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 The huge blue flame wrapped around Daryl as the earth shook. With Daryl at the center, the earth seemed to set off a sort of wave made of crushed rock!

Daryl's location instantly sank eight meters, but the surrounding earth rose up like a huge earthen tidal wave. Wherever it passed, the ground bulged and collapsed.

The waves travelled four to five hundred meters before they subsided, and the ground within was already blown apart. The ground had originally been smooth like a slab of marble, but now was like a layer of countless fragments with the biggest one not surpassing the size of a fist.

As the impact of the horrifying explosion spread, the poisonmist all around them was swept away. There was no more poisonmist within five hundred meters, and even the air was a lot thinner. At the center of the area, the air was even cleanly exhausted.

After two seconds, over a hundred lightning spear shadows rushed out from the blue flames.

Daryl's battered and exhausted body could be seen within the blue flames. His heavy armor had already become dilapidated, and his skin was covered with burnt scars. His proud magic resistance couldn't prevent him from being injured by magic.

There was black smoke all over Daryl's body. His face was flushed and he was shivering, but the worst had yet to come.

Most of the air within a few hundred meters had been pushed away, especially at the center where the air was even thinner. Within those few meters, a vacuum had been created by the formidable power.

The bursting power dissipated, and the air and poisonmist that had been blown away were now flowing back.

The poisonmist was thicker than usual as it rushed over from all directions. The crackling sound of thunder echoed as Daryl once again suffered.

His face was black and white as he sensed for the first time what kind of power was contained within the most ordinary air.

Daryl's expression changed as his body started being corroded by the poisonmist, which kept pouring into his body.

Normally, he could stay here for an hour without being corroded in the slightest by the poisonmist and remain for three hours without being in mortal danger.

But now, because of the poisonmist being repulsed and then converging, he was now suffering from its corrosion.

Before Lin Yun made another move, Daryl bellowed, "Damn bastard, using the poisonmist to attack me isn't fair! Is that your ability? Trashy Okland mages are always so despicable. If the terrain here were more favorable, your heart would have already been pierced by my lightning spear!"

Daryl snarled and glared at Lin Yun begrudgingly. With the poisonmist corroding his body and mana, continuing to fight would only accelerate the corrosion.

Even if he ended up winning, he would be terribly injured, and it would take a long time for him to recover to his peak.

Daryl was angry and sullen. 'That damn b*stard, to actually be so despicable that he'd use this poisonmist to fight. Okland's mages are really treacherous! He isn't afraid of this place's corrosion, while I still have to resist it while fighting.

'This is just unfair! If we were fighting in a place that didn't affect me, I would have already turned that b*stard's face into a honeycomb!

Lin Yun sneered as Daryl angrily criticized him. He casually threw Daryl a potion.

"I'll give you the opportunity to kill me."

Daryl's expression became grim when he saw that potion flying at him, and he instantly used a wind spell to keep the potion at a safe distance from him.

He looked at that potion from a dozen meters away, and then looked at Lin Yun's sneer. An expression of uncertainty appeared on Daryl's face.

The bottle was holding a mysterious dark green potion with a tint of purple, but it didn't look dangerous. Recalling that Lin Yun had a way to resist the poisonmist, Daryl somewhat understood.

'That potion might be the reason that damn b*stard can walk here like he's on a leisure trip. But how could that damn b*stard be kind enough to give me the potion to resist the poisonmist?

'How could Okland's mages be so straightforward and upright? This must be a plot! Yes, this is definitely that damn b*stard's plot, he wants to poison me even more with that potion so that he can easily kill me!

'No... He already has the upper hand right now, and I'm already showing signs of poisonmist corrosion. He doesn't need to do anything to kill me, he only needs to keep me tied up here for some time, and the corrosion will worsen.

'Although that damn Mafa Merlin is very treacherous, it shouldn't be difficult for him to just stall me here, so he wouldn't need to use a poison potion to plot against me.

