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 The few Blaze Shields floating around were also affected by the runes, and almost instantaneously, the Blaze Shields turned into golden shields covered with all kinds of decorative designs, which all the runes affixed themselves to.

Lin Yun raised his head and looked at Daryl with a sneer.

"You better not say that I'm not giving you a chance this time."

Lin Yun's mana suddenly burst out, and tall waves of fire swept all around, forming an enormous crucible of fire.

Lin Yun himself had already disappeared within the waves of fire.

Daryl was alarmed. He hadn't expected that Lin Yun had still been holding back all along. The power he was now showing could definitely compare to a top tier Lesser Overlord of an Elemental Plane.

He only used Fire Elemental Incarnation, yet he was able to affect the surroundings to such a great extent. Moreover, his power seemed to have been increased to a frightening level.

Daryl roared as he tightly grasped the lightning spear in his hand. Power kept surging from his body as small blue bolts of lightning spread from him into the surroundings.

The crackling lightning bolts expanded over several dozen meters like a terrifying spider web awaiting its prey.

Those waves of fire clashed with the lightning, but the lightning didn't seem to be affected by the flames. It followed the ground as it went through the sea of fire and explored a huge area in one second.

Daryl suddenly felt something different several dozen meters away. The layer of lightning covering the ground rapidly converged.

Crackling sounds echoed as the threads of lightning formed several thick lightning bolts that lanced towards the anomaly.

Golden light instantly shone as the lightning bolts seemed to strike at a block of gold. The Blaze Shields were firmly resisting the lightning, and Lin Yun charged out from behind them at Daryl like an arrow.

Daryl, who had been feeling worried, suddenly laughed out loud. 'Damn b*stard, an Okland mage actually dares to battle a Gaugass Battlemage in melee? Isn't that a joke?'

Daryl fiercely stomped the ground, and a loud explosion echoed. The earth under Daryl's foot sank and formed a huge hole as he seemed to transform into lightning and appeared in front of Lin Yun.

The lightning spear charged with terrifying power ruthlessly stabbed towards Lin Yun. In an instant, terrifying cracks started appearing on the Blaze Shield in front of him.

Several dozen cracks could be seen spreading from the center of the golden Blaze Shield, but contrary to Daryl's expectations, he wasn't able to pierce through it!

The lightning spear's tip had pierced into the Blaze Shield, but it stopped there. Dary was startled. As a 9th Rank Arch-Battlemage, any mage shield below the Heaven Rank should be unable to resist his lightning spear.

But now, there was actually someone that could resist it! How was that possible!?

Although Daryl was shocked, his fighting instincts weren't slow, and he instantly brandished his lightning spear to stab once again.

This time, the strengthened Blaze Shield shattered and exploded in a burst of golden flames... But behind it was another Blaze Shield!

Lin Yun sneered as he saw the shock in Daryl's expression.

The Element Chapter could originally raise the power of Elemental spells, and moreover, it would reinforce all fields. The Dragonic Staff's Purple Dragon Incarnation would also increase the power of spells. This time, it had been strengthened, growing from its infant stage to the growth stage. The changes this brought to the Purple Dragon weren't to be made fun of.

Not only did it greatly reinforce spell power, but it also fused with the Element Chapter to enhance its effects. This was a case of one plus one being more than two.

The Blaze Shield itself was a variant of an Elemental Shield. It had the dual effects of physical and magical defense and was very powerful. After being buffed by the fusion of the Element Chapter, the Purple Dragon, and the wheel shadow, its defensive power was far more than just powerful. Daryl's lightning spear was especially proficient in piercing through magical shields, but it couldn't easily pierce through Lin Yun's like it normally did.

The entire battle situation would change if the spear could be blocked for more than a second. It would make Daryl's most terrifying ability become the most useless ability.

Because that split second was enough to use another Blaze Shield!

With Lin Yun's casting speed and precise control, Daryl could no longer get his lightning spear past Lin Yun's shield... He could no longer break through his defenses.

Daryl needed two hits to pierce through a Blaze Shield, but every time he destroyed one, he would find another one behind it!

And that moment was enough for Lin Yun's counterattack.

A glaring light blossomed on the Draconic Staff, and the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun rapidly spun. Countless runes flew out from the wheel shadow like an eruption, and in an instant, several dozen blue fireballs appeared in front of Daryl.

Several dozen Bursting Flames inundated with runes gathered together and simultaneously exploded.

The impact of several dozen explosions at the same time was far more potent than consecutive explosions.

Daryl only had time to put his lightning spear in front of him, but he was sent flying as if his body had been slapped by a giant's palm.

And Lin Yun's silhouette disappeared as soon as the flames exploded.

He reappeared several hundred meters away, but he had already scattered his Fire Elemental Incarnation and was now using Earth Elemental Incarnation. He waved his Draconic Staff once again, and a wave of earth appeared in front of him, mercilessly crashing towards Daryl.

That wave of earth was still rapidly condensing, and rays of yellow light flickered as it finally transformed into a metallic wall.

Defensive spell, Metal Wall!

This was a defensive spell even more formidable than the Askrim Gate. Just like the Askrim Gate was to the Ice Wall, the Metal Wall was the advanced version of the Earth Wall.

Its only defensive effect was becoming impenetrably hard, and it was the best spell for defending against Divine Archers. It was stronger than any shield because almost all piercing arrows couldn't break through the Metal Wall.

Right now, this hardest Metal Wall was like an offensive spell that inexorably swatted forward.

In an instant, the flying Daryl smashed against the Metal Wall.

A loud bang echoed as a ripple spread from the center of the Metal Wall, creating fierce fluctuations for hundreds of meters. But there was only a crack on the surface of the Metal Wall.

A muffled noise echoed as Daryl couldn't help spouting out blood. Even his heavy armor was covered in cracks because of that terrifying attack. His body was also unable to handle that kind of terrifying impact.

But the most frightening part was that it wasn't over. After Lin Yun cast that Metal Wall, he disappeared once again.

After flashing away, Lin Yun had gone around Daryl and turned into a several-meter-tall Water Elemental, looking like a rolling mass of water.

The Water Elemental was holding the Draconic Staff, and a blue light flashed at its tip. Countless droplets of rain formed and gathered, turning into a horizontal stream of water that blasted Daryl.

Daryl's eyes were filled with alarm because that terrifying attack made him dizzy.

He waved his lightning spear rapidly, transforming it into a shadow. It was like the lightning spear had transformed into a three-meter-tall shield protecting his body.

This was a unique defensive trick of Gaugass Battlemages. It could block any number of incoming arrows while holding strong.

But he wasn't facing a few hundred or a few thousand arrows, he was facing pressurized drops of rain!

Countless raindrops passed through Daryl's defense and hit his body.

"Ding, ding, ding..."

The sound of droplets against metal echoed as dents could be seen appearing on Daryl's armor.

The parts of his body not covered by the heavy armor were lacerated like dozens of tiny hammers were pounding at the same time.

It was like many Firerock Dwarves were smashing his body.

Daryl screamed as his body once again crashed against the Metal Wall and even seemed to be fastened against it by the constant impacts. Lightning flickered on his body, but he couldn't break free.

This continuous onslaught lasted five seconds!

After the droplets disappeared, Daryl lifelessly fell from the Metal Wall and unsteadily knelt on the ground.

He couldn't understand how he could be defeated so thoroughly. He obviously didn't need to worry about the poisonmist now, allowing him to exert all his power, but he hadn't expected to be crushed without being able to resist.

'How could those droplets of water have so much power? Why? How could my armor forged from the most solid metals and heavily treated to resist magic turn into scrap iron in front of some drops of water?'