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 The infuriated Xiuban was the first to rush up. That ambush earlier had made him lose the opportunity to kill a level 39 magic beast. This was unforgivable!

Xiuban swung Carnage at the Gaugass Battlemage at the forefront. The collision between Carnage and the spear sent sparks flying. The experienced Gaugass Battlemage didn't have an opportunity to use any technique as he felt a trace of Draconic Power surging forth.

The great force hit the body of the Gaugass Battlemage and sent him flying a few dozen meters. If not for his excellent fighting technique, diverting a large amount of the power, he would have been smashed to pieces.

Reina, Enderfa, and the puppet followed up on Xiuban's attack.

Ice spells, spells of the four elements, and a spellwave: The fusion of the three formed a chaotic flood of magic that pressured its way towards the Gaugass Battlemages.

These Gaugass Battlemages were more powerful than mages at the same level. In a one-on-one fight, they could simply torture a mage to death, but the strongest of these Battlemages was only a 4th Rank Arch-Battlemage, while the weakest was only at the 1st Rank.

Meanwhile, Xiuban was already a 5th Rank Sword Saint, but he was a fierce Draconic Beastman that had fused with a drop of Three-Headed Golden Dragon blood and had bathed in Ancient God Blood. His body already far exceeded the limits of his rank and race, and he was powerful enough that the several-thousand-kilogram Carnage felt too light.

In terms of pure power, he could pressure anyone below his rank, and the gap in power wasn't something that could be breached with skill. The pinnacle of skill couldn't make up for a hundred times the difference in power.

As for Reina, she was a Frost Dragon, and her father had been a Heaven Rank Frost Dragon. As a level 39 Frost Dragon, an 8th Rank Archmage couldn't compare to her even if she didn't turn into a Frost Dragon.

After Lin Yun replaced the parts of the puppet with valuable materials, the power that it displayed had raised once again, and it was now comparable to a level 39 magic beast. It was even stronger, it could be considered a mobile mana crystal cannon platform! And the puppet itself was at the Heaven Rank!

Lin Yun had replaced the source of mana and strengthened its mechanical system, but its components were still holding it back.

In Enderfa's case, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could already be considered a High Rank True Spirit Magic Tool. After Lin Yun advanced to the Archmage realm, it underwent heaven-defying changes. Its casting ability was even a bit better than the puppet's!

Under such circumstances, the few of them could deal with over twenty Gaugass Battlemages without having to rely on technique.

The pure spell pressure sent the armored Gaugass Battlemages flying on impact.

These Gaugass Battlemages had high magic resistance, patterns that granted even more magic resistance, bodies comparable to magic beasts, and armor weighing over fifty kilograms. If not for all these things that raised their magic resistance to an inconceivable level, they would have already become corpses.

In less than ten seconds, the last Gaugass Battlemage who still wanted to stand up and fight was hammered into the ground by Xiuban, effectively ending the battle.

Shock could be seen in Kempes' eyes. He had never expected Mafa Merlin's subordinates to be so powerful. There had been over twenty Gaugass Battlemages!

Yet they were unable to resist at all and were completely defeated.

'How could this be!? They are elites among elites! They are all Arch-Battlemages powerhouses!'

In fact, those twenty-something Gaugass Battlemages could thrust like a sharp sword into an army of five hundred mages and get rid of half of that army without suffering a single loss!

After all, a mage army of that size would typically consist of five 5th Rank or below Archmages, fifty High Mages, and Great Mages for all the rest.

This lineup would display power superior to a 7th Rank Archmage. When an army fought together, the number of mages would reach such a level that even the weaker mages would be able to display terrifying power.

But this kind of lineup was only comparable to twenty-some Battlemages.

This group of elite Battlemages had collided with a force of more than 700 mages a month ago.

And as a result, not a single one of those Arch-Battlemages fell. They only suffered some injuries of various degrees, while over three hundred mages had died, and the rest fled before the battle ended.

This was the reason he was leading these people this time. Although he was arrogant, Kempes wasn't foolish. As the most talented Gaugass Battlemage and the future Gaugass King, It was natural for him to be prideful. An 8th Rank Archmage was nothing more than a chicken in his hand and would be dispatched in at most three minutes.

