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 Lin Yun didn't speak as he calmly felt the changes happening to his body. It was wrong to say he wasn't nervous... After all, this really was very dangerous, and the smallest mistake meant death.

The antidote to the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon was very toxic in itself. Drinking it on its own would cause a very unsightly death, but after taking in the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon, it would become a detoxifying antidote.

To deal with the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon, one had to first take in some of the Dragon's poison as a primer. This was a brazen contradiction in itself, which was why no one could figure out an antidote for countless years.

But as long as the poison was dealt with, there would be a very special effect. One would no longer be affected by the Ancient Poison Dragon's poison, and they would even have a certain resistance to the poison of other such Dragons... At least they wouldn't die by touch.

Seeing Lin Yun softly petting the Ancient Poison Dragon's corpse without anything happening to him, Reina, the usually expressionless Frost Dragon, was staring at him with her eyes wide open.

Among them, Reina should be the one with the best understanding of the horror of Ancient Poison Dragons. During her childhood, she had listened to her father's stories, and Ancient Poison Dragons were always the great villains. Within their race, the Ancient Poison Dragon's name was always used to scare young Dragons.

Reina still remembered that during her childhood, when she was still among her race, she had seen a formidable Frost Dragon Elder be poisoned and suffer torturously for a dozen years because she had inadvertently picked up an Ancient Poison Dragon's scale.

Now, this Ancient Poison Dragon's poison was dealt with so easily...

She had expected it, but she was still in disbelief...

Lin Yun walked around the Ancient Poison Dragon's corpse and carefully observed it, calculating how to harvest it. But after turning back, he discovered that the others were still staring blankly.

"What are you all frozen for? Go touch that corpse, and drink that antidote the moment you are poisoned, it's alright."

Those words awakened everyone from their daze, and they walked to the corpse of the Ancient Poison Dragon one by one with the open antidote in one hand as they touched the corpse with shivering hands.

Reina, Enderfa, the puppet... They all touched the corpse in succession before instantly drinking the antidote when they were poisoned.

As for Xiuban, he looked like a martyr as he slowly plodded forward with the antidote. After cautiously using one finger to touch the Ancient Poison Dragon's corpse, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to open the lid of the bottle. In a moment of desperation, he directly put the vial in his mouth, crunched it, and swallowed it down.

Lin Yun was dumbstruck as he saw that. Enderfa disdainfully sneered, completely forgetting that he had been scared sh*tless a moment ago. "What a fool..."

After everyone took their antidote, Lin Yun went back to wondering how to harvest the corpse.

It seemed to have come from a very ancient era. The natural magic patterns on its scales had already lost their power and now only had some value as reference materials or crafting materials.

This was also the reason that the scales of this Ancient Poison Dragon could be ripped off with bare hands.

After walking around it, Lin Yun tore out a few seemingly dilapidated scales whose magic patterns seemed to have yet to completely dissipate. Those seemingly intact Dragon Scales had no special value apart from being special raw materials.

After removing some of them, Lin Yun didn't continue to harvest anymore. He had Xiuban pry open the mouth of the Ancient Poison Dragon so that they could squeeze into its body.

Half of this Ancient Poison Dragon's teeth had shattered. It seemed to have gone through a very fierce battle while it was alive. Lin Yun only plucked out two seemingly intact teeth and didn't take any more.

A tooth could be used to improve Xiuban's weapon. It would best be used as Carnage's handle. Not only was it extremely tough, but it was also solid enough that even a Heaven Rank Sword Saint would use it for a weapon.

The puppet led the way as they moved inside the body of the Ancient Poison Dragon and rapidly reached its brain. Although the Ancient Poison Dragon's crystal was still there, it had lost its power, which wasn't beyond expectations. The mana had thoroughly dissipated and only a black crystalline empty shell was left behind.

Lin Yun smiled as he looked at this Dragon Crystal without a wisp of mana.

If any mana was left, it could only be embedded in a weapon. The mana of an Ancient Poison Dragon, even just a wisp, could poison a Heaven Rank. The last remaining bits of mana would be coming from its mana source and would contain the most intense mana poison.

