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 In an instant, this level 30 venomous black snake became a headless corpse. Xiuban then ran to its side with a thieving smile and picked up the black snake's mana crystal before mumbling with dissatisfaction, "What the hell, it's so weak, it couldn't even take on one swing of Lord Xiuban's Carnage. Fortunately, Lord Xiuban was smart and held back, or else it wouldn't have been worth it..."

He raised Carnage and returned.

Lin Yun immediately said, "Take it out."

Xiuban looked back innocently.

"Sir Merlin, what are you talking about?"

Although that mana crystal was small, it was definitely rare and valuable, considering where they were.

Lin Yun expressionlessly looked at Xiuban and added, "That mana crystal is highly toxic."

Xiuban's expression instantly turned pale, and he hurriedly threw the mana crystal out of his pocket like it was a burning ember.

Lin Yun used a Mana Hand and grabbed the crystal. He carefully looked at it and slightly frowned.

"Let's continue..."

After moving forward once again, they encountered even more magic beasts. Some weaker magic beasts avoided them from afar, and after walking a few kilometers, a group of pitch-black lizards with oozing tumors all over their backs barred their path.

The dozen ten-meter-long level 35 Poison Lizards unhesitantly charged.

The oozing tumors on their backs burst out, and a black rain of liquefied poison sprayed in every direction.

The alchemy puppet moved first. It raised both arms and instantly shot out several dozen fireballs at the poisonous lizards.

Crackling sounds kept echoing as the rain of poison seemed to be thinning, but just a drop of it could extinguish a head-sized fireball.

The wave of fire formed by the fireballs soon showed signs of being suppressed. The arrays on both arms of the puppet started shining, and the array on its torso also followed suit. In an instant, the wave of flames tripled in size.

The raging flames evaporated the rain of poison and continued on towards the group of poisonous lizards. The lizard at the head let out a loud scream as its body was forcibly ignited. Their poison sacks exploded one by one, but they still couldn't extinguish the surrounding raging flames.

A few seconds later, the first poisonous lizard was burnt to ashes, and the flames formed a long river that washed over the poisonous lizards, forcibly stopping their charge.

All of their poison sacks exploded and corroded the surrounding ground into a poison swamp. The flames were extinguished, but the temperature kept rising. The originally red flames gradually became darker, and the ground looked as if it had been melted as red liquid slowly flowed. An area of several dozen meters had turned into a lava zone.

After a dozen seconds, the last shriek ended, and the puppet slowly put down its arms. The shining arrays also darkened.

The rocks and stones in a several-dozen-meter area had disappeared, only leaving behind a hole that looked like melted glass. After the liquid cooled down, it indeed turned into several meters of smooth glass. In the hole, they could see the remains of some poisonous lizards that hadn't been turned to ashes.

"Xiuban, go and dig out these mana crystals."

Xiuban looked rather unwilling as he reluctantly walked to the hole. He could see these remains releasing a very strong aura, but they shattered like glass, and Xiuban took out a few black mana crystals from within.

"Sir Merlin, leave this kind of thing to me. Look at that lump of iron, it's too wasteful... Only a few spirit mana crystals remain, the rest have been destroyed."

Lin Yun didn't mind. After returning, the puppet's components had also been changed, and all of them had come from Lin Yun's hard-earned stock. The strength of the puppet had increased by quite a bit.

And the test just now hadn't disappointed him. These poisonous lizards were more than a dozen meters long and were terrifyingly toxic, yet they were burnt alive in a dozen seconds by the puppet, only leaving some remains behind.

The floor had been turned to lava by the high temperature, and the surface was like crystal glass.

Moreover, more than half of the spirit mana crystals had been destroyed. Spirit mana crystals were very stable, and they were the first choice for embedding magic staves because they would make the mana output stable and powerful.

The fact that some spirit mana crystals were destroyed showed how powerful the alchemy puppet was. It was powerful enough that it could cause the mana within spirit mana crystal to go berserk.

While using Mana Hands to hold those level 35 spirit mana crystals, a trace of understanding flashed on Lin Yun's face.

