsy's green face.

This caused an uproar.

They all looked at Witsy's group and chattered with each other.

Zeuss, who had just rushed over after hearing the news, enjoyed Witsy's misfortune while also sympathizing with him.

'Are the people of the Charlotte Family dumb? Or were their brains eaten by parasites? How could they do something so stupid?

'I heard that a Gaugass Battlemage was at odds with Mafa Merlin, but I understand now...

'Damn, that foolish Charlotte Family really hired a Gaugass Battlemage to deal with Sir Mafa Merlin... but it is surprising that they used the Planar Coordinates of the Golden Pearl Plane as a reward.

'Not to mention targeting Mafa Merlin at all...

'Hahahaha, those stupid rats are too naive, they actually wanted to handle Mafa Merlin.

'Hell, if they had asked the Gaugass Battlemages to handle Mafa Merlin a year ago, there might have been hope.

'But now, besides powerhouses like Sir Harren and Sir Jouyi, is there anyone that can do anything to Mafa Merlin?

'And Prophet Deloy unexpectedly spoke up on Mafa's behalf. With the Gaugass Battlemages' temperament, how could they do this kind of thing for no reason?

'They definitely made a move against Mafa Merlin, or at least one of their experts did.

'I heard that their army commander has left the Raging Flame Plane, and it is rumored that the genius who was supposed to become the next king isn't showing his face.

'These Gaugass battlemages must have already suffered a huge loss...

'That old fox is very crafty. After seeing that things had gone very badly for them, Deloy definitely hurriedly gave up and planned to ease their relationship with Mafa Merlin while casually taking over the Golden Pearl Plane of the Charlotte Family.

'The Charlotte Family, that bunch of rats... They haven't grown at all in so many years. No wonder there hasn't been any great development in the past years.

'They have yet to figure out why the Gaugass Battlemages, a group that only recognizes power, are backing Mafa Merlin. So stupid... Is the leader of the Charlotte Family an idiot?

'To actually think of trying to extort the Merlin Family to recoup their losses, this is both funny and embarrassing...

'They lost the Golden Pearl Plane and got nothing, and they still managed to offend the Gaugass Battlemages, those stupid rats...'

Zeuss could see from Witsy's green-tinged face that he felt like he was suffocating. He could also see that Deloy seemed impatient to show that the Gaugass Battlemages had nothing to do with the Charlotte Family, shedding all pretense of cordiality.

Zeuss understood with a single look. He then looked at the expression of the members of the Charlotte Family, and while rejoicing at the scene, he remembered what had happened to himself and felt some sympathy.

'After returning, I must strongly recommend to the others that we should stay far away from the brainless idiots of the Charlotte Family to not get implicated.

A few of the onlookers clearly understood what had happened. After hearing Deloy's words, they recalled Witsy's behavior, giving them a rough understanding of the matter.

As for those that didn't understand completely, they were at least aware that the Charlotte Family's Golden Pearl Plane had been taken over by the Gaugass Battlemages, which was at odds with the Charlotte Family's demands from the Merlin Family.

Suddenly, everyone looked at the Charlotte Family as if they were a group of clowns, an extremely loathsome group of clowns.

Witsy opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he didn't dare to say anything to contradict Prophet Deloy. He ultimately clenched his teeth and looked around, only to see Lin Yun standing there with his arms crossed, sneering.