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 No matter how many powerful spells there were, they couldn't injure him in the slightest. Even under the flood of spells, he could swing his Lightning Spear freely, but now, he couldn't do anything in that swamp.

The Bursting Flames that he could normally endure would at most create some burnt marks on his armor, which could be easily fixed. But now, they were nudging him towards his death.

With every Bursting Flames, his body would sink a bit deeper into the swamp...

And as his body sank deeper and deeper, the power that he could exert kept reducing.

At the start, his struggles could still create waves on the surface of the quagmire, but now, even if he used all his strength, he could only make the area slightly tremble.

"You can't kill me! You'll die if you kill me! And not just you, your entire Clan, relatives, and friends will face the retaliation of the Gaugass Battlemages!

"Everyone knows that I came here, yes, they know that I went to the Poison Mist Valley in order to kill you. You are done for if you kill me!

"I'm the most talented of the Gaugass Battlemages, and my teacher is the leader of the army. If you kill me, my teacher and the entire army will avenge me, and you'll be doomed!

"You are powerful, but not every member of your clan is as powerful as you are. If you let me go, I'll tell you who hired me to kill you. I'll act as if today's matter didn't happen, and I definitely won't retaliate..."

Kempes raised his Lightning Spear to block the Bursting Flames while hurriedly begging for forgiveness. He could already feel his mana being absorbed, and the deeper he sank, the faster it was happening. The swamp felt like a bottomless abyss that slowly pulled him down.

That kind of despair was like poison continuously corroding his heart, and at the same time, he could even feel the poisonmist starting to corrode his body. If this continued, he would undoubtedly die...

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at Kempes. That Gaugass Battlemage was powerful, but he would die under the Engulfing Quagmire. Strength wasn't the key. Pure strength brought power, but it also brought disaster. If a brainless idiot had the power of a Heaven Rank, he still wouldn't be able to properly utilize it.

The Bursting Flames kept falling like iron hammers, pounding down on Kempes. After a few seconds, only his hands and head remained above the Engulfing Quagmire.

Kempes was pale, and his forehead was filled with cold sweat. Not a hint of pride or arrogance could be seen on his face... There was only endless fear.

He could clearly feel his mana being absorbed even faster, and as his mana was absorbed, the quagmire became bigger and bigger while pulling harder and harder. He was simply unable to display the power he was so proud of, and his stamina was quickly being exhausted.

When he sank completely into the quagmire, he would be no different from an ordinary person that suffocated to death after being buried alive. This was a most depressing death for a powerhouse.

Kempes shouted in horror and begged for forgiveness, but Lin Yun remained unmoved. He didn't know why the Gaugass Battlemages that ordinarily wouldn't come into contact with other forces had come here. It was even possible that they were participating in the general attack.

But Lin Yun didn't care. At first, he had thought that this guy came to provoke him because of the Gaugass Battlemages' hatred towards Okand. For the sake of the Gaugass King, he would forgive this Gaugass Battlemage and just teach him a lesson.

But who would have thought that this guy was so domineering that he wanted to take Lin Yun's things, and be willing to kill in order to get them?

After a few seconds, Kempes was thoroughly terrified. He was looking straight up, and only his mouth and nose were out of the quagmire, his head slowly sinking in.

Soon, the last Bursting Flames began to fall, and Kempes thoroughly despaired.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt shot over and struck the Bursting Flames, causing it to explode in the air.

Two shadows rapidly flew over, and a black gleam instantly appeared and shot towards Lin Yun's face.

Lin Yun frowned. He wasn't Xiuban, so this kind of trap was ineffective against him.

In an instant, Lin Yun's body turned into a ball of fire and appeared a dozen meters away and the black glow shot towards a hill several hundred meters away. A loud explosion echoed as it created a huge hole in the hill while kicking up a lot of dust and fragments.

Then, a heavy armored shadow appeared in front of Lin Yun with a dozen-meter-long spear flickering with lightning. This huge spear ruthlessly pierced towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun used Flame Flash to go into the sky while casting Bursting Flames towards Kempes in the quagmire.

Sure enough, the huge spear swept halfway before suddenly stopping and flying towards the Engulfing Quagmire. The black lightning spear pierced towards the flames and blocked them.

