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 Xiuban grinned and tightened his grip on Carnage, his arms seemingly bulging. He didn't even try to dodge as he ruthlessly swept forward.

"Ding, ding, ding..."

Sharp metallic sounds echoed. Those four were merely 2nd Rank Arch-Battlemages and ended up being sent flying like cannonballs before crashing outside the courtyard.

They spat out blood while still flying, and their heavy armor deformed from the blow. They couldn't even stand up after falling to the ground.

Xiuban started counting on his fingers.

"Three seconds, four seconds? It's fine anyways, I didn't run out of time..."

The five Gaugass Battlemages were howling in pain outside the camp. A handful of seconds later, Daryl appeared.

Daryl coldly crossed the dilapidated entrance and glared daggers at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun closed the Book of Mantras, glanced at Daryl, and sneered, "This is quite a coincidence, did you set it up well?"

Daryl looked quite displeased as he said, "A thief stole something from our camp, something very important, so we chased that thief back here.

"Moreover, we already surrounded this place so that the thief wouldn't be able to escape. I hope you'll cooperate. We don't care about the thief, but we must retrieve what was stolen."

Lin Yun looked at Daryl with disdain, "Daryl, how the hell are you the commander of the Gaugass army? Can you use your brain next time you try this kind of set-up? Even the stupidest Pig Beastman is smarter than that.

"You guys directly kicked the entrance in and shouted that you saw the thief. Don't you know, everyone in the entire Storm Fort thinks that Gaugass Battlemages are fools.

"Hearing it a hundred times isn't as good as seeing it. Now, everyone can watch this stupid plan that even a 3-year-old kid, no, even a Pig Beastman, could pull. Do you really think you are deceiving anyone?"

Daryl's eyes turned red. It was taboo to tell a Gaugass Battlemage that they were stupid. In Okland, calling someone a Gaugass Battlemage was even an insult, the same as calling them an idiot.

Daryl angrily looked up, but he knew that he couldn't make a move here. He also had no way to kill this Mafa Merlin.

'In the end, that damned Mafa Merlin is a mage of Okland. Coming to blows is fine, but murdering him would definitely make the Black Tower or the Cloud Tower appear to kill me.

'At that time, all that anyone would say about it is that a Gaugass Battlemage charged into another person's camp and killed a mage of Okland in one hit.'

"Mafa Merlin, there is no need to quibble. I just want to see the thing you stole. I advise you to immediately hand it over... Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude." Daryl tossed out this bold threat, thinking on how to lure Mafa Merlin out.

The Storm Fort was definitely off-limits, he couldn't kill Mafa Merlin there. Moreover, if Prophet Deloy learnt about it, he would definitely rush over to find him. This place was no good because there was too much interference. Going to the Poison Mist Valley would be best.

There was almost no one there, and Okland's Archmages absolutely couldn't resist that poisonmist. No one would be able to help that Mafa Merlin in that place.

In the end, that scoundrel would be isolated and without help, and no one would be able to disturb them. He would have free rein to punish and behead that guy.

'Even if Prophet Deloy learns about this afterwards, it'd be too late by then. No matter how valuable he was, it'll amount to nothing if he's dead.'

Lin Yun frowned. That Daryl was like a bedbug... He would keep bothering people until he died. Because of Deloy's interruption, Lin Yun hadn't planned on retaliating, but the idiot unexpectedly came looking for it himself.

Since Deloy wasn't here, this guy was probably acting on his own initiative.

But that was perfect. Lin Yun would take advantage of Deloy's absence to get rid of the annoying pest.

The Storm Fort was definitely no good, as the Gaugass Battlemages were there to cooperate with Okland's forces this time. If he killed Daryl here, it would definitely give the Gaugass Battlemages the opportunity to rebel. If the other side wanted the location of the ruins at that time, it might attract even more people.

