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 Deloy wouldn't dare to do this while facing someone else, but after a few interactions, he had gotten some understanding of Lin Yun. Threats would certainly just make things worse, but he would sometimes be willing to compromise if shown sincerity.

Sure enough, after Deloy scattered his mana, put away his spear, and completely lowered his defenses, Lin Yun's frown slightly eased up.

"Sir Deloy, please get out of the way. He has been provoking me time and time again. Today, I'll send him to meet His Majesty Wagrein."

Deloy paled and forced a smile as he said, "Sir Mafa Merin, please calm down and listen to me. This Daryl is a bit stupid and actually disobeyed my order. Rest assured, after I return I'll personally escort him to a Thunderbolt Mountain, seal his mana, and use heavy iron to lock him there for three years.

"Sir Mafa, with your wisdom, you should be able to see that this guy is a stubborn idiot that doesn't know how to think before doing things. Whatever happened, he would only use his fists to settle problems without thinking at all.

"But you aren't the same as him! His intelligence is at most comparable to ugly Gaugass rats, while you are a powerful Archmage. I could see from your pool of runes that your wisdom is at the apex of the Archmage realm. Moreover, I heard that you are also a powerful Artisan.

"With your wisdom, you definitely shouldn't lower yourself to that rat's level. Please remain calm and think about it, you'll see that I'm right.

"I've already made my report to our King, King Christo, and he exhorted me to be as friendly as possible with you, Sir Mafa Merlin. There are a lot of avenues for cooperation, and we, the Gaugass Battlemages, could become very good friends with you.

"Don't be bothered by that stupid rat. Killing him would be letting him off lightly. He defied the King's command and violated my order, so what awaits him is a terrifying punishment. I believe that with your profound knowledge, you should definitely know how frightening the punishments of the Gaugass are? Many people would rather die than be confronted with those.

"Let him pay the price for his stupidity. As the future pillar of the Merlin Family, it isn't worth insisting on personally punishing such a stupid guy and letting him suffer less while also potentially being at loggerheads with us Gaugass Battlemages. This is absolutely not worth it..."

Daryl barely recovered from that lifeless state when he looked at Deloy, but before he could say anything, Deloy ruthlessly slapped him. A small, almost unseen spark entered Daryl's body.

That slap made the seriously injured Daryl pass out.

Lin Yun coldly looked at Deloy.

"Are you threatening me?"

Deloy quickly reassured, "It's a misunderstanding, Sir Mafa, please don't misunderstand! How could I threaten you? I'm speaking from your point of view, you see. I know that this foolish Daryl has gone too far, and I want to kill him myself! But no matter how stupid or wrong he is, he is still a Commander of our Gaugass Battlemages...

"If you kill him, no matter how unwilling we, the Gaugass Battlemages, are, we would be honor-bound to become your enemy. At that time, both sides would suffer.

"Moreover, killing that idiot Daryl is being too kind. If he simply died, how could he make up for his offense? We have to make him feel the harsh punishment of the Gaugass Clan. Only the kind of punishment that makes all those from Gaugass feel fear could make him atone for his mistakes.

"You are wise and knowledgeable, so you definitely know how terrible they are. To be honest, I've always been suggesting to abolish those punishments, but this time, I'll personally report to the king and have the idiotic Daryl feel them. He'll suffer from punishment and torture every day and every night.

"Moreover, shouldn't this calm your anger? And while also not harming the relationship between us. Isn't that the best of both worlds?"

Deloy was explaining this from Lin Yun's point of view, but Lin Yun's expression was still chilly, and his mana had yet to scatter.

Deloy was already lowering himself without raising any defense, as if he was offering his own life to Lin Yun. Lin Yun was really at a loss about what to do.

But how could he let Daryl slip by? This was impossible.

Daryl sharply noticed the flicker in Lin Yun's expression and clearly felt that his words had been slightly effective.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, it's not enough to only make him suffer harsh punishments, considering all that he's done. How could we let him off so easily?

"In the Raging Flame Plane, Daryl has thirteen ore veins under his name, seven of which are large-scale high-grade veins. There's Meteorite Magic Iron, Star Essence Gold, Golden Mithril... With your abilities as an Artisan, you should know how precious they are. They are definitely qualified to be used for crafting True Spirit Magic Tools.

"The remaining six veins are medium-sized, and although they aren't as precious, there is a lot of variety.

"Valuable materials that could be used for more ordinary purposes and some precious gems could be found there. Last month, I even found an egg-sized Bloodstone within, a first-rate catalyst.

"These things are completely wasted in Daryl's hands. Only a formidable Artisan like Sir Mafa can stop these things from being neglected.

"Apart from these 13 ore veins, there are also some precious gems we've extracted and collected in our camp. Wait a bit and I'll personally deliver them to you..."

Deloy was doing his best. The amount of magic metal produced within these veins was enough for an alchemist to use for a very long time, and they were relatively precious.

Furthermore, there were magic veins with a lot of precious gems, which was hard to come by. Their value in the hands of an Artisan was definitely a lot higher than high-grade ore.

The Meteorite Magic Iron and Golden Mithril could make up for what Lin Yun urgently needed. Some parts of the puppet greatly needed these two materials.

And that egg-sized Bloodstone would be a top-notch catalyst after being ground to dust. Lin Yun had many potions and medicines he couldn't compound because he lacked intermediate catalysts.

Deloy rapidly listed the names of various materials, and Lin Yun's eyes couldn't help shining. He then glanced back at the lacerated, mangled, and still bleeding Daryl and felt pretty good.

With these ore veins, he might be able to repair the puppet and let it recover to the limits of the Archmage realm. It still wouldn't be able to get as high as the Heaven Rank, though.

After all, the difference between the Archmage realm and the Heaven Rank was like the difference between a mortal and a God. If that Heaven Rank Puppet could recover its power beyond the Archmage realm, even if it wasn't comparable to the Heaven Rank, it would be enough to sweep away all Archmages. Even existences like Harren and Star Sage Jouyi might not be the puppet's match.

Not to mention the precious gems, with the egg-sized Bloodstone, he might be able to compound extremely powerful potions. With those kinds of potions, it would be as if he had a second life stored in those bottles. He definitely couldn't give up on them.

In contrast, Daryl's life wasn't that important.

Lin Yun was a little moved, and his killing intent greatly lessened.

Deloy saw this and struck while the iron was hot.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, you understand that the gains from killing Daryl don't make up for the losses, and moreover, it'd be letting him off lightly. How about we do as I described? If there is anything you are dissatisfied with, just say it, I definitely won't haggle over it..."

Hesitation flashed on Lin Yun's face.

Deloy immediately displayed a pleading expression.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, please let Daryl off. Although that guy's as foolish as a stupid rat, since he's the Commander of the Gaugass Battlemages here, I can't just leave him to die. Please, let him live, let him live a life of suffering..."

Lin Yun coldly snorted.

"Alright, from today on, I don't ever want to see that fool before me. If I see him again, don't blame me for being rude. No one would be able to stop me from killing him then!"

Deloy looked a bit surprised, and he promptly nodded.

"Sir Mafa, rest assured. Starting today, he definitely won't reappear before you. My previous words weren't lies. I'll immediately lead him back to accept his punishment, and I'll send someone to hand over his thirteen magic metal veins. I'll also have those extracted gems handed over to you immediately..."

Lin Yun impatiently waved his hand, and Deloy picked up the unconscious Daryl from the ground. Without even healing him, he apologized to Lin Yun and hastily left.