At this time, the huge spear's figure dissipated, and a terrifying shockwave swept outwards for a hundred meters, pummelling every hill and rock into fragments.

The shadow grabbed Kempes's hand and let out a loud shout. The quagmire started fiercely roiling as Kempes was forcibly being pulled out of the Engulfing Quagmire by that Gaugass Battlemage. The entire Engulfing Quagmire couldn't resist that person's monstrous power.

A loud sound broke out as the crazily fluctuating Engulfing Quagmire collapsed and quickly solidified, transforming back into ordinary ground.

The shadow slowly floated in the air and casually slapped the panicked Kempes.

"Idiot! You, a Gaugass Battlemage, almost got buried to death in a swamp trap! You are shaming me! After we return, you'll f*ck off to the Thunderbolt Mountain for three months, and you will only come out after extracting half a ton of Lightning Ore. Okay, f*ck off to the side and watch how I kill that sh*tty mage!"

Although Kempes had been slapped, he had a pleasant expression on his face. He then gritted his teeth and pointed at Lin Yun while loudly yelling, "Teacher Daryl! That person has a way to resist the poisonmist, he definitely can't be allowed to run away. We can keep excavating the Poison Mist Valley nonstop if we can obtain his method!"

Daryl was surprised by this and turned to look at Lin Yun, noticing that the latter wasn't suffering from the poisonmist's corrosion. It looked like it was sliding off Lin Yun's body and couldn't come into contact with him. There was no reaction.

"Hahahaha, great, our exploration of the Poison Mist Valley has remained stagnant for a long time. I didn't expect a method to suppress the poisonmist to exist. This time, we can explore the depths of the Poison Mist Valley..." Daryl heartily laughed and patted Kempes' shoulder. "That's my disciple, good work! Teacher blamed you wrongly, you obtained a great achievement this time."

Daryl turned to look at Lin Yun with a lofty expression.

"Mage, I'll give you an opportunity. I'll give you a way out as long as you hand over the method to resist this place's poisonmist. Cripple your mana and I'll allow you to leave this place without suffering repercussions for what you did to my disciple. I can also turn a blind eye to your offense towards the prestige of Gaugass Battlemages. How about it?"

Kempes promptly added, "Teacher is the leader of the Gaugass Battlemage Army, he is a true powerhouse and will definitely keep his words. If you hand over the method and cripple your own mana, we won't look into what happened earlier."

A laugh involuntarily escaped Lin Yun's mouth.

"You are really master and disciple! Your words are exactly the same. It looks like apart from Jason Wagrein, the Gaugass Battlemages are just trash, there isn't a single good one..."

Daryl angrily shouted, "B*stard, you dare to utter the name of the Gaugass King! You are dead, no one can save you today!"

At this time, a battlemage whose face was covered with tattoos appeared behind the others. That man wasn't wearing heavy armor, and he looked very old. He was only wearing slick leather armor, and the Lightning Spear he was holding was no different from the ones used by ordinary Gaugass Battlemages.

But Lin Yun frowned. That old man seemed to already be on the verge of death, but he was actually a powerful 9th Rank Arch-Battlemage. He was emitting a profound yet calm aura that was a bit stronger than what an ordinary 9th Rank Archmage would have. Because of the fluctuations of his aura, most of the poisonmist couldn't get within one meter of his body.


A Gaugass Prophet, the inheritors of all Gaugasses' spells. They had a special position among Gaugass Battlemages. If it weren't for the fact that Gaugass Battlemages mainly focused on their physical side and only used magic as support, the status of their Prophets would be just as high as the Beastmen's Prophets.

Even in Okland, a Gaugass Prophet would be considered the only wise man among barbarians. The orthodox mages looking down on Gaugass Battlemages wouldn't look down on Gaugass Prophets.

One of the important reasons was that Gaugass Prophets were among the few people in the Gaugass Highland that disapproved of war. They felt that the matter of the Gaugass King was already something of the past, and that now was the best time to get in contact with Okland. It would be the best way to strengthen the Gaugass Battlemages, not incessant war.

After appearing, that Prophet silently stood in the distance, making Lin Yun frown. Two 9th Rank Archmages, one of whom was an unpredictable Gaugass Prophet... If the other side made a move, this matter would become a bit troublesome.

Lin Yun was still pondering when Daryl took the lead.