Embedded in a magic staff, spells cast would be infected by a wisp of Ancient Poison Dragon's poison. If used by a mage that was proficient with poison spells, his power would increase by an entire realm!

If a 9th Rank Archmage specialized in poison used a staff with an embedded Ancient Poison Dragon Crystal, it was possible for them to successfully ambush a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Naturally, this would be the best way for a human to use it. But there was a Frost Dragon at Lin Yun's side. It would be a lot better if Reina fused with this empty shell of a Dragon Crystal. The benefits would be far greater than what a staff could compare to.

The life essence of Ancient Poison Dragons far exceeded that of Frost Dragons, so if there had been any mana left, it would have harmed Reina if she tried to fuse with it. But since it was only an empty shell, it was perfect.

The fusion process would be very smooth, and with that shell as the foundation, Reina's Dragon Crystal would evolve, and even her life essence would undergo some kind of evolution.

From Frost Dragon to a more advanced species, breaking through the shackles of her race... This kind of benefit couldn't be described with words.

Humans were able to be the most powerful race when Noscent was at its peak because they had the support of many people, even other races.

The natural talents of Humans were too lacking, and even their race itself had no special talent. They had to learn everything.

It could be said that their starting point was lower than all other races.

But it was also because of their starting point that they had no limits.

Other formidable races, whether it was the various kinds of Beastmen, Elves, or Dwarves... Each race had its own special talent.

Just like the Dark Elves, who were all born as natural mages and could even cast spells as children. That kind of talent was far more terrifying.

But at the same time, this talent from their bloodline shackled them in a way... Their achievement would be restricted by their bloodline.

What kind of bloodline they had would limit their success.

It was almost impossible for a person with poor talent to become a legend within these races.

The stronger their bloodline, the greater the shackles.

There were more than ten people with outstanding talent in the Dark Elven Race following Lin Yun, many of whom had become Archmages during their first century and might have even reached the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm during their second century.

But in the next millennium, or even two millennia, they might remain stuck at that rank, not finding any method to take the next step until they died of old age.

Humans were different. Their talents might not be great, but they had countless legendary figures, half of whom didn't have very good innate talent.

This point of view had spread through Noscent as it reached its peak, and all other races agreed with that.

The changes brought by refining Life Essence might raise one's limits.

Although fusing with this Dragon Crystal wouldn't dramatically change Reina's strength right away, in the future, she would surpass all other Frost Dragons and become the most powerful Frost Dragon in history, transcending even the original Frost Dragon.

Reina couldn't say anything when Lin Yun stuffed that empty Dragon Crystal into her hands... She only shook from excitement. She knew better than anyone else how valuable that Dragon Crystal was to her. As she held it, she felt formidable power coming from her Life Essence and permeating her body.

After obtaining it, Reina no longer was in the mood to keep exploring so she promptly rushed out of the corpse to immediately start fusing with the empty Ancient Poison Dragon Crystal.

The rest of the group kept moving forward, and Lin Yun went straight for the Ancient Poison Dragon's liver.

Ancient Poison Dragons were also known as Plague Dragons. Every part of their bodies was terrifyingly toxic... All except one part, the liver.

Although Ancient Poison Dragon's liver couldn't scatter the toxins of their own poisons, it was a natural Saint Grade antidote that would work against all other existing poisons.

Alchemy potions made from an Ancient Poison Dragon's liver were things that Gods stored for a long time during that era.

Especially the few Gods who were hostile to the Plague God... They would lust for the livers of Ancient Poison Dragons like lunatics. If a weaker Ancient Poison Dragon appeared, they would personally rush to kill it.

Those Gods were one of the main reasons behind the extinction of the Ancient Poison Dragon Race. They cleanly wiped out almost all of the young Ancient Poison Dragons, and eventually, the race became extinct.

After over ten thousand years, the corpse of an Ancient Poison Dragon once again appeared, and its liver was dug out. After studying it, apart from making a dose of universal antidote, a potion for a Swordsman was also created.

This kind of potion wasn't to be drunk, but to be smeared. After applying it, it would create a frightening physique known as the Poison Resistant Body. All poisons would be ineffective against this Poison Resistant Body.

Unfortunately, it would cause severe disturbance of one's mana and could only be used on Swordsmen...