"So that's what it was..."

While holding the first mana crystal, Lin Yun had discovered that it seemed to be extremely toxic, yet its poison didn't have a corrosive nature.

Lin Yun was able to confirm this after looking at the rest of the mana crystals.

Rather than corrosiveness, it was in fact a kind of merging effect.

This was even more terrifying, because corrosive effects could generally be resisted relatively easily, but the merging effect was troublesome.

This kind of poison could spread even more easily. Not only could the poison merge with bodies, but it was even more powerful when targeting mana.

After the poison came into contact with mana, it would follow the mana and fuse with it, continuously spreading. The only solution was to sever one's mana, or else one would be unable to stop it.

The poison of those toxic magic beasts didn't actually corrode the ground. Instead, the poison rapidly spread and merged with the surroundings, and because the earth couldn't bear the power of that poison, it looked as if it had corroded.

The reason that just a drop of the poison could extinguish a Bursting Fireball was its ability to rapidly merge with mana and make the mana itself collapse.

This also explained why Enderfa and the puppet could unexpectedly be corroded. This wasn't a corrosive poison, but a poison that followed Enderfa and the puppet's mana to merge with it.

After being poisoned, their source of mana would be contaminated, and even the Magic Tool might be crippled.

The novel Poison Resistance Potion that Lin Yun had made was resisting the merging effect of the poison. Without merging, the poison wouldn't be able to display its power. However, the toxins of the magic beasts were different. Their toxins were ten times stronger than the poisonmist, and although the Poison Resistance Potion could reduce a large part of its effects, it couldn't make them completely immune.

After figuring that out, Lin Yun put away the few spirit mana crystals and told the others, "If you get into a battle, do not let the magic beasts' toxins touch you. If they come into contact with your mana, you must immediately sever contact with that portion of mana, because the toxins can infect through mana."

They didn't go far before the ground violently shook. The earth cracked in front of them like a spiderweb, and the ground within several hundred meters started crumbling.

Then, the ground started to bulge as a huge claw stretched out of the ground. The sharp claw casually swung, and several dozen meters of ground collapsed, causing a large number of rocks to shoot in all directions like arrows.

Then, a huge and round head came out of the ground. Thick fangs could be seen over its lips, and black saliva was dripping at the corner of its mouth.

Sizzling sounds echoed as drops of saliva fell on the ground, creating one hole after another.

As the earth shook, the giant creature's other claw also stretched out from the ground, and it quickly climbed out. It appeared to be a huge lizard with a head similar to a draconic beast's. It was over a hundred meters long and more than a dozen meters tall.

The monster let out a loud roar, and visible ripples spread out. All the pieces of rock that had been sent flying were turned into a pile of dust.

And as that monster opened its mouth wide, its saliva also started spreading towards the surroundings.

Sizzling sounds echoed as corroded holes appeared everywhere.

The giant creature's tail shook and whipped a huge boulder that was over a dozen meters tall, causing it to shatter and transform into a volley of crushed rocks that flew through the air. Rumbling sounds echoed on the side of a hill as the earth violently shook.

"Damn, why has a level 39 poisonous magic beast suddenly appeared?" Enderfa complained.

He immediately took control of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and rushed out. A buzzing sound echoed as a golden circle of light shone on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. It seemed that the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had suddenly increased in size by a few times.

Boundless runes kept moving on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and in an instant, indistinct spells from the four elements transformed into a twenty-meter-thick spellwave that flew towards the poisonous magic beast.

The four types of spells kept colliding, and when they reached the halfway point, they had all collapsed and scattered. Mana already couldn't be maintained, and all the spells turned into pure elemental power. The four berserk and exploding elemental forces turned into a terrifying Four-Element Storm.

This was the purest and most destructive attack. No spell's destructive power could compare to a Four-Element Storm. Spells of the four elements would keep colliding against each other, and after the collapse, the elemental power would run wild, turning in the most berserk and uncontrollable destructive power. The magnitude of the force only depended on the quantity of elements.