'Right, I understand. Besides being crafty and treacherous, Okland's mages have another characteristic: They are very prideful. Using that method to defeat me would definitely be a humiliation. That's why he gave the poison resistance potion, so that he can defeat me afterwards.

'That damn b*stard is really too arrogant! If I don't have to deal with this place's poison, killing that Mafa Merlin will be simple!'

Multiple thoughts instantly gushed into Daryl's mind. He then looked at Lin Yun and sneered, even more sure of it.

He made the potion fly over to him, raised his head, and sneered at Lin Yun before unhesitantly drinking it.

Then, amazement flashed in Daryl's eyes. Although he'd had some expectations, he hadn't foreseen that the poison resistance potion would be so effective.

The poisonmist seemed to be completely ignoring him, and the poison crazily eroding his body was rapidly expelled.

The effects of the poisonmist disappeared in less than a second, and the surrounding poisonmist passed him by as if he was just another piece of rock in the Poison Mist Valley.

Daryl's expression suddenly changed.

'Damn guy, it wasn't just some degree of resistance... It's actually complete immunity to the poisonmist! No wonder that guy can display such power despite being in this place.

'He is completely unaffected by the environment!

'But now... Haha, arrogant Okland mages! In the end, he has to pay the price of his arrogance, he actually dared to give me this kind of potion! Is he really that clueless? Is he not aware that I'll be able to use all my power after losing the restraints of the poisonmist?'

Daryl couldn't help bursting into loud laughter. "Mafa Merlin, you are really causing your own death! You actually dared to give me this kind of poison resistance potion. As payback, I'll kill you as fast as possible without letting you feel pain.

"As long as you tell me the method to make this potion, I won't trouble anyone else in your Merlin Family after your death, and the Gaugass Battlemages won't make things difficult for them either. All the grudges and gratitudes will be written off. How's that sound?"

Daryl held his lightning spear with an expression full of self-confidence. The lightning on the spear kept bursting and creating black holes on the ground. A large amount of mana seemed to be bursting within Daryl's body.

Lin Yun sneered but didn't say anything. His left hand was still holding onto the Book of Death, the power of the Element Chapter surging forth, while his right hand held the Draconic Staff with a purple shadowy light flashing through it.

Suddenly, a Purple Dragon appeared and kept fluttering around Lin Yun.

The original young Purple Dragon Incarnation had broken away from the baby-like appearance. Although it still looked young and immature, it already had the appearance of a Dragon, moving from its infant stage to its growth stage.

The Purple Dragon Incarnation cheerfully revolved around Lin Yun, and after making two circles around him, it looked at the Book of Death in his left hand. The fluctuating power of the Element Chapter apparently made the Purple Dragon Incarnation very curious.

As Lin Yun's mana rushed out, the Purple Dragon let out a roar and rushed headfirst into the Element Chapter.

In an instant, terrifying mana fluctuations burst out of the Element Chapter, and four rays of light flashed out and wrapped up the Book of Death.

A Dragon flew out within the rays of light and instantly turned into a grand and mighty Purple Dragon behind Lin Yun.

A phantom that was several dozen meters tall had emerged. This was the Purple Dragon Dragon Incarnation's buff. But this time, the Dragon was wearing a four-colored crown of light, and at the tip of the crown was a huge halo that was continuously rotating.

The gaze of the Purple Dragon wearing the light crown was imposing, and its claws were gently embracing the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun. Suddenly, the runes started flowing more rapidly through the wheel shadow. Countless ordinary runes seemed to be stained with some special colors, and a complex and abstruse aura filled the atmosphere.

Sunlight seemed to appear out of nowhere and wrap around Lin Yun. Gorgeous patterns instantly appeared on Lin Yun's Fire Elemental Incarnation, and runes came out on their own.

The crimson-colored Elemental Incarnation had turned dark red and was covered in runes and patterns. Lin Yun just stood there, not moving, yet flames were independently burning all around him. The flames under his feet surged like flowing water and moved like waves.