This time, it involved a huge transaction, so he conveniently took along that team of elites, but he hadn't expected the situation to develop like this.

'Damn, how powerful are they? But the real battle hasn't started. I originally wanted to save some strength, but it looks like I have no choice but to make a move myself. I'll kill that Mafa Merlin first, and then I'll deal with the others.

'As long as there is no one at the Heaven Rank, this group of chickens won't be my opponent...'

As he thought of this, Kempes let out an angry shout. His muscles started bulging, mana started surging from his body, and lightning flickered from his Lightning Spear.

Kempes faintly arched his body into a charging position. A series of sounds echoed from the earth under his feet as a large number of cracks spread out from it. The ground caved in half a meter as a terrifying pressure revolved around Kempes' body.

In an instant, the ground within a dozen meters of Kempes burst open as his body instantly disappeared.

The next moment, Kempes appeared in front of Lin Yun while stabbing at him with his Lightning Spear.

Lin Yun slightly frowned and manipulated burning flames to form a fire elemental mirage while turning his body into a luminous ball of flames. He disappeared the instant Kempes appeared.

As Lin Yun discreetly cast Flame Flash and vanished, a glaring lightning light condensed at the tip of the Lightning Spear in Kempes' hand, and a dozen spear shadows appeared in the air and stabbed that mirage.

The fire elemental mirage loudly exploded, and flames fluttered about. Kempes' body turned into a shadow once again and chased behind Lin Yun.

Lin Yun waved his Draconic Staff and let out several dozen Low Tier Spells. In an instant, a large number of fire and ice spells pounced towards Kempes like a flood.

But Kempes didn't seem to care about it. He tightly gripped his Lightning Spear, its tip flashing with lightning as he rushed into the several dozen spells.

The spells exploded on Kempes' body, and veined patterns suddenly appeared on that jet-black armor, emitting a faint light, while magic patterns also started shining on Kempes' body.

Kempes was unharmed by the spells. There were only some black burn marks on his armor.

That spear flickering with lightning tore through the flames and ice, continuously charging towards Lin Yun like lightning itself.

Lin Yun waved his hand and released a Lava Shield. His body was already transforming into flames, and he flashed twenty meters away in the sea of flames.

Seeing Kempes' spear easily tearing through the Lava Shield, a flash of understanding appeared on his face.

Gaugass Battlemages mainly used their bodies to fight while using magic to support themselves. The lightning flickering at the tip of that spear was made of magic elements condensed to their peak, and the spear was enchanted with Sharpness, Magic Penetration, and other such buffs.

With such suitable spells, it was very easy for Gaugass Battlemages to tear through a target's shield. That, coupled with their powerful magic resistance, was why Gaugass Battlemages were considered the bane of mages.

Moreover, this Kempes was indeed very talented. He was wearing armor that weighed at least a hundred kilograms and his Lightning Spear weighed at least another 25 to 30, yet he was able to move at such a speed. He was really a genius among the Gaugass Battlemages.

Along with the fighting style of the Gaugass Battlemages, this kind of speed could display a terrifyingly destructive power. It was no exaggeration to say that other mages of the same rank would just be pigs waiting to be slaughtered in front of him.

This kind of speed already exceeded the ability of most mages to react. If they couldn't dodge, their defensive spells would be unable to resist that Lightning Spear.

That spear was also unique to the Gaugass Battlemages. This kind of material was very rare and originated from the Gaugass Highland. The special Lightning Ore would appear at the peak of a mountain frequently hit by lightning. Once it was roused by mana, it would result in an intense tearing effect, and it was most proficient at tearing through mages' defensive shields.

But it wasn't very easy to extract this kind of material. The best quality ores could only be found at the top of the mountain, but there was the risk of being hit by thunderbolts there. The Gaugasses would pay a huge price every year because of this.

From that little experiment, Lin Yun knew that Kempes' Lightning Spear definitely had a lot of Lightning Ore and that tearing through Ice Shields would be just as easy for it. Ordinary defenses would be ineffective.

And for ordinary mages, their defenses being ineffective was no different from them being dead.

Kempes looked a little irritated after having missed Lin Yun twice in a row. He quickly chanted a spell, and light started surging from his body.