'Right, the Poison Mist Valley, that's the only nearby place that others can't access. I can fight freely in that place. Last time, I had this guy help me experiment with the Lava Incarnation. Its power is good, but it can't display enough of its potential at the moment, it is extremely restricted.

'I should use this opportunity to experiment with other things, and then finish him off.

'Deloy should understand. He doesn't want to have to become hostile, and I also wasn't the one looking for revenge. That Daryl came looking for trouble by himself, so it'd be normal for him to die.

'Would the wise Deloy and the Gaugass Battlemages fight me over a dead Daryl?'

Daryl and Lin Yun both thought of the same location, the Poison Mist Valley. Only there could they fight without anyone interfering.

Daryl clenched his teeth and glared at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, as long as you come fight with me in the Poison Mist Valley, I'll treat it as if the previous matter didn't happen."

Lin Yun was happy when he heard that. His opponent clearly had the same plan.

"Alright, we'll go to the Poison Mist Valley. If you are still alive after this fight, I'll also forget about the previous matter."

Ten minutes later...

Two shadows flew into the Poison Mist Valley and quickly landed on the ground. Terrifying explosive mana fluctuations spread all around them.

Daryl was wearing his heavy armor covered in blue decorative designs, and a spear was flashing in his hand, flickering with lightning. The glaring lightning was like multiple electric snakes that flexibly coiled around the spears.

Thunder and lightning filled the atmosphere, letting out crackling sounds.

"Mafa Merlin, next year will be your death anniversary! I'll take good care of your skull and teach you what happens to those that set themselves against the Gaugass Battlemages. It'll also teach everyone the tragic outcome of going against us!"

Lin Yun remained calm, and flames instantly burst out of his body. The boundless flames rapidly converged, and in an instant, he turned into a blazing Flame Elemental.

Flames erupted from below Lin Yun's feet and spread into the surroundings like rivers, and some cryptic patterns also appeared on the surface of Lin Yun's Fire Elemental Incarnation.

A suppressed and reserved, yet bursting and burning aura emanated from him.

Daryl was a bit startled. He couldn't understand why the Fire Elemental Incarnation was so different this time. It felt like he was facing a cool-headed Lesser Flame Overlord, and he couldn't help feeling danger.

A disdainful sneer flashed in the corner of Daryl's mouth.

'Hmpf, even if it's a bit special, it can't change the fact that I'm already a 9th Rank Arch-Battlemage. Among mages below the Heaven Rank, only powerhouses like Harren would barely be able to fight me to a standstill. Other mages from Okland definitely can't be my match.

'This damned Mafa Merlin recently advanced to the Archmage realm. So what if he is a bit stronger than ordinary mages from Okland? Gaugass Battlemages are the strongest, and Okland's mages are frail chickens.'

Daryl faintly bowed, lightning gathering at the tip of his spear. The lightning spear's formidable piercing ability was already active. All that was left was to thrust it through his opponent's defenses and pierce through his heart.


A loud explosion echoed as the ground around Daryl instantly collapsed and was covered with numerous cracks. Pieces of rock floated up while Daryl gathered his power.

The air distorted and the gravity changed because of the powerful aura. Those rock fragments started exploding one by one and turned into a large expanse of dust.

The fragmented ground suddenly also exploded, and the dust turned into smoke filling the horizon. The terrifying aura transformed into a shockwave that swept across everything within several hundred meters.

Taking advantage of all the vision being completely obstructed, Daryl disappeared. Lin Yun remained expressionless as he softly moved his feet, and the flames under his feet dragged him instantly, moving a dozen meters away like a wave.

Multiple dark red flaming shields appeared around Lin Yun in an instant, and at the same time, a huge wheel shadow appeared behind him containing countless flaming red runes.

The runes spurting out entered the shields covering Lin Yun's body. In an instant, those flaming shields burning with deep crimson flames underwent a shocking transformation.

From their original circular shape, they became more arched and curved like tower shields. At the center of each shield was a reddish-golden rune emitting brilliant flames.

Blaze Shield!